Preston Manning Quotes

There is a whole school of Canadian academics media personalities and politicians whose definition of a Canadian is a North American who fears or dislikes the United States.

We need to apply the science of communication to the communication of science

New Canada must be workable without Quebec but it must be open and attractive enough to include a New Quebec.

During his long political career my father was always active in communicating the Christian gospel from the evangelical perspective ...

A revolutionary should neither look or act like one to get ahead in Canada.

In many respects my best friends were dogs.

Besides my religious commitment the greatest single factor that has enabled me to pursue my business and political objectives has been the security and freedom of my home.

As a result of listening to Aberhart my father decided to leave the farm in 1927 to study at Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute Aberhart's training school.

My first official consulting job therefore was for a scrap metal dealer (he resented the term "junk dealer") in East Edmonton named Benny Sugarman.

Do not ghettoize society by putting people into legal categories of gender race ethnicity language or other such characteristics.

What's the difference between a politician and a catfish? One is a wide-mouthed bottom-feeding slime sucker - and the other is a fish.

My religious training told me that in times of personal uncertainty one should seek God's direction through personal prayer and study of the Christian scriptures.

An optimist in Canada is someone who think things could be worse

Canada is the only country founded on the relentless pursuit of the rodent.

My personal political convictions are rooted in the populist political traditions of western Canada.

There are hundreds of Canadian communities that have given more thought to hiring their rink manager than they have to electing their member of Parliament.

What used to be considered conservative values... are increasingly becoming more mainstream values.

In fall 1967 I was given leave of absence by the National Public Affairs Research Foundation to move to Redondo Beach California to work on a short-term research contract with TRW.

The role of the federal government should be neutral toward culture just as it is toward religion.

I was dissatisfied with the status quo back in the 80's particularly how the West was represented in federation. I wanted to try to change it.