Debasish Mridha Quotes

Let us love each other then appreciate each other then express our gratitude to each other; we will create heaven on earth.

Are deepest desires are: someone to understand us someone to appreciate us someone to inspire us and someone to enjoy what we are.

Gratitude is the combination of appreciate love kindness and compassion in a beautiful heart.

To improve someone's life don't reprimand but find the opportunity to appreciate and encourage.

If you want to get more appreciate and express heartfelt gratitude for what you have.

There is nothing more important and precious on earth than the opportunity to love and appreciate.

Happiness is when you're content with what you have and appreciate what you get with gratitude.

If you want to be great see greatness in others and appreciate it with your whole heart.

Plant the trees just for beauty If flowers bloom or fruits ripen Enjoy it as a gift and appreciate nature as a universal giver.

The driving desires of human hearts are to be loved and appreciated.

All progress of humanity happened because humans wanted to be loved and appreciated.

An appreciating heart radiates happinessGratitude fills your life with bliss and joyfulness.

Gratitude is a prayer of an appreciating heart for the great gift of life and its endless treasures.

Life is for happiness and we feel it with appreciation and kindness.

Happiness is the appreciation of what you have not what you should have.

Give thanks to the earth for the hospitality and generosityShow gratitude for life light and every little beauty.

We want money but we crave appreciation.

Be a person of value; never seek approval to be yourself.

Richness does not come from wealth or splendor but from an appreciation of those things that you cannot buy.

When you have true love in your heart You will never be depressed or fall apart.

Gratitude is the key to unlocking the door to abundance.

When gratitude begins then life finds the abundance and suffering ends.

By sharing we express our gratitude for abundance and create emptiness for receiving.

Plant the seeds of gratitude to grow and enjoy the abundance of life.

Appreciate all of life's beauty and express the deepest gratitude for all the abundance.

Gratitude transforms our mindset from enough to abundance and opens the window of limitless potentials.

Let us be appreciative and grateful for the abundance beauty experience and bliss of life.

When we appreciate and express gratitude for the abundance in our life our lives become more abundant.

Accepting and appreciating heart brings abundance in life but gratitude acknowledge and dance with joy of receiving.

For those who have a great attitude their life fills with an abundance of beauty which deserves gratitude.

The more you appreciate and celebrate life with joy the more abundance will fill your life to enjoy.

Every moment i am expressing gratitude for all the abundance and all the beauty that fills my heart with joy.

First fill your heart with an abundance of love. Then let the light of your love enlighten the whole world.

When we give with love and joy and accept with an open heart and deep gratitude abundance fills our emptiness.

Gratitude is the expression of love for the earth and for the humanity for the abundance of life and its untold beauty.

Joy and happiness are the treasures of life and it comes when we appreciate and express gratitude for the abundance of our life.

You're not here just to make a living but for appreciating and expressing gratitude for the abundance and beauty of life that you are enjoying.

When we are truly aware of great abundance in our life feel grateful and express gratitude for those treasures and beauty then we are fully living.

Life turns out to be the best for those who give their best effort whatever they do and enjoy the abundance of life with love and gratitude.

Feel the joy and love anyway stress will melt away.

Oh love! Is there anything more abundant and more powerful than you?

When you learn to see the beauty in emptiness your life will become more abundant.

Change is inevitable so accept it.Forgiveness is a gift so give it.Love is abundant so spread it.Failure is not fatal do don't fear it.Life is for living so live it.

To be a success let go of the past and accept the beauty of change.

There are two possibilities: accept the reality or change yourself to get ready to accept the reality.

Accept your life with love; life will bloom with joy and happiness.

You are the architect of your own future so design your future with uncompromising sincerity.

Your anger is the fire which can burn the whole world but forgiveness is the water which can extinguish the fire and bloom the flowers of peace and love.

Your anger and resentment can destroy peace but love can fill the world with peace and happiness.

