Save Energy Quotes

Nobody is trying to save energy. We're trying to shift our use of fuel. Forget saving energy; if we get the right kind of energy there are endless amounts.

You want to be like a ticking bomb. As calm as possible before the fight to save energyâ?¦ But ready to explode the second you step into the cage.

To save energy New York City is now dimming the lights of the skyscrapers and the skyline at night. There's a bad side to this. If you need Batman you have to text him.

My hobby of not attending meetings about recycling saves more energy than your hobby of recycling.

The amount of energy saved by switching off the phone charger is exactly the same as the energy used by driving an average car for one second.

In modelling there is no point in trying to prove you have a brain so why even bother? I'd sooner save the energy for something more meaningful.

Even though there are a lot of bright tennis players out there you still have to protect yourself and save all your mental and emotional energies for tennis.

In this case the particle formed has correspondingly less energy whereas the product nucleus passes into the ground state with emission of the quantity of energy saved as gamma radiation.

Save yourself a great deal of time energy and money by first creating lots of content for free.

The rap game has to save itself. Everybody's saving it. People like Lil Wayne is saving it. He's bringing energy to it.

A package of 35 improvements to typical industrial motor systems can save around 50% of their metered energyâ?¦with a simple payback under 16 months.

I've done enough films to know how to save up my energy for the take and then give it on the take and do that.

Every piece of work in the shops moves. Save 10 steps a day for each of the 12 000 employees and you will have saved 50 miles of wasted motion and misspent energy.

I want to conserve energy expenditure by reducing our air intake. Save lives by saving your I love yous and holding your breath for the duration of your relationship.