Jean Alesi Quotes

It wasn't all frustration. I've had a lot of good times with Ferrari as well.

Give me a few bits of wool to stick on the car a good gust of mistral wind and I could come up with a better aerodynamic package on the bridge at Avigon

That was my dream to drive for Ferrari but I am not a kid any more. If Ferrari is the best team and if I get the chance to drive for Ferrari it would be with pleasure.

To be honest I am not happy about all the publicity.

I am a professional. At the circuit I am calm. At home I am very different.

I will be better in Monte Carlo than I was in Phoenix. If I can't win maybe I will lead 50 laps.

I am not close to retirement. I still have a lot more that I can achieve. There are younger guys coming into F1 but I am not old and I'm not finished.

When you are in a good position you are sure to drive well and to be very concentrated in each corner.

I decided to do the maximum to hold onto the lead for as long as possible. That is why I pushed so hard from the beginning. I was at 100 percent concentration.

F1 teams need a driver who will consistently set lap times that are 100 percent on the edge.

I have never won a race and that is my main disappointment - but you have to be positive.

I made my choice to be in Ferrari. It is not easy because it is important for a man to have satisfaction. And for me to get the satisfaction I want means getting results.

Am I calm all the time? That is a question to ask my mother. I am very happy in my home. I have a good family that gives me something extra.

I think I will have a lot of opportunities in the future.

I had a very good package for Phoenix but at other tracks we do not have the power. The Brazilian Grand Prix was maybe closer to the reality.

You never really know how quick you are before you reach F1.

You tend to think that there is a big gap between F1 and everything else. F1 is where all the fantastic drivers are so you just don't know how good you are until you get there.

Experience has taught me that you have to improve all the time-little bit by little bit-and not keeping starting everything from new.

In the winter I was with Nelson Piquet. He was talking about his capacity to race faster. He said that he was still learning new things all the time.