Anger and resentment are the cancer of our mind. To be cured inject love in your heart and be kind.

A writer draws a road map where readers walks with their love joy anger tears and dismay. Every story every poem has different meanings for every reader.

Let us be kind and pay our deepest gratitude to those angels who fill our life with joy beauty and magic.

Fill your heart with kindness and forgiveness there will be no stress anger or bitterness.

Anger always has a reason but love is always the answer.

Anger always has a reason but there are no good reasons to be angry.

Anger is the fire of ego which tries to burn the beauties of heart and soul.

Smile as if you are an angel from heaven.

A woman is a loving mother a gorgeous daughter and beautiful angel of imagination.

When someone is crying and her heart is torn Be an angel of kindness and help her to carry on.

A man wants to see a woman as an angel of imagination but a woman wants to prove that she is a person.

You are that angel of paradise.You are that flower of heaven.This universe was longing for you with endless love for infinite time.

Never lose temper or get angry at a person who deserves your love. Remember everyone is craving for and deserves your love.

When you're angry and the fire of revenge is burning your mind that is the best time to practice calmness forgiveneess kindness and love

Life has dazzling beauty. To see it open the window of the mind and remove the curtain of conformity.

Open the door and let it come in. It will fill your mind and dance with your heart.

The will to love the desire to help and an open mind with gratitude can unlock the door to eternal happiness.

Open your heart! Dance with joy and love.

Keep your heart open for love; and your mind open for innovative ideas.

Kindness is the best key to open the locked door of every heart.

Try to understand analyze and find the truth before believing.

War or violence never can destroy enemies only forgiveness can do that.

To be is to be in love.

With love in the heart and kindness in the mind nothing is impossible.

When love is your power and imagination is your guide nothing is impossible.

For an educated person intelligence is important but character is more important.

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity and slowness of life let go of urgency stress and anxiety of life.

Urgency fills our life with stress and anxiety. but slowness simplicity and love fill our life with beauty and happiness.

Anxiety and stress derive from fear and self-doubt.

Happiness lies in simplicityComplexity brings anxiety.

If you want to change anything or your surroundings change your perception; it will change everything.

In life if your song is wrong find another song.

It is almost always better to listen and understand than express opinions to annoy.

Writing is an abstract art of drawing pictures of the conscious and subconscious mind with words.

Knowledge is potential power but wisdom is the readily available power of the mind.

Be authentic not a copycat.

I will come during the spring with blooms of mystic ecstasy.I will vanish in the song of autumn with the falling colors and beauty.

Not the revenge but the forgiveness is the attribute of a strong person.

Kindness is an attribute of strength it has boldness in it and the power of love.

When possession of wealth or splendors brings happiness- it is an illusion when attainment of certain mental state brings happiness- it is a real possession.

There is only one purpose in life which is happiness. We attain happiness by serving others with love and kindness.

Follow your blisson the way to success.Mountains will moveand give you access.

Every intention emits a power of attraction which brings all the forces of universe to fulfill your dreams.

Law of attraction magnetically attracts what you think what you feel what you dream consciously and subconsciously in your life.

You have the power within you to choose a life of love and beauty or choose a life of misery and destruction. What you chose that you will attract and that you will manifest.

Love is the magnetic and attracting force between you and meand the beauty and the world and everything in it.

Smile more to attract more.

Your mind is the most powerful magnet. What you think you attract.

In our external world we create and attract with our beliefs thoughts emotions and perceptions.

What you believe that is your truth that you will attract and for sure that will manifest in your life.

Gratitude is one of the greatest attitudes of the human heart.

My faith is stong enough to endure kind enough to feel big enough to accommodate.

History will remember you for your accomplishments not for your ability.

You achieve greatness not by accumulating wealth but by becoming king loving forgiving and simple.

Nothing gets easier but our abilities get better.

Let us be awake and live every moment of our precious loving and spontaneous life.

Scars are the awards of success not the medals.

