Lisa See Quotes

Gone were my girlish ideas about romantic love and my later ideas about sexual love. From Yi I learned to appreciate deep-heart love. Peony in Love

The fear of death was a powerful aphrodisiac.

I don't really know anything about the movie business even though I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life - somehow I've never bumped into it.

The classics tell us that in relationships the one between teacher and student comes second only to the one between parent and child.

And often it would be a woman who was in her 70s or 80s who would win the beauty contest because bound feet never age.

A brave heart? It feels like a swollen and aching thing in my chest.

My heart is empty & my life has no value anymore. Each moment a thousand tears.

I am an eighth Chinese and I come from a large Chinese-American family in Los Angeles.

I know a lot about women and their suffering but I still know almost nothing about men.

We're told that men are strong & brave but I think women know how to endure accept defeat & bear physical & mental agony much better than men.

All these types of love come out of duty respect and gratitude. Most of them as the women in my county know are sources of sadness rupture and brutality.

People write to me all the time and I write back.

Maybe we're all like that with our mothers. They seem ordinary until one day they're extraordinary.

Model communes are the ones where the leaders lie the best and the biggest.

i would rather be married to broken jade than flawless clay

And one of the interesting things about bound feet is that they never age.

Perhaps he was afraid as I was that we'd be caught. Or perhaps he was breathing me in just as I was letting him come into my lungs my eyes my heart.

People come in and out of our lives and the true test of friendship is whether you can pick back up right where you left off the last time you saw each other.

You may be desperate but never let anyone see you as anything less than a cultivated woman.

I am old enough to know only too well my good and bad qualities which were often one in the same.

While she is lovely we need to remember that her face is not what distinguishes her. Her beauty is a reflection of the virtue and talent she keeps inside.

Having a baby is painful in order to show how serious a thing life is.

The greatest calling of all is to have a literary life.

You make choices that are good and sound but the gods have other plans for you.

Poetry is on earth to make you serene not corrupt your mind thoughts or emotions

In that moment I understood that the cruelest words in the universe are if only.

Obey obey obey then do what you want.

Parents die daughters grow up and marry out but sisters are for life.

Let those who believe believe. Let those who doubt doubt.

He was in my hair my eyes my fingers my heart. I day-dreamed about what he was doing thinking seeing smelling feeling. I could not eat for thoughts of him.

Dreaming dreaming dreaming -- weren't our dreams what gave us strength hope and desire?

I write a thousand words a day.

There is no life without death. That is the true meaning of yin and yang

Snow Flower was my old same for life. I had a greater and deeper love for her than I could ever feel for a person who was my husband.

When people are alive they love when they die they keep loving. If love ends when person dies that is not real love

My hardcover sales are 17% down in books but up 400% in electronics.

She loves you. She's just forgotten how to show it.

Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river.

But there are certain books I would never put on a Kindle because you want to be able to look at graphs and photos or the footnotes and maps. You can't see that.

I love research. I'd go so far as to say I'm a research fanatic.

How can we not create a fantasy in our minds when the reality is so hard?

You can't fight your fate...It is predestined.

Some of what I am doing when I am researching is looking for things people in my family have done and finding out what those things mean why they did those things and seeing how I fit into them.

What stays with me most is a general sense of loss unease and longing for the past that cannot be relieved.

I didn't know you would be here last night but you were. We can't fight fate. Instead we must accept that fate has given us a special opportunity.

When you donâ??t have much having less isnâ??t so bad.

Don't ever feel that you have to hide who you are. Nothing good ever comes from keeping secrets like that.

Seeing something once is better than hearing about it a hundred times. Doing something once is better than seeing it a hundred times.

I think to really be literate in nu shu you only need about 600 characters because it is phonetic. So you're able to then create many words out of one character.

When the sun is shining think of the time it won't be because even when you're sitting in your house with the doors shut misfortune can fall from above. Page 279

Anyone who says that women do not have influence in men's decisions makes a vast and stupid mistake.

I think sometimes as an adult you take people for what they do and what they are now instead of the whole picture of their lives.