Rascal Quotes

I listen to everything. My I-Pod's really diverse-from guitar instrumentals to Rascal Flatts to Usher.

Yeah Dizzee Rascal is a huge influence on what I'm doing. I learnt a lot from him even though he's younger than me.

I love country; I'm gonna do a country solo album at one point just 'cause. I'm a big fan of Keith Urban Trace Adkins Rascal Flatts even though that's more pop. I grew up on country.

I always have my own music on my iPod especially songs that I am going to record. Besides that I have lots of others ranging from Chris Brown to Beyonce' Michael Jackson Rascal Flatts and Adele.

My dad is kind of a rascal like in a Dickensian sense. He just goes from career to career.

Make yourself an honest man and then you may be sure there is one less rascal in the world.

Those most moved to tears by every word of a preacher are generally weak and a rascal when the feelings evaporate.

You always fall for the rascal or the guy who's got a little bit of the devil in him. You can't help it.

As a single withered tree if set aflame causes a whole forest to burn so does a rascal son destroy a whole family.

I'm not nearly as outrageously brave as many of my rascals that I write. But I think the rascal spirit must reside in me somewhere.

All of the trickster rascal characters that I write have the voice I aspire to. In real life you can't be that obnoxious and get away with it.

Hang him swaggering rascal!

This rascal ego must be obliterated.

The first clergyman was the first rascal who met the first fool.

Every rascal is not a thief but every thief is a rascal.

When I hear that a man is religious I conclude he is a rascal!

In order to become a great man one must first be a great rascal.

Government is nothing but the regulated injustice that every rascal has in his heart.

My seat has been the seat of kings and I will have no rascal to succeed me.

Me I'm still a rascal. Inside I am still the kid I was. He guides me everyday.

Every man of any education would rather be called a rascal than accused of deficiency in the graces.

But a rascal of a child (that age is without pity). [Fr. Mais un pripon d'enfant (cet age est sans pitie).

By the time the Truth comes you'd have been a sure-shot rascal a long-gone bastard a life-long sinner but an ever-humble winner.

I went through the usual stages: imp rascal scalawag whippersnapper. And of course after that it's just a small step to full-blown sociopath.

I am bewitched with the rogue's company. If the rascal have not given me medicines to make me love him I'll be hanged.

When a man makes up his mind to become a rascal he should examine himself closely and see if he isn't better constructed for a fool.

I'm 74 years old and even though I may be a bit of a rascal 33 girls in two months seems to me too much even for a 30-year-old.

I do not know what the heart of a rascal may be but I know what is in the heart of an honest man; it is horrible.

For the greatest fool and rascal in creation there is yet a worse condition; and that is not to know it but to think himself a respectable man.

But blast the man with curses loud and deep Whate'er the rascal's name or age or station Who first invented and went round advising That artificial cut-off Early Rising!

You are softening toward the young rascal because he is ill and because he says he likes cats." "It is an engaging quality Emerson." "That depends " said Emerson darkly "on how he likes them.