Be awesome! Smile like a flower.

We will go away and nothing will remain except what we shared and gave away with love.

Happiness is an awareness perception feeling and imagination. Happiness is a state of mind not a condition.

Consciousness and awareness are the sources of all possibilities and infinite creativity.

Happiness is a state of awareness which comes from tranquility service love grace and forgiveness.

If you want to change the world change your perception and awareness. The world will change.

It takes tremendous courage to change and grow up to be what we want to be.

We are born with hope. We grow up with hope. We live with hope. We love with hope. We vanish from this world with eternal hope.

Now domestication and sophistication of men by women are the norm and acceptable by society but they are terrible for manhood.

Simplicity gives you the power of freedom.Kindness gives you the power of boldness.Humility gives you the power of acceptance.

My ego drives me nuts. It asks me to be competitive creative and smart.

Are you thinking? Are you creating? Ask yourself whenever you feel boring?

Don't just conform; ask questions.Don't just believe if it isn't your truth.Don't follow dogma; it is blindness.Just love; don't kill to go to heaven.

We are part of nature. We are here to bloom like a flower- to ornate the earth with beauty love joy happiness and care.

Gratitude opens our mind to accept more and fills our heart to give more.

Be an artist in everything you do.

In our dreams every man and woman are amazingly perfect but in reality they have imperfections so accept it without judgement.

You are my cry you're my tears you're my joy you're my heart and love only I don't know who am I.

You can't fly by staring at the sky. You have to take a risk to grow wings of imagination and fly.

Life is a bubble in the ocean of time. At the same time it can hold all the water of the ocean in her heart.

Life is eternal and at the same time ephemeral.

To avoid the pain of loss give up attachment.

When I am looking for you then in silence your every atom is longing for me.

Knowing how to let go is a process of accepting.

Before believing find the truth; before accepting try to understand.

A woman's assets are her infectious smile and bulletproof love.

If you want to be educated and wise you must open your heart expand your mind be accepting and ready to change.

Make life as a lifelong love affair with yourself.

To be a poet is a love affair not a desire to dare.

Be an example not an adviser.

Your perception about the world creates your thoughts your thoughts create your desires and intention and your intentions manifest as your reality.

Education is not only learning the information but it is also about gaining experience to unlock the door to wisdom.

My only advice is to feel with joy listen with your heart be kind to all be compassionate when needed and love endlessly.

Tomorrow is a new day if you begin it today.

Think in a new way think every day to find the truth.

Learn new things and grow every day. Growing is living; live every moment; live all the way.

Today is the best day with great possibilities and opportunities so change yourself to start a new beginning.

Today is the most important day to start a new beginning. It will open the door of opportunity and reveal the holding.

If you want to be really beautiful adorn yourself with a smile.

I attribute my success to my deep driving desire and persistence to face the tremendous adversity.

You are a winner when you have the courage to face the adversity and endure the difficulties.

Adversity is a better educator than the best teacher.

Adversity could be an advantage in the future. To be a success take the advantage of adversity whenever possible.

Win over the fear and adversity and prove yourself wrong.

Change is an opportunity to grow. Change is not an adversity to fear.

Adversities are the best teacher and challenges are the best motivator.

In the problems lie the opportunities. You become strong by facing adversities.

Life is an adventurous story filled with triumph and tragedy.

It is the adventure and uncertainties of the journey that makes life so beautiful and interesting.

Life is an adventure you only win if you are bold and courageous.

In life be daring look for adventure provide the service and love the nature.

Adventure is a way of worthy life.

A friend is he who can feel you adore you understand you and never leave you.

Smile reveals the beauty of heart which is timeless and ageless.

Hope is the whisper of our heart about the possibilities of our lives.

Don't worry about people just love them.

Every society which allows violence against animals secretly becomes a violent society.

Believe yourself again and again to find yourself.

Before you give up let the hope shine again.

