Stefan Hell Quotes

Calling on each molecule one by one? No way. I just told all of them to be quiet - except for a selected few.

When morning comes you would better find yourself saying: 'I have so many choices of what to do or what to leave - every morning every day. I better judge for myself and - go ahead and do it.'

I love to be a scientist. I've always enjoyed being curious.

There is still refinement needed - we are working on being able to do the same things at lower light levels and with a larger field of view.

It's childish but it still gives me great pleasure to see high-res pictures everyone told me would be impossible.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come - even if it came in a - living room - or to someone - with a humble living.

Eventually I realised there must be a way by playing with the molecules; trying to turn the molecules on and off allows you to see adjacent things you couldn't see before.