Mark Prior Quotes

If the fans think I'm a savior that's fine. But they have to understand I'm one of 25 guys. I can't do it all.

My parents didn't raise me to be a professional player. They raised me to be a good person.

The way I pitch is the way I pitch. I'm not going to change my overall philosophy. I'll just go out and pitch.

I'm not going to change. I'm not going to start clubbing or going out in limos. I'm laid-back and I'm going to stay that way.

I don't think I've shied away from anybody. I'm not scared. I respect hitters but I'm not afraid.

I'm not a guy who is out trying to promote myself. It's really not me.

I'm 27 and guys are pitching into their 40s now. For unfortunate reasons I haven't been healthy since 2005. But I feel that I have a lot of great years ahead of me.