Ilana Mercer Quotes

Incarcerating people for their [drug] consumption choices has the consistency of arresting a survivor of suicide for attempted murder .

Libya is a war of the womb. A product of the romantic minds of women Samantha Power Hillary Clinton Susan Rice who fantasize about an Arab awakening. It is estrogen-driven paternalism on steroids.

Big media are all about the angle the spin. Look to the overarching theme that runs through each and every news story. Be hip to the meta-narrative peddled.

Rights give rise to legal claims. Ultimately the more rights animals are granted the greater the legal lien exercised on their behalf against the liberty and property of people.

Whether arrived at through reason or revelation... natural law is the highest law known to man. It is anchored in the very existential nature of man and is therefore a priori just.

Liberals can always be trusted to see God in Mumia Abu-Jamal and the devil in the Pope.

Men in authority are now a threatened minority.

Government commissions are where accountability goes to die.

Like or dislike her the British Queen is harmless. Her role is purely ceremonial. Conversely life and death are in the hands of the monarch who sits in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Dance in general has become more atavistic than artistic.

Liberals retain a totemic attachment to the Freudian idea that traumatic toilet training is destiny.

Zimbabwe once the breadbasket of Africa is now its dust bowl.

Hollywood no longer offers entertainment. Instead activism has replaced acting and sermons have supplanted stories. Instead of a good yarn you get a yawn.

Government jobs are not an addition to the country's payroll; they are an increase in the nation's payload.

Adding an overarching tier of tyrants the EU to European governments has benefited Europeans as a second hangman enhances the health of a condemned man.

According to the disease theory of delinquency the arsonist has 'pyromania ' the thief 'kleptomania ' and Bill Clinton is not promiscuous but a 'sex-addict.

The National Education Association is the al-Qaida of education.

A bully's universe: US foreign policy operates upon the premise that American men and matériel should be capable of reaching and controlling all corners of the world.

[M]embers of the media-monetary-military-congressional complex are immoral and have an allergy to the truth.

The Big-Media collective is slow stupid and shackled by ideology. Reality must bite them before they'll recognize it much less report it.

He who saves you from war is better than he who sends you to war.

B. B. King is no match for Johann Sebastian Bach.

In the bureaucracy incentives will forever be inverted. Failure results in success: in more funds more training more time off.

Breaking into a country signals quite reliably a willingness to break yet more of the invaded country's laws.

Ludwig von Mises referred to Ayn Rand as 'the most courageous man in America.' If that doesn't say it all about the economist's man-centric frame of reference I don't know what does.

A brave nation fights because it must ; a cowardly nation fights because it can.

If women with the same skills as men were getting only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns men would have long-since priced themselves out of the market.

Chinese mercantilism is not free trade but it is far better than American militarism.

Inviting an invasion by foreigners and instigating one against them are two sides of the same neoconservative coin.

The only time Republicans will shake fists and point fingers is over a war delayed one that isn't led by the US or a war waged without the necessary conviction (read collateral damage).

Whether it is committed by a group operating within or without the law terrorism is still terrorism.

From dwarf tossing to drug taking: The legislator has no place in voluntary exchanges between consenting adults as dodgy and as dangerous as these might be.

Profits and prices are the street signs of the economy. Only fools flout them. The much-maligned price system works not only to secure supply but to conserve.

A depraved culture supports a depraved politics and vice versa.

In a democracy thumping majorities prevail.

There are just too many Americans grubbing for free stuff and a preponderance of Republicans eager to parcel it out in exchange for power.

The proposition that economist Ludwig von Mises was a feminist is an apodictic impossibility.

Like environmentalists politicians generally privilege flora and fauna over folks.

Any opinion writer worth his salt would have rejected the quaint notion that certain eternally aggrieved identity groups have exclusive linguistic rights to words in the English language.

If for harming himself a man forfeits his freedom then he was never free in the first place.

The military works like government; is financed like government and sports the same inherent malignancies and perverse incentives of government down to the racial-spoils system.

Think of mass immigration into America as a global 'right of return.

Islamic terrorism is the handiwork of people who've heeded not hijacked Islam.

Socialism is humanity's second nature. All politicians do is turn human vice into votes.

The world mistakes Palestinian military weakness for moral innocence .

Obamacare is a marketplace in the same way the Knockout Game is a game.

...the West has its share of liars and poseurs the ablest of whom congregate in government.

Progressive policies lead to a regressive society.

The rights to life liberty and property were not meant to be subject to the vagaries of majority rule.

In an effort to create reality on the ground - instead of reporting on it - the American media seem to color events by refracting them through a sickeningly sentimental prism.

The strength of ideas rests on their relationship to reality.

[G]lobal warming that manufactured monomania.