Spiritual Evolution Quotes

The judgment that you pass today will only hinder a person in their spiritual evolution. All you do is say to the person psychically: "This is what you are. You're fixed. You can't change.

If your goal is to avoid pain and escape suffering I would not advise you to seek higher levels of consciousness or spiritual evolution.

I think quite spiritually of myself. I feel like I'm here to support the human evolution.

The Church's note must be a supernatural note which distinguishes incarnation from immanence redemption from evolution the Kingdom of God from mere spiritual process.

The decisive moment in human evolution is perpetual. That is why the revolutionary spiritual movements that declare all former things worthless are in the right for nothing has yet happened.

There is nothing besides a spiritual world; what we call the world of the senses is the Evil in the spiritual world and what we call Evil is only the necessity of a moment in our eternal evolution.

Spiritual experiences and their results are not meant for the individual. They are for the evolution of the whole race.

The collective unconscious contains the whole spiritual heritage of mankind's evolution born anew in the brain structure of every individual.

Love is the real work of your life. It is your spiritual path. It is the key to your growth and evolution.

Spiritual evolution is a movement from the states of mind that reflect life less accurately to the states of mind that reflect life more accurately.

Spiritual evolution is part of every soul's destiny on Earth and each soul grows and evolves at a different rate. You are right where you need to be.