Michio Kaku Quotes

To understand the difficulty of predicting the next 100 years we have to appreciate the difficulty that the people of 1900 had in predicting the world of 2000.

I am a figure skater which helps me appreciate Newton's theory of mechanics.

I confess I sometimes sneak a peek at 'The Big Bang Theory.' I chuckle at their antics. But I cringe when they portray physicists as clueless nerds who are doormats when it comes to picking up women.

We believe that black holes collapse to rings hitting very fast. If you follow through the ring you don't die. The mathematics says you fall straight through perhaps to another universe.

In the future you'll simply jump into your car turn on the Internet turn on a movie and sit back and relax and turn on the automatic pilot and the car will drive itself.

Robots may gradually attain a degree of 'self-awareness' and consciousness of their own.

We are not at the end but at the beginning of a new physics. But whatever we find there will always be new horizons continually awaiting us.

Physicists are made of atoms. A physicist is an attempt by an atom to understand itself.

We have learned more about the brain in the last fifteen years than in all prior human history and the mind once considered out of reach is finally assuming center stage.

To become a theoretical physicist ... you need to have a passionate love affair with the universe.

We are slowly isolating the genes involved with the aging process. We do not have the fountain of youth but I think in the coming decades we will unravel the aging process at the genetic level.

If I wasn't a professional scientist I'd be an amateur scientist. But plan B was to go into computers.

Scientific revolutions almost by definition defy common sense.

Being a physicist not a philosopher I have devised an entirely new theory of consciousness allowing one to numerically calculate the level of consciounsess of humans and even animals.

The river of time may fork into rivers in which case you have a parallel reality and so then you can become a time traveler and not have to worry about causing a time paradox.

One day when I was 8 years old everyone was talking in hushed tones about a great scientist that had just died. His name was Albert Einstein.

The universe is a symphony of strings and the mind of God that Einstein eloquently wrote about for thirty years would be cosmic music resonating through eleven-dimensional hyper space.

Growing new organs of the body as they wear out extending the human lifespan? What's not to like?

In fact all of us have a piece of Chernobyl in our bodies going back to 1986.

The human brain has 100 billion neurons each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.

No one knows who wrote the laws of physics or where they come from. Science is based on testable reproducible evidence and so far we cannot test the universe before the Big Bang.

Originally the burden of proof was on physicists to prove that time travel was possible. Now the burden of proof is on physicists to prove there must be a law forbidding time travel.

I have nothing against investment banking but it's like massaging money rather than creating money.

Faust was this mythical figure who sold his soul to the devil for unlimited power. The Japanese have made that Faustian bargain because they don't have coal oil or hydro power.

What do oil company executives vampires and NASA bureaucrats all have in common? They fear solar energy.

In general the larger the breeding population the slower the rate of evolution.

We do spend too much time on the telephone and you know something? We love it.

I think that by creating a world of plenty by creating institutions and organizations that promote knowledge and promote understanding I think I could be part of being in a better world.

The media of course loves to make claims about the fountain of youth. Don't believe it. No one has it. But we're getting close.

I agree along with Carl Sagan that we should eventually become a two planet species. Life is too precious to place on a single planet.

Time travel and teleportation will have to wait. It may take centuries to master these technology.

Chances are when we meet intelligent life forms in outer space they're going to be descended from predators.

Chemistry is the melodies you can play on vibrating strings.

In the future I can imagine that we will genetically modify ourselves using the genes that have doubled our life span since we were chimpanzees.

It's pointless to have a nice clean desk because it means you're not doing anything.

Futurism today is led by science-fiction writers by sociologists by historians. Now I have nothing against them. I'm sure they do great work. But they're not scientists. They're clueless.

Common sense has no place in Quantum Mechanics.

The brain weighs only three pounds yet it is the most complex object in the solar system.

Once confined to fantasy and science fiction time travel is now simply an engineering problem.

You cannot create new science unless you realise where the old science leaves off and new science begins and science fiction forces us to confront this.

