Spiritual Life Quotes

God be thanked for books; they are the voices of the distant and the dead and make us heirs of the spiritual life of past ages.

The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it

Certainty is the mark of the commonsense life-gracious uncertainty is the mark of the spiritual life.

God does not further our spiritual life in spite of our circumstances but in and by our circumstances.

The impermanent which is the body is given too much importance. The permanent which is the Atman is completely forgotten. This should change.

The spiritual life is first of all a life. It is not merely something to be known and studied it is to be lived.

By confronting us with irreducible mysteries that stretch our daily vision to include infinity nature opens an inviting and guiding path toward a spiritual life.

In the spiritual life nowhere do our ideals meet the actual more truly than in how we relate to each other in how we make sustain and are friends.

To live a spiritual life we must first find the courage to enter into the desert of loneliness and to change it by gentle and persistent efforts into a garden of solitude.

The spiritual life is a life beyond moods. It is a life in which we choose joy and do not allow ourselves to become victims of passing feelings of happiness or depression.

The joy which answers to prayer give cannot be described; and the impetus which they afford to the spiritual life is exceedingly great.

I find that when I put my spiritual life first the rest of my life is easy. When I put my career first that's when I have problems.

In all the areas within which the spiritual life of humanity is at work the historical epoch wherein fate has placed us is an epoch of stupendous happenings.

True education is concerned not only with practical goals but also with values. Our aims assure us of our material life our values make possible our spiritual life.

There the union of Church and State tends strongly to paralyze some of the members of the body of Christ. Here there is no such influence to destroy spiritual life and power.

A spiritual life is 24 hours a day seven days a week. How do you live? What's true? How do you respond? It's not about living by beliefs; it's about wanting to know.

That's the whole spiritual life. It's learning how to die. And as you learn how to die you start losing all your illusions and you start being capable now of true intimacy and love.

In the mental calmness of a spiritual life I have found that the answers to the whys in our lives are able to come to you. In my music I find the same thing.

The spiritual life is not a life before after or beyond our everyday existence. No the spiritual life can only be real when it is lived in the midst of the pains and joys of the here and now.

The spiritual is whatever allows us to notice the miraculous nature of life.

Physical life is characterized by defensiveness whereas spiritual life is just the opposite.

In the spiritual life only one thing produces genuine joy and that is obedience.

Excellence encourages one about life generally; it shows the spiritual wealth of the world

I figured out something spiritual. Billboard this: 'Life is supposed to be fun!'

The laws of economic life are subject to the eternal laws of spiritual capital.

A prayerful life spiritual act of upholding all that you are capable of being.

Learning to celebrate joy is one of the great practices of the spiritual life.

The spiritual life is always about letting go. It is never about holding on.

The best measure of a spiritual life is not its ecstasies but its obedience.

There's a spiritual bond that connects all Souls: human animal and lower forms of life.

The Christian life is one of spiritual courage and determination lived out in our flesh

Begin to break limitation in your home business career and spiritual life in Jesus' name!

It really takes a hero to live any kind of spiritual life without religious belief.

There's a spiritual current in my work because there's a spiritual current in my life.

The stronger the reverence for natural life the stronger grows also that for spiritual life.

The dominant characteristic of an authentic spiritual life is the gratitude that flows from trust

The garden is a metaphor for life and gardening is a symbol of the spiritual path.

When you give you reveal a spiritual truth that the flow of life never runs dry.

In the spiritual life there is no such thing as an indifference to love or hate.

There are no planes in the spiritual life; we are either going uphill or coming down.

...There is no better means of attainment to the spiritual life Than by continually beginning again...

Want a reliable road to emotional and spiritual suicide? Spend your life trying to fit in.

In the Bhagavat culture worship of the spiritual master plays a very important role in our life.

Offer Christ your heart in meditation and personal prayer which is the foundation of the spiritual life.

When there are no conflicts In you between material wealth and spiritual life you have found yourself.

Waiting time is not wasting time. Waiting patiently in expectation is the foundation of the spiritual life.

Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.

Spiritual stagnation ensues when man's environment becomes unpredictable or when his inner life is made wholly predictable.

{The cleansing of spiritual contamination} is accomplished by offering one's talent resources and life to the world.

Spiritual life is absolute reality. Krishna is real but we have lost the ability to realize him.

The fragrance of religious and spiritual life is much finer and subtler than that of the rose.

One of the disconcerting facts about the spiritual life is that God takes you at your word.

Half the spiritual life consists of remembering what we are up against and where we are going.

A spiritual process is not a divorce from life. It is an irrevocable love affair with life.

Creativity is a religion. When you get into it you will find your life becomes more spiritual.

The objective of spiritual advancement is not so much 'works' but the quality of life free from ego-consciousness.

Spiritual security means you are fully alive and comfortable in your life as it is without expecting anything.

