Renee Zellweger Quotes

Academics were important to my parents as immigrants. Education is where it all begins.

I like to have nice conversations with a man that teach me something make me mad make me curious. Then I find him attractive.

Deep down I'm a Texas girl looking for that big romance every girl dreams about. Biologically I look forward to being a cornerstone of a family. I'll be in my glory when I have a child on my knee.

I'm not single I'm busy. That's my line.

This [my backside] is still very very big.

I believe in love but I don't sit around waiting for it. I buy houses.

I remember just lying in the grass staring at the clouds wondering where they drifted off to after they floated over Texas.

Goodness in other people and what they contribute inspire me. I love it when someone is gifted and shares it in some way so that it has a trickle-down effect.

Throughout our courtship Kenny told me that he had proof that Saddam Hussein was a threat because he possessed weapons of mass destruction. I told him 'You had me at weapons.'

I still feel like Ive crashed the party.

My mum a strange creature from the time when pickles on toothpicks were still the height of sophistication.

I'm glad folks think I look different I'm living a different happy more fulfilling life and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows.

Sometimes I wake up at night and go 'Oh damn! Here we go again! What were they thinking? They gave me this role; don't they know I'm faking it?

Being horrible in a big film is a quicker nosedive than doing an obscure film and making no money.

Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at 'hello'.