Gregory Colbert Quotes

When I started Ashes and Snow in 1992 I set out to explore the relationship between man and animals from the inside out.

We need to renegotiate our contract with nature. Ecology is a unifying force that can diminish intolerance and expand our empathy towards others"?both human and animal.

Feather to fire fire to blood Blood to bone bone to marrow Marrow to ashes ashes to snow

I have invented nothing. I have simply documented a magical alchemy that I want to share.

The stars you see at night are the unblinking eyes of sleeping elephants who sleep with one eye open to best keep watch over us.

My imagination has always been inspired by nature's vision

I spent all my time at school in the library. Bad teachers can teach you to learn on your own.

If you look at Paleolithic cave paintings you see how people were depicted inside nature not outside it. It was a kind of dream time. That's what I'm exploring.

Is it only humans that look up with wonder at the stars and the vastness of the universe?

The whales do not sing because they have an answer they sing because they have a song.