Lucy Liu Quotes

I think you just have to appreciate who you are and hopefully they can see what a superhero is about.

The neck is kind of what's sexy in Japan so you have to have the kimono a little bit back. It was just a whole different way of appealing to what was sexy.

When I was shooting a movie in Montreal it was freezing. If you take a little bit of Aquaphor and dab it on your face it keeps your skin looking fresh. I dubbed it Aqua For Everything.

I've definitely become much more aware of physical stunts.

When you have something that close to you you want to make sure that you're aware of it.

Being Asian in this business is something you have to consider because sometimes people aren't as open. They'll say I can't see you with a Caucasian person.

Martial arts are art forms and require a great deal of discipline and dedication. I so admire people who focus their lives on it because it's not an easy thing to do.

Japanimation is a whole different art form.

You respect all of these people that you know in the business as actors. And they sort of turn around and say we really like your work. It's a nice acknowledgment.

I always admired Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk - but I don't know if I'd be a very convincing hulk

A lot of people die giving birth to their children who have AIDS and HIV and a lot of people don't survive after a time because they've been sick too.

You have to look out for becoming trapped in a place where people want to see you all the time doing one thing.

It's so much fun playing Ling but I have this fear that people are going to run away from me in terror on the streets. They think I'm going to bite their heads off or something.

Once you embody the language the character comes really naturally especially when you put the costume on.

Men when they fight in movies it's a very different style. Harrison Ford was so cool when he had the whip and Bruce Lee was such an artist that you couldn't take your eyes off of him.

Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend.

Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with Samurai swords.

It's like kill or be killed that's my thing basically.

I think diversity is very key to anybody's resume and also for your mental well-being.

The wonderful thing about film is that you have something that has a beginning middle and end and you have a concrete amount of time to shoot it.

I've never really thought about competing with cartoons. If it ever gets to that point then just shoot me.

When you work with chains or any kind of weapons or just when you're using hand-to-hand combat you are going to get hurt.

Ten years of Pilates has really changed my body for the better.

The lack of predictability with television is something that's constantly changing what your perception of who you think your character is.

I try to distinguish my characters from each other.

It's great to do commercial movies; they are fun. You're doing stunts you are running around there is a lot of money involved in the production; there are incredible sets and designs.

Women like to watch women fight because it makes them feel sort of empowered physically and mentally. They feel kind of jazzed and excited by it.

People use location as a language in films and Quentin uses action as a language in his films. There's really not a lot of violence. It's more of an emotional beat than it is a physical beat.

If you see the Sopranos you're not going to be speaking in the Shakespearean English.

You can't look back; you have to keep looking forward.

Making a request without revealing the feeling/need takes all the joy out of other's service.

Women who wear kimonos when the fight they have to keep their knees together and when they use a sword they have to move the sleeves otherwise it gets caught.

Nobody really tells me what's going on and I find out via the trades myself.

Producing is like pushing jello up a hill on a hot day.

I grew up in Jackson Heights Queens with no money. I was taught not to take anything for granted. If you are too busy being a diva or a freak then you are not enjoying it.

I try to believe like I believed when I was five...when your heart tells you everything you need to know.

Pilates introduced me to muscles I never even knew I had. Soon I started to feel longer and leaner. Ten years of Pilates has really changed my body for the better.

There's always sacrifices. My family don't generally say that they're related to me - my sister doesn't say she's my sister - because they don' t want to be judged or lauded based on who I am.

Working on the Samurai sword is very different because your body position has to be very still. It's a much quieter was of fighting.