LaVell Edwards Quotes

Reminiscing with obvious emotion on his long career: It's like the size of the crowd here today. It always surprises me. But I do appreciate it.

Personally - I also continued my education while I was coaching attending night school and summer school taking correspondence courses etc.

At some point in time it will be right for me to step aside. That may be after this year but that may be after two or three more years.

My belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the testimony I have of the Savior and His atonement [is my personal shelter].

They can't fire me because my family buys too many tickets.

Coming out of BYU's football spring 1999 practice: We might have a chance to be pretty good.

I just feel that you reach a point when its time to move on.

I hope I've been a good example to the youth of the church.

The goals and successes of my professional life pale in comparison to my personal goals of an eternal family receiving exaltation and being with the Savior again.

Publicity can become invasive at times.

Even though I did not go into college teaching I believe the education I did receive helped me to become a better coach.

Being a member of the Church has never placed any roadblocks in my personal and professional life.

Not playing on Sunday has caused problems for other organizations or teams who wanted us to do so but we never had to think twice about such a decision.

Edwards said the greatest moment of his career was winning the national championship. The lowest moment (of my career) happens every time we lose to Utah.

When I started I knew it was a matter of when not if I would get fired. That's because that was just the past history of the previous coaches that had been there.

Much of coaching consists of teaching and communicating ideas concepts and philosophies to the players and my education helped make me a much more effective coach.

The difficulty in living our religion is when we haven't totally made the commitment necessary.

Once I made the commitment to fully live my religion it was never a problem.

I suspect that these traits-desire commitment and good work habits-are important in all facets of our lives. . .

I told Pattie that last night I dreamt that we had a press conference and nobody showed up. I am overwhelmed that so many of you are here.

I try to give to most legitimate requests but the amount of my contribution and my personal time varies greatly.

Reminiscing with obvious emotion on his long career It has turned out a whole lot better than I ever ever ever dreamed.

I honestly haven't thought about it much. When it comes time for me to retire I don't think I'll know going into that season. I'll have to evaluate it at the end of each year.

My testimony helps me to establish priorities in my life.

I know the team as a whole has had an impact on the youth of the church and on the missionary efforts throughout the world.

If we have to go through a mental exercise yes or no every time we are faced with a tough decision we will continue to have trouble with living what we supposedly believe.

Those who have succeeded have also had the ability to overcome adversity disappointment and even tragedy in their lives.

Early in my career I determined that I would not bring the problems of my work home with me. For the most part I have been able to do that.

I'd rather lose and live in Provo than win and live in Laramie