Katherine McIntyre Quotes

Guilt chilled me more than all of this rain combined.

He might have perfect form and better swordsmanship but I had one thing on my side that stacked the deck in my favor. I was absolutely crazy.

When honor and glory get your squad killed and your brothers-in-arms shoved under the rug you stop believing in the terms.

Despite the gentlemanly kiss a ferocity burned behind his gaze promising something primal.

The night had darkened to the murky sort where the air hung like descending clouds and the overhead branches made the liquid darkness even more impenetrable.

The choice lay out for me. Stay on land or plunge into the icy depths of the sea. I always chose the sea.

Luckily common sense had never been a strong suit of mine and my feet moved faster than my brain.

The rest of them looked proper when they did it but somehow Edward made even this gesture appear like in seconds he'd rip off her corset and do away with her skirt.

Electricity sparked between them at the touch and she savored the way he made her yearn. How the crush of their lips together inspired revelations.

Shards flew everywhere slicing her hands her forearm and cascading to the floor like snow glistening on a winter morning.

The shadows along the streets were personal and every passing day they seemed to grow longer and hungrier

No monster would hold the hurt I see in your eyes or carry the guilt you do every day.