Hozier Quotes

Art and music are the vehicle for the zeitgeist.

The song is about asserting yourself and reclaiming your humanity through an act of love.

All you have is your fire And the place you need to reach Don't you ever tame your demons But always keep them on a leash

Offer me that deathless death Good God let me give you my life...

I think humans are driven by othering people by defining themselves by who they are not and who is different from them. Human beings are in love with othering.

Will there be a time when equality will exist? I think given human nature there will always be conflict.

I think if more people would understand how simple and what really feminism is I would imagine that most men I know are feminists without verbalising or saying so.

There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin

Sexuality and sexual orientation - regardless of orientation - is just natural. An act of sex is one of the most human things.

When I write songs I try to remove myself a little bit. Obviously they're very personal to me but it feels easier if I feel like I'm writing characters.