Jack Osbourne Quotes

I didn't get at first put into a rehab facility; I got put in a adolescent psychiatric unit for my detox.

Adapt and overcome' is my new motto.

I took a bottle of pills. I'd been in Europe and I had a lot of absinthe and I was just drinking and drinking trying to you know just shut my body down.

I'm going to get you a broken alarm clock so you'll get up in the morning.

Kelly there are people in Somalia who would die for a banana.

I'm an ass-kicking fat kid.

Where I felt comfortable was being the one that everyone liked to party with. And it was kind of the way I could fit in.

Kelly has a rather bad habit of interrupting.

I have a tendency to really stuff things. I don't really express you know? Like express certain feelings and stuff.

I'm real clear you know? There's no fogginess.

There's people outside our house; you get followed by photographers; you can't go out and have a cup of coffee with a friend without someone coming up to you.

You cant take good health for granted.

I'd read things like people criticizing me. But no one likes to read stuff about that and probably the main thing that was getting to me was me mum's illness.

I'd have to say that Muay Thai is something special. It's really demanding and it's becoming popular all around the world.

For a while I was suicidal and I tried to kill myself. I think I should have died about four times.

I had my group of friends you know like my real group of friends and then I had like party friends.

I don't want to come off like the jealous brother who wasn't getting the attention but it was like no one was really into me anyway. I wasn't really a priority.

You can't take good health for granted.

As long as I know my head's in the right place my feet are on the ground I think I'll be fine.

The strange thing is no matter what when you become some kind of public figure you have your go-to answers for all scenarios and instances.

Just know this if that day does come where I do win this mirrorball know that I didn't just win it for me but I won it for all of us with MS.