Stacked Quotes

The deck is stacked against Obama.

The laws are stacked for the wealthy.

Men have not stacked the decks against women.

The UN structure is one-sided stacked against the world of Islam.

I think I'd like my own plane stacked with all my favourite films.

I could easily have decided that life was cruel that being black meant everything was stacked against me.

Virtually any pointed edifice is considered a candidate for alien engineering. After all how could the Egyptians or Mayans have possibly stacked up stone blocks into pyramids?

If you told me to sit in a room and you had a million dollars cash stacked right there and said 'Don't move don't twitch don't do anything ' without a doubt the million dollars would be mine.

The dice are stacked against them

The tax system is stacked against the average taxpayer.

The days are stacked against what we think we are.

If the cards are stacked against you reshuffle the deck.

Lessen the odds are stacked against you Use Cosmic Ordering.

When you're playing against a stacked deck compete even harder.

God tends to do his best work when the odds appear stacked against him.

The lack of facts holds you back. The odds are stacked against a weak mind.

My paternal grandfather was a failed novelist. He stacked boxes of rejected manuscripts in a closet.

Anytime odds get stacked up against me I feel like it's in me to beat it

Together we created the STACKED brand and have really taken the product up two or three notches.

Let's have a look at your paperwork " I said as I glanced at the neatly stacked formsMr. Crocker.

Destiny is a tower of cards - nudge one just an inch and everything stacked on top comes crashing down. P116

Got my Allman Brothers cassettes stacked up on the dash got some Jack back in the trunk and a tank full of gas.

Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top

Many many steeples would have to be stacked one on top of another to reach from the bottom to the surface of the sea.

Wherefor are you knowing it? If you stacked all of the Gorg in the galaxy on top of eachother the Gorg would kill you.

In Las Vegas people know that the odds are stacked against them. On Wall Street they manipulate the odds while you are playing the game.

He might have perfect form and better swordsmanship but I had one thing on my side that stacked the deck in my favor. I was absolutely crazy.

Being rich is not how much is stacked in your bank account but how much you can stack in the hands of menhow much you can give.

Being rich is not how much is stacked in your bank account but how much you can stack in the hands of much you can give.

People feel the deck is being totally stacked against them and the Democrats have various things in their playbook to go after opponents; taxes is one of them.

The odds are so stacked against you to have a music career in a place where there's virtually no music industry. So I always attribute it to God.

My idea of a fun night was diving into a massive pile of To Be Read pile of books stacked near my dresser... I was the girl who loved everything geeky.

The deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top. And there's something wrong with that. There's something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the typical worker.

Judges pretty much act independently once they get on the bench so I'm not really sure why Harper's concerned that the court is currently being stacked with a lot of Liberal appointments.

When we're down and the momentum is stacked against us. Those are the moments when we find out what we're made of. When we learn to trust and lean on each other.

If you do not know what you're doing stacked on his desk a dozen colleagues Initially sticks with a large number of papers and pass them. In case of doubt the way in.

Too often executive compensation in the U.S. is ridiculously out of line with performance. That won't change moreover because the deck is stacked against investors when it comes to the CEO's pay.

It really is a choice between division or unity between an economy that works for everyone or one that is stacked for those at the top between strong steady leadership or a loose cannon.