Paul P. Enns Quotes

As believers we have no need to fear death. Christ himself assures us of a safe arrival home in heaven!

Believers have a genuine unfailing hope of a future reunion with loved ones...we can find joy in anticipating our future reunion.

A magnificent restoration awaits us. ... Christ comes in judgment; then restoration.

In heaven..we will not longer cry feel sad or face death. ...Our bodies will be perfect locked into eternal youth...ageless.

Our abilities and giftedness does not end of this earth; we will continue to serve the Lord in agreement with our abilities on this earth.

The new earth will complete God's program. It will be what God intended for Adam and Eve in Eden.

On the new earth heaven we will have perfect bodies resistant to any ailment. Our new bodies will continue on forever without missing a beat.

Upon death the believer goes immediately into the presence of Christ in heaven a realm far better than this earth...Heaven is our true home.

Every believer departing this old earth ...immediately transitions into heaven and is welcomed home by Jesus himself.

Existence continues at death for the believer in a fuller more fulfilling way. Death should hold no fear for the believer.

As a believer is changed receiving a glorified body so similarly the earth is changed into a new earth unstained by sin.

Heaven is where God dwells. It is a specific place; ...a place of unparalleled tranquility and beauty. It includes the new heaven and new earth.

When we see one another in heaven we will have beautiful bodies that will far surpass the beauty of our bodies on this earth.

The new earth will be like Eden. ..the deserts will gush with water. ... A beautiful and bountiful land will flourish.

We are limited by our visual physical senses; yet from the Scriptures we can readily conclude that heaven is indeed not distant at all. It is nearby.

Many of the passages that describe the millennial kingdom also in continuity describe the new heaven and the new earth the eternal state.

It is only as we focus our thoughts on heaven that we will correctly interpret life on earth.

Scripture indicates that heaven is not distant but rather... heaven is near in another realm.

Death brings release & removal from all evil every tragedy & all difficulty. Death is not an enemy.

God through Jesus Christ is the victory and the renewed earth will reflect that glory.

While we look forward to a new heaven let's first consider the new earth for the new earth will indeed be like heaven on earth. We will live on a restored earth.

Prosperity and security are ours in heaven. We will live in peace and safety.