You cannot create new science unless you realize where the old science leaves off and new science begins and science fiction forces us to confront this.

Consciousness there are about 20 000 papers on consciousness with no consensus. Nowhere in history have so many people devoted so much time to produce so little.

In the future we'll be able to mentally contact anybody we want see whatever image we want. And when we don't like it we'll just turn it off.

Global warming is controversial of course but the controversy is mainly over whether human activity is driving it.

What is the universe? The universe is a symphony of vibrating strings...we are nothing but melodies. We are nothing but cosmic music played out on vibrating strings and membranes.

I would hope that the publicity around the Higgs boson would increase the public awareness of physics and cosmology.

Scientists who have dedicated their lives to building machines that think feel that it's only a matter of time before some form of consciousness is captured in the laboratory.

All kids are born geniuses but are crushed by society.

In some sense gravity does not exist; what moves the planets and the stars is the distortion of space and time.

In the beginning God said the four-dimensional divergence of an antisymmetric second rank tensor equals zero and there was light and it was good. And on the seventh day he rested.

No matter how beautiful the theory one irritating fact can dismiss the entire formulism so it has to be proven.

Even if we mortgage the next 100 years of generations of human beings we would not have enough energy to build a Death Star.

Physics is often stranger than science fiction and I think science fiction takes its cues from physics: higher dimensions wormholes the warping of space and time stuff like that.

God throws dice what can I say?

There are dangers but only dangers if people don't understand where technology is taking us.

You have to have a cultural ethic that allows for making mistakes. It cannot be that just because you make mistakes you're out. You have to make mistakes in order to innovate.

In science nothing is ever 100% proven.

We're in 'Jurassic Park' territory. If we go to the zoo in the future we'll have zoos for extinct animals.

I believe we exist in a multiverse of universes.

If you could meet your grandkids as elderly citizens in the year 2100 "¦ you would view them as being basically Greek gods"¦ that's where we're headed.

Scientists are embarrassed by science fiction; they want to distance themselves as much as possible. ... I think there's nothing to be ashamed of [and that] we should take science fiction seriously.

String theory is based on the simple idea that all the four forces of the universe: gravity the electromagnetic force and the two nuclear forces can be viewed as music.

Science is definitely part of America's infrastructure the engine of prosperity. And yet science is given almost no visibility in the media.

I believe that science is the engine of prosperity that if you look around at the wealth of civilization today it's the wealth that comes from science.

What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems... there's no law of physics preventing them.

They basically ask their engineers to volunteer some probability figures then they take the average. This is not science. This is voodoo

I'm not a science fiction writer I'm a physicist.

I'm not a science fiction writer I'm a physicist. These are scientists who are making the future in their laboratories.

[T]he yeoman's work in any science and especially physics is done by the experimentalist who must keep the theoreticians honest.

You can mass-produce hardware; you cannot mass-produce software - you cannot mass-produce the human mind.

Science fiction without the science just becomes you know sword and sorcery basically stories about heroism and not much more.

Impossible is relative.

I think Newton would be the greatest scientist who ever lived.

The best theory comes from string theory which states that dark matter is nothing but a higher vibration of the string. We are in some sense the lowest octave of a vibrating string.

We have the media which is such a waste in the sense that you can actually feel your IQ get lower as you watch TV.

Music is the voice of God traveling through ten-dimensional hyperspace.

My point is no one can stop the Internet. No one can stop that march. It doesn't mean that it's going to be smooth though.

Reality has always proved to be much more sophisticated and subtle than any preconceived philosophy.

To a physicist we have the 'I' word the I-word is 'impossible.' That's dangerous.

Humans are natural-born scientists. When we're born we want to know why the stars shine. We want to know why the sun rises.

When we're born we want to know why the stars shine. We want to know why the sun rises.

So often science fiction helps to get young people interested in science. That's why I don't mind talking about science fiction. It has a real role to play: to seize the imagination.