Hans Jonas Quotes

It was once religion which threatened us with a last judgment at the end of days. It is now our tortured planet which predicts the arrival of such a day without any heavenly intervention.

For a scientific theory of him to be possible man including his habits of valuation has to be taken as determined by causal laws as an instance and part of nature.

Our duties and responsibilities as human beings must be shown to be so incontrovertible that even atheists must recognize them. There are ultimate taboos.

If man was the relative of animals then animals were the relatives of man and in degrees bearers of that inwardness of which man the most advanced of their kin is conscious in himself.

Blind nature will nearly always select the most probable but man can let the most improbable become actual.

Modern theory is about objects lower than man; even stars being common things are lower than man.

Act so that the effects of your actions are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life.

We do violence to the consciousness of a past age when we divide what was indivisible to it: the one sacred truth of the Christian creed.

It is a changing world because of the newcomers who keep arriving and who leave us behind. Trying to keep pace with them is doomed to inglorious failure especially as the pace has quickened so much.

Being in the testimony it gives of itself informs us not only about what it is but also about what we owe it.

Never must the existence or the essence of man as a whole be made a stake in the hazards of action.

We need wisdom the most when we believe in it the least.

Only a completely unintelligible God can be said to be absolutely good and absolutely powerful yet tolerate the world as it is.