Henrik Fisker Quotes

If design isn't profitable then it's art.

Once investors come in it's hardly your company anymore!

America's all about freedom of choice and I really hope that in the future we still have a great choice of vehicles.

When I see a car I've designed going down the street and somebody admiring it that's a nice feeling.

I like to come up first of all with a free idea thinking about and obviously understanding what is necessary for it to become a car.

I could imagine that boats sailing in harbors will only use electric engines. And then once they are out in the water they will use diesel.

There's obviously a big difference between driving on the freeway in the desert where there are no children playing or running over the road than deploying it in a neighborhood.

I've never designed a bicycle so one day that would be fun to do.

We believe that there are many buyers who want a stylish sporty car that sends a positive message about their concern for the environment as they drive it down the street.

I have a 100-mile round trip commute on some of the nations' busiest roads and enjoy every minute of it.

I'm sure you're well aware of the car companies that went out of business in 2008. And you've had other brands that have seen difficulties here and there even some of the most famous ones.

I think every brand in the world has gone through ups and downs.

I think the key is that you come out with products which are embracing and true to the brand.

We have to control our battery development and testing.

A painting doesn't have to have a real usability other than you looking at it. Obviously a car an engine or battery has to fit people's needs.

I believe there's still room for the dream a lot of people in the industry have - to design and build your own cars.

I'm not one of those radical believers that everybody has to be forced to do one thing.

Design - pure beauty - will be number one at Fisker Coachbuild. We want to bring beautiful desirable cars to the market limit the production of each model and do so with the highest quality.

People feel very emotional about cars and I don't want them to feel bad about driving a fast car.

My view is that we will still have many different categories of cars in the future.

You need to focus on creating the actual value of the company not just the theoretical value. The actual value comes from a great product that sells well and is ultimately profitable.

The car is the most regulated thing in the world. It's more complicated to make a car than it is to send a rocket to space.

You know what? Starting a car company is risky.

Any car designer always dreams about designing their own car - if they say they don't they're lying... For me it was never about starting my own company just to make another car.

You can make them so small that they almost disappear but I think headlights are also part of the face of a car.

I think people are still conscious about how the car looks whether they're going to be driven in it or not.

I would design any vehicle but probably least likely... a minivan.

Probably looking at a piece of paper and all the features of a minivan the minivan is probably the best car in the world.

People always identify a vehicle on the grille.

I used to have to pick up the phone and talk to people who placed orders for the car. When you reach a certain size you need to have processes in place.

You always have to stimulate the senses.