Save Environment Quotes

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.

We must all work together in order to save the environment and the world that we live in from further change.

A fuel pump is a fountain drink machine for cars. And people who want to save the environment and get drunk and run to work.

I'd drive a thousand miles just to learn how to conserve gas and help save the environment. But that's just who I am. I'm a thoughtful guy.

We save paradise by an intense education program where you get people that you can trust to talk sanely about the environment and hope that the message will get through.

I was so fanatical about trying to save wildlife... I was unable to accept that we couldn't solve this problem of thousands of years of wherever humans operated the environment deteriorated.

The living conditions of the poor must be improved if we really want to save our environment

Had an audition for a pilot today but realized I could save gas and help the environment by pissing up a rope here at home!

Fifteen years ago if you said business will help save the environment people would have laughed at you. Today I believe this is a serious proposition

If we do not save the environment then whatever we do in civil rights will be of no meaning because then we will have the equality of extinction.