There is no failure in the spiritual life as long as we do not give up the fight.

If two people are at completely different stages in their spiritual life that can present a real problem.

If you want spiritual life you have to pay the price. The price is the four regulative principles.

The history of our spiritual life is a continuing search for the unity between ourselves and the world.

Meditation is a glorious link to connect and harmonize the two ends of life - material and spiritual.

He who believes himself to be far advanced in the spiritual life has not even made a good beginning.

To open deeply as genuine spiritual life requires we need tremendous courage and strength a kind of warrior spirit.

Every Christian must be fully Christian by bringing God into his whole life not merely into some spiritual realm.

I am not a human being enjoying a spiritual life I am a spiritual being enjoying a human life.

My grandma was a huge believer very spiritual probably the most spiritual person I've ever known in my life.

Life requires of man spiritual elasticity so that he may temper his efforts to the chances that are offered.

The basic principle of spiritual life is that our problems become the very place to discover wisdom and love.

Revival is an infusion of new spiritual life imparted by the Holy Spirit to existing parts of Christ's body.

What's more important that spiritual life? It seems to me it's the bedrock of everything essential about being human.

For poetry more than any other art except music has a compelling hold upon the spiritual side of life.

I have this feeling that life is a spiritual adventure and I want to make mine in the sky.

The vigor and power and comfort of our spiritual life depends on our mortification of deeds of the flesh.

The spiritual life is a reaching out to our innermost self to our fellow human and to our God.

Spiritual maturity is not knowing what to do with your whole life but just knowing what to do next.

I don't think of spiritual principle as a struggle. I think of life lived without spiritual principles as a struggle.

When spiritual metaphysical material or immaterial events come into my life I can only fix them by way of painting.

I do think that someone who decides to devote themselves entirely to the spiritual life that that is more meritorious.

In the spiritual life one becomes just like a little child without resentment without attachment full of life and joy.

No one spiritual path is better than another although one may accept the universe's role in life more than another.

The vigour and power and comfort of our spiritual life depends on the mortification of the deeds of the flesh.

If you want to see changes in the spiritual tone of your home and marriage start with your own life.

In the spiritual life you must take one step forward each day in a vertical line from the bottom up.

I realized I could only play-act at the spiritual life as long as my appetites were stronger than my empathy.

My view of the afterlife is that it's made of different levels depending on how spiritual a life we live.

Our memory of dreams is a glimpse of the full spiritual life that each of us leads beyond the physical.

There is nothing more dangerous in the spiritual life than to wish to rule ourselves after our own way of thinking.

You know that you have fully experienced love when you turn into love - that is the spiritual goal of life.

We do not drift into spiritual life or disciplined prayer. We will not grow in prayer unless we plan to pray.

Eternal life means more than mere future blessing to be enjoyed by believers; it is equally a kind of spiritual ability.

To live in this precious animal body on this earth is as great a part of spiritual life as anything else.

Something was badly amiss with the spiritual life of the planet...Too many demons inside people claiming to believe in God.

I am extremely spiritual. I've not gone into this before because it's personal but faith is the core of my life.

Spiritual reading is a regular essential part of the life of prayer and particularly is it the support of adoring prayer.

Spiritual blossoming simply means blossoming in life in all dimensions - being happy at ease with yourself and with everybody around you.

The flow of spiritual connectedness and oneness with life will dwell in you if your heart and mind is open and innocent.

The important point of spiritual practice is not to try to escape your life but to face it - exactly and completely.

It is in the ordinary duties and labors of life that the Christian can and should develop his spiritual union with God.

Being a warrior doesn't mean necessarily you need to win and succeed. It's just a spiritual condition of living a worthwhile life.

It's not what you do - it's the intensity of your feeling that determines how far you go in the spiritual life.

The inner attitude of the heart is far more crucial than the mechanics for coming into the reality of the spiritual life.

On certain continents poverty is more spiritual than material a poverty that consists of loneliness discouragement and the lack of meaning in life.

Spiritual life is not dry it is also exceuted happily 'susukham'. The result of that is not just happiness but bliss spiritual joy.

Whenever the tissue of life is woven of legalistic relationships this creates an atmosphere of spiritual mediocrity that paralyzes a person's noblest impulses.

The animals of the planet are in desperate peril... Without free animal life I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen.

Prayer is the natural and joyous breathing of the spiritual life by which the heavenly atmosphere is inhaled and then exhaled in prayer.

The vigor of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our life and thoughts.

Prayer is the pulse of the renewed soul; and the constancy of its beat is the test and measure of the spiritual life.

Obedience . . . allows us to reach a higher and more spiritual level in life using our agency to do the will of the Lord.

I mean it's very hard to meditate and live a spiritual life in America. People think you're a freak if you try to.