Happiness in your life is directly related to your ability to love not your ability to earn.

A simple act of kindness could be the source of great happiness.

Act as if there is no chance of failure.

The time is always right just act.

Take action today and at this moment.

Virtue creates reputation but action brings success.

You character and action will reveal your purpose.

Enthusiasm is the key but action opens the door.

Beauty is only there when you have the ability to see and appreciate it.

Happiness comes from actions.

No one can define you except your actions.

My thoughts and actions made me who I am.

Actions define our life not reactions.

The true color of intelligence is not in knowledge but in the wisdom of actions.

Optimistic curiosity and persistent goal oriented action bring more success than anything else.

To be a success intensely focus on success oriented action not on roadblocks or obstacles.

Happiness is there when you have great imagination and vision when you take relentless action and love your creation.

For success positive attitude and gratitude is more important that ability.

We fear no one knows our potential ability power and talent. We fear to learn about our capability and capacity so we keep it latent.

Have you achieved your goal today? Fantastic! Set a goal for tomorrow next month next year and years from now.

Expectations define achievement.

Everything humanity have achieved is achieved by dreams desires and actions.

Have the imagination create the vision go with passion and take the action; you will achieve all of your goals.

Success is defined not by what you achieve in life but by what you do for others without expectations.

To achieve greatness feel grateful for what you have.

To achieve any success we have to endure some pain.

To achieve greatness let us be helpful and grateful to others.

Best way to achieve greatness is to serve others with great love.

Life is not defined by what you achieve but what you give.

Goals are important but what you become to achieve goals is much more important.

Whatever you can dream and believe you can achieve.

As a human being we have unlimited power and unlimited abilities we just have to look for it.

Personal power depends on the power of imagination; personal achievement depends on commitment and conviction.

As is our enthusiasm so is our ability.

The best way to acquire wisdom is by perceptual realization.

With great vision strong determination and persistent action everyone is capable of achieving greatness.

A hero is someone who enlightened your life whom you can emulate and adhere.

Kindness is my prayer. Humanity is my abode.

Happiness is the ultimate purpose of life and supreme happiness comes from adding value in others life.

The more you learn the more you will be able to see feel love enjoy and understand.

Our biggest obstacle to success is not the lack of opportunity but addiction to conformity.

If you can't trust others nobody will be able to trust you.

It is so amazing that this mighty world changes with us when we change.

Always write to change society for the better. You will go but it will live forever as a treasure.

Always write to change society for the better.You will go but it will live as a treasure forever.

Happiness is in simplicity. To be happy always try to have happy thoughts.

A loving heart is always young.

I imagine therefore I am.

The universe created us for and with love joy charm and beauty; but we are always running behind what is dirty.

When you love nature it always loves you back with the fragrance of flowers.

Hope is the whisper of our soul. It is always with you. So never give up. Persist with love.

You are the vessels of endless love. Your little soft and melting heart is always carrying it for you and all endlessly.

You alone can change the world if you want to.

Wherever you are be loving caring kind and above all be happy.

I succeed in almost everything I do. My secret is persistence.

The moon is very charming alluring attracting and magical not because of its beauty but because of its illusion and reflection of change.

Why are you walking alonewhen love is walking along?

A happy mind is also a beautiful universal mind.

Try to be the best even if you can't be the best you will be among the betters.

Have an appreciating eye to enjoy the beauty of sky.

A busy life is an empty life.

A busy life is often full of nonsense but empty of essence.

I never lose in any argument because I always make sure that my opponent wins.

Always start your day with positive thoughts and attitude of gratitude.

Anyone with great ambition great vision and great passion can be a great person.

Nature is powerful and beautiful Nature is destructive and creative Nature is amazing and wonderful Nature is loving and graceful.

Kindness is not an option it is an absolute necessity of life.

Our main purpose of life is to be happy. Happiness is in simplicity and the most amazing things about life is that it is so simple.

