Lewis Pugh Quotes

We have to appreciate that we are part of nature we must work with nature; the environment is our lifeline.

Very few things which are really worth achieving come easily. Sometimes they do but most of the time you really have to work hard and cleverly.

Britain has bred many great explorers but they seem to get so little coverage compared to soccer and rugby players.

Mount Everest is a very spiritual place it's a beautiful mountain.

Ordinary won't change the world.

I think every child in every country not just South Africa every year should go to a national park and it should be part of their basic curriculum.

If you've got a problem and you multiply it by 50-million people it becomes unsolvable but if you've got a problem and you divide it by 50-million people it becomes solvable.

Sometimes we set boundaries for ourselves in life or even worse we allow others to do so. In many cases these boundaries are just in our mind and need to be pushed away.

You shouldn't be able to do a swim at the North Pole it should be frozen over.

I was very very lucky because I started swimming when most of the landmarks in the world had not been swum.

I love swimming swimming's my passion and I hope I swim until the last day of my life so I really really do enjoy swimming but swimming for me is simply a way of carrying a message.

I do have spare time and I love to read and I love just to go to a national park and just relax and just think. But most of the time it's swimming or talking.