Lou Doillon Quotes

I think I was pretty much hated in France. The French press ignored me. There was a movement when the children of celebrities faced strong animosity.

I was raised by muses. Women who had men in awe of them and who wrote them movies and wrote them music.

The whole point of art school is that you're going to be able to have nudes all day long and a teacher who is there to move you. It's great.

I have a strong and strange character and I've rarely met directors who knew what to do with this character. One of the few who did was my father and in the theatre Arthur Nauzyciel.

I always lived with guitarists. When they would leave I would just pick up their acoustic guitars and start doing finger picking and write.

As a little girl I had huge fantasies about music.

I'm a very compulsive person so I spend most of my time drawing or writing my diary patching things up and carving bits of wood - I've carved two of my guitars.

I was always the funny-looking girl. I couldn't compete with the Brazilian girls. My nose is off my ears are too big. But I think it's my personality that these designers were drawn to.

The whole process of music for me is something absolutely honest and really naked and bare so I never forced myself to write in French.

Singing is the rawest thing. Having been naked in films or naked in photo shoots it's nothing compared to singing. It's absolute nakedness. You are stripped bare!

The more you're writing absolutely honestly and absolutely bare of intention - even if it feels absolutely personal and small because it's at your own scale - other people relate to it much more.

There's so many good books but I'm always like "I'm sorry I have five more Faulkners to read I can't be bothered." Most of the time when you try you fall on the wrong one.

I was such a tomboy. I had absolutely no bosom and I wore my hair really short - shaved like a boy.

Acting seems much easier than singing in fact because you are putting on a costume - whereas here you are taking everything off.

I like costumes. I am always dressing up - I'm very English like that.

It is impossible for me to get involved in films that I don't like so I just wait for a project that really tickles my fancy.

There's something I find highly embarrassing about it. As soon as I think I've written something smart the next day I've got nausea thinking "Don't even try to be smart it's absurd.

In England you laugh at yourselves; in France we laugh at others.

I love acting; I love movie sets and movies but at the same time there's something about the position of women in that world that frightens me a lot. I find it nearly inhuman to be an actress.

I try to not listen to all the girls I admire musically - like Nina Simone - just so I don't find myself imitating them even if it's subconsciously.

The silhouette is the most important thing in clothes. Every French girl knows that. High-waisted trousers give you long legs and a pretty bum which after all is what we all want.

I listen to a variety of music. The only common point is strong lyrics; I'm more obsessed with lyrics than music. I need to hear a form of truth and if it's a hard truth even better.