Dream big; try hard; fail big; keep hope alive.

Stop worrying about approval and appreciation. Enjoy the beauty and effect of contributing to the universe.

When you're there for others you're ahead of everyone.

Endless ocean blue water dreamy sky tranquil beach love in the air mind fly high.

What you want to see allow it and let it be.

Our spirit is universal all powerful and limitless. Why do we put societal boundaries around us? They are not boundless.

Be kind to all and rude to no one.

All life is emptiness. Fill it with endless love bliss and kindness.

For a poet it will be terrible if there are no women. He will not have anything to write about.

Music is the language of the universe which everyone including all animals can understand.

Feel now let your heart be your light; imagination is your way and bliss is your destination.

Happiness is there when you express kindness compassion and unconditional love and fill yourself with bliss and joy.

With your love touch someone's heart feel their soul enjoy their bliss share your joy and then become their friend.

Be so strong that no one can ignore you. By blaming others you never win but you do lose to your conscience again and again.

In the darkness don't doubt blame or cry. Be the light to enlighten the whole sky.

We are here not to be someone but to live joyfully blissfully and love everyone.

Life is so short no time to spare so choose carefully love intensely and live blissfully.

Follow your passion; follow your bliss. No matter what you will be a success.

Follow your bliss on the way to success; all the obstacles will melt away.

A loving heart is the source of all happiness all joy and all bliss.

We see the light of our soul when we are blind with love.

For those who trust life is a blessing. For those who don't trust life is suffering.

Like a bird fly against the wind of opinions to reach your destination.

A heart is a bird which can only hear the song of kindness and love.

I am not here I am somewhere else my body is here but mind is in the sky

Be bold be a success and change the world.

Life is a drama of love hopes dreams desires and fears. To enjoy it be bold to overcome fear.

Kindness is very soft but it creates the hardest bond.

Go for the life you dream and desire with boldness but without fear.

Every heart blooms with a touch of love.

Wisdom is the ultimate blooms of a tree we call life.

Reduce the speed and intensity to reduce stress. A flower blooms slowly in calmness and in serenity.

In the soul of a lover it is always spring where flowers of ecstasy are always blooming. Music of love is always playing.

Every day the sun is rising for you.Every morning birds are singing for you. In the garden flowers are blooming for you. Every river is flowing with life just for you.

Hope is the reason the flowers bloom.

Like a flower bloom with all your love and power.

Love is like sunshine; it nourishes our soul to bloom flowers of happiness.

Be a tree of love and let it bloom with flowers of happiness.

I am the universe where I let flowers bloom with the glow of love.

Where there are no changes there is no life. A plant has to change to bloom.

Don't unzip your chest to show all your scars hold it tight with love and let them bloom like flowers.

Life without a defined purpose is similar to a boat without a crew in the middle of the ocean.

Your mind is a blue sky where without fear you can fly.

Write and create a blue sky Forever with joy where I can fly.

It is better to trust and lose occasionally than always be suspicious and lose every time.

You have to let go to better embrace the best.

Education is the light which lets us see the universe in a better way. It often lets us understand her incredible beauty.

If we had the chance to live forever life would lose its charm for something better.

As a physician we heal by sharing our bestowed power of knowledge love and compassion.

I can't defeat anyone except my past and transcend to be better.

You may not always change your situation but you can always change your perception. For better or worse it will change the situation.

A life with simplicity and joy is the best statement of success.

The best way to find the opportunity in the future is to prepare yourself for it today.

We like to see our future through our children; they are the reflection of the best of ourselves.

Kindness if the best form of prayer and a gift of pure love.

Forgiveness is the best gift of love and kindness that we can give to our enemies.

The best place to find God is not in the temple but your heart where kindness and love reside.

A best friend is he who hurts you with their love and feels you when you're hurt.

He is the best friend who can see and reveal to you what is the best in you.

When you find someone is crying and her life is torn just be kind extend your hand with love and be a best friend.

