Nonito Donaire Quotes

I was always into cartoons and animation.

I love my wife.

As a boxer you have to put risk in to get to another level.

I was always scared in the amateurs but the minute I got in the ring it was like another person took over. I become more vicious. In there I love to hurt people. Outside I can't hurt a bug.

Criticism is good you learn from it each time and you know that people are paying attention.

Growing up I kind of adopted that mentality going all out being a warrior.

Growing up as an amateur I wasn't much of a power puncher. I was more of a speed guy.

I was taught to fighter like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali when I was growing up.

I liked Roy Jones Sugar Ray Leonard Ali... those were the guys I was looking at growing up.

Moving up and fighting the best keeps me hungry.

Always push beyond what you can do.

My style is like Bruce Lee I'm like water. It's everything from defensive to counters to offense.

Everything in our family was always boxing. It was the life my father chose for me.

I was 11 when I started boxing. My brother was fighting before I did and he got me into it.

If he wants to box we'll box. If he wants to brawl we'll brawl.

People call me a nerd because I like to spend time on the computer.

When you do your best there is no impossibility.

If you try your best you can always be better.

All I know is that I'm proud to be Filipino.

He's a smart guy but I think I'm a genius.

He's such a great kid and such a determined kid and he's so strong.

With me boxing's a beautiful sport.

I'm not into being competitive. I never saw myself as a competitive type of person.

I believe that he's a boring fighter.

Being a world champion is something I'm already proud of and can take for the rest of my life.

Even the other kids who people made fun of made fun of me. Thats where I stood on the school food chain.

I seek to fight the best out there. I seek to fight the champions in every division I go up to.

For punches I never really choose I take whatever opportunity is given to me. If it's a left I'll take it. If it's a right I'll take it.

As much as I have respect for him this is for the crowd. The crowd didn't deserve what happened tonight.

The motivation is in my heart to work toward my goals and my dreams.

You can't look good everytime even if you try to no matter what.

I'm training everyday even though I should be resting.

I just wanna live the moment and just take every moment and embrace it because life is short.

Usually sprinting is my main source of energy and recovery time because that's how I move.

I'll bring a flower out there and then give them a peace sign and hopefully they'll make it happen.

The best feeling is to win by knockout.

Whatever happens I train hard for the fans and their support.

In school I was pretty fast.

Seeing the Mexican fighters it gave me physically and mentally ready for an all our war.

My Internet friends who I play games with say 'This guy's a fighter?' I'm the last person they expect to be a fighter.

If there's a best I want to fight them.

I'll help out in ways to inspire others and ways to get people together and bring about things to help people financially.

I enjoy singing I enjoy music as much as I enjoy photography doing filming and stuff like that. I do a lot of things to express who I am.

Not only did I win the fight but I won something that's more than a fight could ever give me and that is gaining back a family.

He said it's an honor to fight me well I say that it's an honor to fight him as well.

I need to take a punch in order for me to throw that hook.

As long as I have that support from my team and I have that confidence in myself that I train really hard I think there's no one out there who can defeat me in my weight class.

I have a lot of respect for Mexico.

A lot of guys just punch with their arms; they don't utilize every part of their muscles they can use. I know how to use that and that's where the power comes in.

I wanted to bring that old school mentality of "Fight Me! Fight me!

I lived my life where I didn't have anything. I lived my life where people picked on me. Now that I am in a different light I appreciate every moment of it.

We put our body and minds and lives on the line for being in that ring for the fans that's why I respect fighters. Unless they don't respect me then I can't give any respect back.

He's going for the home run I'm going for the grand slam. If he gets a lot of strikeouts I'm getting a shutout. I just have that positivity that mentality that I can conquer whatever he gives out.

My father and I we finally saw each other eye to eye and I think he's seeing me as a man and I'm seeing him as the father he's always been.