To awaken spiritual unity and to spread to others the love that is our inherent nature is the true goal of human life.

If you want to have a spiritual life you must unify your life. A life is either all spiritual or not spiritual at all.

Spiritual people are not those who engage in certain spiritual practices; they are those who draw their life from a conversational relationship with God.

Recounting of a life story a mind thinking aloud leads one inevitably to the consideration of problems which are no longer psychological but spiritual.

We can so easily deceive ourselves mistaking the presence of physical bodies in a crowd for the existence of spiritual life in a community.

Life is ever giving of Itself. We must receive utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people.

Life is hope.Hope is faith.Faith is believe.Believe is possibilities.Possibility is miraculous.Miraculous is divine.Divine is supernatural.Supernatural is spiritual.

In a strange way the spiritual life isn't "useful" or "successful." But it is meant to be fruitful. And fruitfulness comes out of brokenness.

It's a paradox of the true spiritual path but the more conscious we become of what limits us the more limitless becomes our life.

Prayer is to the spiritual life what the beating of the pulse and the drawing of the breath are to the life of the body.

LIFE n. A spiritual pickle preserving the body from decay. We live in daily apprehension of its loss; yet when lost it is not missed.

The spiritual life is part of the human essence. It is a defining characteristic of human nature without which human nature is not fully human.

I'm a raging leftist political activist. I've never had a spiritual thought in my life related to God. I'm clear that that's a human invention.

Mozart's music is the mysterious language of a distant spiritual kingdom whose marvelous accents echo in our inner being and arouse a higher intensive life.

The unique personality which is the real life in me I cannot gain unless I search for the real life the spiritual quality in others.

Life at home is cramped and dirty it is difficult to live a spiritual life completely perfect and pure in all its parts while cabinned.

Everything passes and what remains of former times what remains of life is the spiritual. In everything we do the claim of the Absolute is unchanging.

How do I integrate spirituality into my everyday life? Throw out the concept of "spiritual life" and "everyday life." There is only life undivided and whole.

Before one accepts spirituality astrology is very powerful like a lion. Then when one enters into a deeper spiritual life astrology becomes a tiny household cat.

There isn't anything except your own life that can be used as ground for your spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is your life twenty-four hours a day.

Spiritual process is not for the dead or the dying; it is for the living who want to become fully alive in all dimensions of life.

The world is starving for a new spiritual truth - a truth that works in sustaining life not a truth that brings an end to life.

Our spiritual life is a venture in the dark between the soul and God and no spiritual life is worth the name unless it is so.

Taoism is not a religion although perhaps it has been made into one by some people. Lao Tsu's way of life occurs in any spiritual philosophy.

By having a reverence for life we enter into a spiritual relation with the world By practicing reverence for life we become good deep and alive.

Catastrophe is the essence of the spiritual path a series of breakdowns allowing us to discover the threads that weave all of life into a whole cloth.

In Barack Obama Democrats have put forth a man of strong religious faith who is comfortable connecting his spiritual life to his public role as a policymaker.

Love of Allah gives us spiritual life; hope in His Reward is the greatest incentive to do good; and fear of His Wrath stops us from evil.

...inner spiritual transformation is just as dependent upon the effect of our economic life upon the world as transformations in the world are dependent upon spiritual re-orientation.

We only store in memory images of value. To write about one's life is to live it twice and the second time is both spiritual and historical.

I don't think atheism means one does not believe in a spiritual life. I think it means one does not follow the tenets of the established religions.

No circumstances can ever make or mar the unfolding of the spiritual life. Spirituality does not depend upon the environment; it depends upon one's attitude towards life.

The Bible is ... as necessary to spiritual life as breath is to natural life. There is nothing more essential to our lives than the Word of God.

Think of your work life therefore not as separate from your spiritual life but as central to your spiritual life. Whatever your business it is your ministry.

In intellectual honesty we should be willing to study and explore the spiritual life with all the rigor and determination we would give to any field of research.

Now I know why yoga is so life-giving for so many. I have never experienced a practice that combines such physical challenge and spiritual wellbeing in my life.

Civilization is the sum total of all those activities that allow men to transcend mere biological existence and reach for a richer mental aesthetic material and spiritual life.

Our job is not to worship history and culture like fetishes but to feed them into our living creative stream of personal life for spiritual and intellectual reprocessing.

Our physical body knows it cannot function without physical water. So too our spiritual life should realize that it can't function without the living water of Gods Word.

In the spiritual life as in all organic processes everyone has their optimum and it is just as harmful to go beyond it as not to attain it.

Prayer is the breath of the new man drawing in the air of mercy in petitions and returning it in praises; it proves and maintains the spiritual life.

You can make your life into a grand ever-evolving work of art. The key is your thoughts the wonderous invisible part of you that is your spiritual soul.