The best things to hold on to are the memories of friendship and love.

An investment in education pays the best dividends that last for generations.

Spend your money for education; it will pay you the best dividend. No one will be able to steal is and you will not lose it for a second.

Failure is our best teacher but fear of failure is our worst enemy.

The best gift that we can give to our enemy is not war but forgiveness and peace.

A heart full of love and a joyful smiling face is the best makeup for life.

Failure is often our best teacher not the success.

Your mind is the biggest uninvented gold mine. Dig it; you will find the gold.

Biggest obstacle in the way of success is the fear of failure.

There is only one religion and that is to love unconditionally. Those who kill in the name of religion are the bigot and biggest nonbeliever.

You are the child of this universe. For you she was waiting billions of years.

Remember you're the most loving child of this universe. Universe has to wait billions of years to get impregnated with you. You are the joy and creator of your universe.

The difference between success and failure is persistence.

Small dreams will not take you to the moon. So think big and start dreaming big soon.

Every little or big problem has a reason Every year there is a winter season Every trouble goes away with time After winter spring comes with rhyme.

Happiness is there where wants and needs are small but the desire to give is big.

A better world is always waiting for a better you.

The world will not get better only we get and grow better.

No matter wherever you are share your joy to make this world joyful and better.

Not the builder but the writer creates the road to the future.

If you don't fear the failure then failures are the best muscle builder.

When the heart is torn and broken only love and kindness can mend it.

Love is the most valuable currency of life which you can spend as much as you want without the risk of bankruptcy.

Be educated. Only true education and wisdom can lighten the burdens of your life and fill it with joy and happiness.

Spend your knowledge to buy wisdom.

You can buy knowledge but not wisdom.

Everyone has a button for sadness and a button for happiness your condition depends on which one you push the most.

A butterfly is a flying flower with dancing heart.

Every dream is a butterfly flying in the garden we call life in search of flowers of success and happiness.

Life is those moments when we forget to live but are too busy to enjoy.

By failing to value your time you are devaluing your life.

A journey of a lifetime is measured by memories not by time.

To be a great success get busy with what you like but don't forget to love.

You may not be a great success when you are too busy with life and forget to love.

Curiosity is the fire of desires that burns the dust to reveal the diamond.

Burning passion definite purpose and joyful persistence are the defining force for true success.

Burn burn burn to become the light to enlighten the whole world.

Every beat of your heart sends the message of love over the boundary of infinite time.

Over the boundary of time Hope transcends Desire sings One verse One song And that is the song of happiness.

You are reading me; over the boundary of time and distance I am touching you not with my hands but with my love.

You're only limited by your thoughts. You're limitless boundless endless and edgeless.

You born with three obligations: to love to live and to be happy.

A life without trouble and tragedy is boring and not a plot for comedy.

Compassion brings us closer to each other.

Come let us build bridges of love with each other with the cement of kindness and pillars of trust.

Hate destroys a bridge but forgiveness rebuilds it.

We may have an education but we are living on a bride between knowledge and wisdom. We think of ourselves as educated but we may not always be wise.

Music is the sweetest language for hearts kindest prayer for souls peaceful breeze for minds and a magical sail for imaginations.

On the bank of an ocean let your mind fly in the cloudless sky while your heart enjoys the love of the sun.

Experience comes from failure and success comes from experience. Today's pain will bring tomorrow's gain.

Today's pain will bring tomorrow's gain.

Fear of the unknown and resentment bring stress.

Do not let the darkness of others hide the brightness of your heart.

Act on the possibilities and opportunities in front of you. Your future will be bright and blissful whatever you do.

I drink cup of sunlight every morning to brighten myself.

In the morning I drink a glass of sunshine to brighten my heart. I smile to spread the light of life.

The future will be bright if you play it right!

If you want a bright future ignite your desire filled action today.

Be so bright that no one can hide the greatness of your light.

