Philip Kapleau Quotes

Die while alive and be thoroughly dead. Then do what you will and all will be well

You yourself are time- your body your mind the objects around you. Plunge into the river of time and swim instead of standing on the banks and noting the course of the currents.

For the ordinary man whose mind is a checkerboard of criss-crossing reflections opinions and prejudices bare attention is virtually impossible.

Many have come to realization simply by listening to the tinkling of a bell or some other sound

Every individual who eats flesh food whether an animal is killed expressely for him or not is supporting the trade of slaughtering and contributing to the violent deaths of harmless animals.

Although we all possess the seeds of great love and compassion without the light of the enlightened one's wisdom and the waters of their compassion these seeds would never spout.

A Zen master when asked where he would go after he died replied 'To Hell for that's where help is needed most.'

The truth is that everything is One and this of course is not a numerical one.