Respect And Friendship Quotes

It will give them the opportunity to show themselves worthy of the respect and friendship of peace-loving nations and in time to take an honorable place among members of the United Nations.

Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense and have her nonsense respected.

Love friendship and respect do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something.

I do have a lot of time for people in my life and friendship is a very important subject for me. I think I'm unusual among the writers I know in that respect.

It is mutual respect which makes friendship lasting.

He removes the greatest ornament of friendship who takes away from it respect.

Friendship trust honor respect admiration this whole experience has been such a revelation.

Friendship needs to be rooted in respect but love can live upon itself alone

I think the way to keep a friendship is to respect that everybody is different.

Nothing better forges a bond of love friendship or respect than common hatred toward something.

Love respect and friendship do unite a people as well as a common hatred does.

Respect is based on Friendship and friendship is based on love and love is so accidental isn't it ?

We can solve many problems in an appropriate way without any difficulty if we cultivate harmony friendship and respect for one another.

Animals are not property or "things" but rather living organisms subjects of a life who are worthy of our compassion respect friendship and support.

We value the devotedness of friendship rather as an oblation to vanity than as a free interchange of hearts; an endearing contract of sympathy mutual forbearance and respect!