Respect And Wisdom Quotes

My company survives because I've learned to respect the ideas of people younger than me and recognize when my wisdom is obsolete.

In societies where mature workers are respected and where their wisdom is respected everybody benefits. Workers are more engaged and productive. Their health is better. They live longer.

I am not going to respect ... gray hairs unless there is wisdom beneath them.

With all respect to Mr. Jefferson I would put the pursuit of wisdom ahead of the pursuit of happiness.

That's the big challenge of life"?to chisel disappointment into wisdom so people respect you and you don't annoy your friends with your whining.

The inscrutable wisdom through which we exist is not less worthy of veneration in respect to what it denies us than in respect to what it has granted.

Age per se may claim tenderness and pity but not respect; that only comes when the years have brought humanity and wisdom and the experience that worketh hope.