Patrick Marber Quotes

Dan: You've ruined my life.Anna: You'll get over it.

I don't love you anymore. Goodbye.

I'm a Golden Globe nominee yes. It's very nice. It's a very nice thing but I kind of think of all the awards I wasn't ever nominated for for years and things.

What's so great about the truth? Try lying for a change it's the currency of the world.

I love everything about you that hurts.

I'm constantly having to be vigilant with a depressive tendency an addictive tendency.

Alice: I don't love you anymore. Goodbye. Dan: Since when? Alice: Now. Just now.

Alice: It's the only way to leave. "I don't love you anymore. Goodbye." Dan: Supposing you do still love them? Alice: You don't leave.

Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off. But it's better if you do.

Thank God life endsâ??we'd never survive it. From Big Bang to weary shag the history of the world. Our flesh is ferocious...our bodies will kill us...our bones will outlive us.

I'm a happily married man and I think to get married you have to be optimistic.

But I'm the sort of person who if certain structures topple it could all go horribly wrong.

When I look back I can't believe I was so stupid as to direct Dealer's Choice.

A couple of flop plays a death in the family and it could all collapse.

It's one of the reasons I don't do drugs. One sniff and I'd go all the way.

I don't want to lie. I can't tell the truth. So it's over.

I think you owe me something for deceiving me so exquisitely.

Theatre is how I first encountered art on any level.

When you're in your early 20s your love life seems to explode every 20 minutes or so. By the time you've reached your thirties it is every five or ten years.

Everything is a version of something else.

I used to go with my parents and loved it I was in school plays and I started reading plays before I started reading novels. I'll defend it to the hilt. When theatre is good it is fabulous.

I like the varying rhythm of being a writer that you have a period of being in complete isolation where it's just you and the book and your screenplay and no-one can read it.

I think a tragedy is something where the natural order of things is completely interrupted and doesn't right itself.

Well you just know as a writer I didn't really write one of the five best screenplays of the year. There were lots of brilliant screenplays; I was just one of the lucky ones who got nominated.