Be as bright as the sun then spread your light all over the world.

In the morning a cup of love kindness and sunshine make my day bright and happy.

Sometimes I feel so full of love that there is no room for a breath.

Renew yourself with love. Wash away all the fear hatred and societal conformity to create a brand new humanity filled with love kindness and happiness.

Our brain is so full of nonsense there is no room for common sense.

People will try to break you hate you ignore youBut if you accept them with love nothing will touch you.

Be kind to all and trust all. If you do so only a few will break your trust.

Wisdom is stronger than steel. It can break and it can heal.

Forgiveness is the flower of love and kindness; it only grows in the bravest heart.

Before leaving the world leave a profound positive mark of love upon the world.

Love gives us the perfect pure and sweetest joy of life.

Always be positive enjoy the music of rain on a rainy day.

Just because it is night now it doesn't mean that there is no morning. Just hope for the best and be patient.

Be at your best and be patient.

A great woman has three identities: a lovely daughter a passionate lover and a kind mother.

Life has sadness joy beauty like poetry.So be passionate and write a great story.

When you see the sadness in life be compassionate. When you see the darkness become the light and be passionate.

I am passionate and curious. I want to know why and why not.

For success focus on your goal not an obstacle.

An honest and wise man is always a very simple man.

We have to be honest to ourselves to see honesty in others.

Do it with great love or forget it.

We came to this world with nothing but love and blessing. The purpose of our life is to be happy by loving and serving.

Sadness is pervasive so focus on joy focus on happiness.

For success focus has utmost importance but distraction is disastrous.

Let your dream scream at you when you lose focus.

When you can't focus on one thing you will be distracted by anything.

Life is finite so focus on your purpose and do what is important.

Love is the most likable invisible fashion of life that you can wear with passion.

Be kind as if life is for love and kindness.

For a happy life be kind and loving and be the source of happiness for others.

Extend your loving and kind hands towards others. In return you will find that the whole universe will be kind to you.

Love is the best invisible net to catch hearts.

Be gentle kind and loving to yourself.

Be kind to all and rude to none.

Kindness is magical! Be kind to each other.

To expand our life be loving and kind.

Be loving but bold be kind but not cold.

Be kind. Only feelings of kindness can purify our ever judgemental minds.

Find the window of unconditional love in your heart and liberate yourself from the prison of judgemental and conforming thoughts.

Make every moment of life a moment of joy.

A moment of kindness can bring infinite beauty in life.

Wherever you go go with love.

Speak with your heart when you speak love.

The heart dances with joy when you're sharing.

If you have to compete compete with yourself.

Be a poet and write your own unique poetry of life.

Hope is the light trusted guide in darkness.

What you do defines you.

As you think so you are.

Life is a summer full of fun at the beach under the sun.

Tranquil breeze Glittering beach Dancing water Bluest skyMy mind flies high with joyful laughter.

We are young life is vivacious life is fun let's enjoy it at the beach with loving sun.

Just be yourself to change everything.

To know the world know yourself.

You have no enemy except yourself.

To change the world change yourself first.

Today is the best day to begin your life again and plan the rest of your life.

Define yourself before others do.

To be wise know yourself.

To be a success be yourself.

Never seek permission to be yourself.

You're your best friend and worst enemy.

Do your best but do what is heartfelt and right.

The best blessing that you can give is your beautiful smile.

Today is the best day to change the rest of your life.

Every flower is a love of a dancing sun ready to kindle your heart.

Light is not out there. It is in your heart always ready to show you the path.

To gain something be ready to give up something.

Hope blooms when the time is ready.

To have a productive happy life you have to focus on two things: focus on what you want and enjoy what you have.

Opportunity is like a door; it is always open but you have to be prepared to enter through it.

Love yourself first to love others.

A smile is the best make-up.

Simplicity is the best wisdom.

We are as successful as much we can think of and act on.

Education is the bridge between you and a successful life.

