Harold Feinstein Quotes

Coney Island is and always will be 'the people's playground.' It's a place where people of all backgrounds come to have a good time.

Coney Island was the centre of the world for me. I loved the rides the hot dogs - I've never gotten over it.

When your mouth drops open click the shutter.

I was born in Coney Island. I like to think I fell out of the womb onto the fun park's giant Parachute Jump while eating a Nathan's hot dog.

You must photograph where you are involved; where you are overwhelmed by what you see before you.

On one hand you want to see your subject well. On the other hand you want to be caught off guard to retain the spontaneity. If you know your subject too well you stop seeing it.

The thing is that pictures are everywhere. The question is what we don't see and why don't we see so much. I just see it.