Sportswriter Quotes

Sportswriters have changed more than sportswriting.

My real heroes have always been sportswriters.

At times during high school and college I wished to be a sportswriter.

Them sportswriters don't even know how to put uniforms on most of 'em.

Sportswriters. They were all my friends. They were racetrack guys and so was I.

I don't know why sportswriters always have to write bad things about Joaquin Andujar.

Not winning a title gives fuel to sportswriters and talking heads who question an athlete's true value.

The Lord taught me to love everybody but the last ones I learned to love were the sportswriters.

I tell you what. 85 percent of the sportswriters think I'm stupid or a clown or something. They think I'm crazy.

Sure women sportswriters look when they're in the clubhouse. Read their stories. How else do you explain a capital letter in the middle of a word?

I am a professional sportswriter among other things and I take the games seriously. It is only one of my many powerful addictions and I don't mind admitting any of them.

A sportswriter is entombed in a prolonged boyhood.

What's the difference between a three-week-old puppy and a sportswriter? In six weeks the puppy stops whining.

If I had my life to live over I would have liked to have ended up as a sportswriter.

A sportswriter once referred to him as our future president. With a name like Kevin I don't know whether that's possible.

Any sportswriter who thinks the world is no bigger than the outfield fence in not only a bad citizen but also a lousy sportswriter.

The dumbest question I was ever asked by a sportswriter was whether I hit harder with red or white gloves. As a matter of fact I hit harder with red.

Grantland Rice the great sportswriter once said 'It's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game.' Well Grantland Rice can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.