Erin Richards Quotes

It's taken me a long time to appreciate that my intelligence is greater than what I was told and that I am very creative and I see in pictures.

I'm so laid back and not high maintenance in the slightest. If I did get married I'd probably be dancing down the aisle with the groom. I'd like something unconventional!

I love low-budget projects with great acting and great stories you can really get your teeth into.

I do love exercise. I do love yoga which keeps my body nice and healthy.

I've got dyslexia. When I was in school it wasn't really recognized as much as it is today; I'm really glad that people are a lot more aware of it now.

To keep my head healthy [I'm] trying to meditate every morning which is something I'm sort of getting into more realizing that it's really positive to do every day.

I'm not the marrying type! But if I did get married I definitely wouldn't be a bridezilla.

I'm good at keeping secrets. My friends always tell me their secrets because I keep them well.

I do love doing stunts; I was in a film called 'The Quiet Ones ' which was quite a spooky film and I had to be hung upside down which was good.

I do have a bit of a gravelly voice; people have told me I've got a good voice for radio.