The secret of a successful life isn't the success but happiness.

Every successful person has had to overcome the fear of failure.

When you serve the humanity with compassion and kindness You express your spontaneous love and inner greatness.

Never expect anything without being prepared to give.

You get lucky when you are well prepared for the opportunity.

Be curious! Curiosity is the mother of all knowledge.

A good friend loves you when the condition is better a best friend holds your hand when you're in gutter.

A good friend enjoys with you a best friend cries with you.

By learning more by doing more by becoming more and by creating a common vision a leader is a person who can inspire others to change for the better.

Vision differentiates between a follower and a leader.

To transform this world into a better place to live make yourself a better person first.

A man dies when hope flies.

For a leader courage love and passion for service are the virtues of life.

Be a leader who is driven by purpose but not by position or power.

To be a leader be an example that others may follow.

Innovative wisdom with purpose defines a leader.

A leader is firm enough to be responsive to changes.

To be a leader you have to lead yourself first.

To be a leader be an example and lead the way.

Have an enthusiastic mind and a soft but sweet heart.

Be different. Trust yourself. Be bold.

Always feel hungry for a daring life.

Greatness demands great courage.

A purposeful life is a happy life.

To be happy learn to forget and forgive.

To be a great success be happy today.

I live to love and I love to be happy.

Don't seek permission to be happy.

Let us be grateful and express gratitude for all those beauties and magic of our life.

There is nothing ordinary in life because life itself is mystical magical and extraordinary.

Be courageous but humble passionate but simple have beliefs but be flexible.

An inspired life is spontaneous. There is no fear; it is courageous.

Be an example be kind and be simple.

Smile and be beautiful and kind like a flower.

Happiness is a beautiful smile.

Be joyful beautiful tranquil like a tree.

Have a loving heart and a beautiful mind.

Nothing makes us so beautiful as our smiles.

A beautiful word of love radiates joy for ever.

Be gentle confident and action-oriented. Remember your actions will make a difference.

Be confident. Don't seek permission to be yourself.

Be brave enough to listen to your heart be bold enough to hope for the best.

Life is finite but you're blessed with infinite love.

The moment you feel joy the moment you laugh and change your perception you change your immunity your body chemistry and your whole well-being.

Wisdom and love never decrease by being shared.

Being in love with yourself will teach how to love others.

In the center of your being there is a fountain of music and that is your love.

When you love yourself you love your spirit so everyone can feel it because everyone is a spiritual being.

I am not a human being but the song of the soul and dance of the spirit.

Belief is a shelter a prison for a curious mind.

Belief is a shelter so before believing always find out the truth.

Oh beloved I want to live in your love to feel the joy of life to see the beauty of desires to enjoy the song of heart to dance with you my love.

This world belongs to our future generations so we have to take utmost care of it.

Love yourself first to be loving and beloved.

Life is an endless story of lover and beloved.

When you are beloved and happy you are a great success.

Forgiveness compassion and kindness are the fundamental ingredients of our beloved humanity.

To be happy and beloved have a tender heart blissful thoughts and a non-judgmental mind.

See a flower with your heart and emotions; you will find that you belong to each other.

The desire to belong is in every mind.The desire to get lost in love is in every heart.

The desire to belong is in every mind.

Believe that you are successful dream it every day soon you will find that you are successful.

Not only believe in yourself but trust in yourself. Confidence will bloom.

Humanity suffers because most of us are living in our prison of fixed false beliefs and we don't want to get out of it.

Often we read to strengthen our beliefs but not to think.

When we see things through our fixed false beliefs science becomes superstition.

Wherever your thoughts and beliefs can take you you can go there.

t takes great courage to stand up against your fixed false beliefs.

We are never free when we imprison ourselves in the prison of our fixed false beliefs.

The measure of your greatness is not by the narrowness of your beliefs but by the broadness of your vision.

Your thoughts beliefs and imagination create you.