Ron Finley Quotes

I'm not one of those academics that don't do shit but reads about it. The difference is I do shit. I have a proof of concept and it works.

If children live with hostility they learn to fight. If they live with fear they learn to be apprehensive. If they live with criticism they learn to condemn.

South Central Los Angeles [is the] home of the drive-thru and the drive-by. Funny thing is the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys.

The funny thing about sustainability is you gotta sustain it.

We've gotten so far away from our food source. It's been hijacked from us. But if you get soil plant something in it and water it you can feed yourself. It's that simple.

We gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is - if you ain't a gardener you ain't gangsta.