Roger Ross Williams Quotes

Obviously it was an out of body experience to win an Academy Award.

I mentioned before these [classic Disney films] are classic mythological tales a hero's journey and have been told for thousands of years. Disney has updated them and made them accessible for us.

I don't think we're getting the empathy and identifying with the situations that many African Americans experience. That's the problem with how the story is being reported.

I'm not an activist at all. I'm a filmmaker and I wanted the people involved to tell their own story.

That is what I was more drawn to - creating stories while changing and altering reality.

When you are in the prayer room you forget about the outside world and fall into a Christian rock coma and nothing else seems to matter.

[Zwarte Piet] is unfortunate and just like the early American blackface films if it offends a segment of the population it shouldn't be shown again.

The product Disney created actually changed a life and that was significant to them. They didn't stand in my way at all.

While growing up I lived in my own fantasy world. I had kind of a rough childhood so I created my own reality.

I didn't have a lot of exposure to films as a kid and I never went to the cinema. I had a single mom who just planted me in front of the television.

Owen [Suskind] in a sense grew up on a diet of myth and fable and has become an expert on their themes which contain a moral guide that connects people.

Someone told me once that I'm worse than a dog I'm the scum of the earth so for me it was draining.

The relationship between a director and an editor in documentaries is so important.

Uganda can greatly benefit from American evangelicals if they separate the Scott Lively extremists from the Rick Warren-type of moderate evangelicals.

I saw footage of a well-known pastor holding a Bible and saying "This book says homosexuals should be killed.

American missionaries have free rein in Uganda. They can go anywhere they please - schools hospitals parliament.

Imagine that you're a gay man and you're spending all your time with people who believe you are possessed by the devil.

The musicians are good and their music is catchy - it pulls the kids in in droves. Mike Bickle admitted to me that the music was a big part of their success at attracting young people.

After I read about Uganda's now famous "kill the gays" bill I wanted to explore the religious forces behind it. As a gay man I wanted to understand the folks who wanted to kill me and why.