Our spiritual life cannot be measured by success as the world measures it but only by what God pours through us- and we cannot measure that at all

It is right that you should begin again every day. There is no better way to complete the spiritual life than to be ever beginning it over again.

When there is a tendency to compartmentalize the spiritual and make it resident in a certain type of life only the spiritual is apt gradually to be lost.

Our worst can become our best if mistakes are gathered like twigs of a bird's nest giving one true foundation a spiritual home to build their life upon.

I think that in order to struggle you have to be creative. In my life creativity has been something that has sustained me; it awoke my spiritual struggle.

A priest's life is spent between question and answer-- or between a question and the attempt to answer it. The question is the summary of the spiritual life.

The point of the spiritual life is to realize Truth. But you will never understand the spiritual life or realize Truth if you measure it by your own yardstick.

True education is concerned not only with practical goals but also with values. Our aims assure of us of our material life our values make possible our spiritual life

I still believe that the university is a place where people can develop their minds and learn skills but also they can develop their personalities and their spiritual life.

Music is still part of my spiritual life. Sometimes I sing my prayers. When I get audiences singing I hope I'm helping them feel connected to something beyond themselves.

I consider myself a student of many religions. The more I learn the more questions I have. For me the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress.

The most holy and important practice in the spiritual life is the presence of God - that is every moment to take great pleasure that God is with you

Religious people love to hide behind religion. They love the rules of religion more than they love Jesus. With practice Condemners let rules become more important than the spiritual life.

We don't have two lives-a "spiritual" life here and a "regular" life there. Our life in Christ is one unified lifestyle and it is who we are wherever we are.

Preaching is God's great institution for the planting and maturing of spiritual life. When properly executed its benefits are untold; when wrongly executed no evil can exceed its damaging results.

The history of prevailing status quos shows decay and decadence infecting the opulent materialism of the Haves. The spiritual life of the Haves is a ritualistic justification of their possessions.

Bureaucracies are designed to perform public business. But as soon as a bureaucracy is established it develops an autonomous spiritual life and comes to regard the public as its enemy.

There is no being capable of a spiritual life who does not have within him a jungle. Where the wolf constantly HOWLS and the OBSCENE bird of night chatters endlessly.

Discipline in the spiritual life is the concentrated effort to create the space and time where God can become our master and where we can respond freely to God's guidance.

At the back of our brains is a blaze of astonishment at our own existence. The object of the artistic and spiritual life is to dig for this sunrise of wonder.

America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas America will collapse from within.

God is a wider consciousness than we are a pure intelligence spiritual life and actuality. He is neither one nor many neither man nor spirit. Such predicates belong only to finite beings.

The Buddha said that no true spiritual life is possible without a generous heart. . . . Generosity allies itself with an inner feeling of abundance - the feeling that we have enough to share.

There is...a tendency to think of the spiritual life as primarily introspective divorced from the concerns of everyday life....Faith that does not translate into actions is no faith at all.

To have dominion by religion is to have dominion over men's souls thus over their very spiritual life and to use the Divine things which are in their religion as the means.

God has given us the Disciplines of the spiritual life as a means of receiving his grace. The Disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that he can transform us.

It is by no haphazard chance that in every age men have risen early to pray. The first thing that marks decline in spiritual life is our relationship to the early morning.

The cause of so much suffering and pain and one of the impediments to our spiritual progress is the conditioning of expecting things to go our way even in our spiritual life.

Faith and works are necessary to our spiritual life as Christians as soul and body are to our natural life as men; for faith is the soul of religion and works the body.

All we are asked to bear we can bear. That is a law of the spiritual life. The only hindrance to the working of this law as of all benign laws is fear.

I'm excited about the state of women's spiritual life and interior life and who women are. I wish the political establishment would catch up because we still don't have equal rights in America.

You cannot find any peace by escaping from human pain and suffering; you have to find peace and harmony right in the midst of human pain. That is the purpose of spiritual life

There is no greater disaster in the spiritual life than to be immersed in unreality for life is maintained and nourished in us by our vital relation with realities outside and above us.

It is a pity that the words "spiritual life" were ever invented for they have caused so much confusion. For in truth there is only life-everyday life-which is simply what is at every moment.

It is so fatally easy to confuse an aesthetic appreciation of the spiritual life with the life itself-to dream that you have waked washed and dressed and then to find yourself still in bed.

Ahead! Courage! In the spiritual life he who does not advance goes backward. It happens as with a boat which always must go ahead. If it stands still the wind will blow it back.

When you put things together things that other people have thrown out youâ??re really bringing them to life â?? a spiritual life that surpasses the life for which they were originally created.

I think we have to be careful about what we label as a prerequisite for spirituality. I don't think you have to know a lot to have a spiritual life but knowing gives life richness.