Colin Fletcher Quotes

Under most conditions the best roof for your bedroom is the sky. This commonsense arrangement saves weight time energy and money.

People will assign irrational importance to almost anything in quotes on top of a pleasant image

I had better admit right away that walking can in the end become an addiction ... even in this final stage it remains a delectable madness very good for sanity and I recommend it with passion.

Details of the many walks I made along the crest have blurred now into a pleasing tapestry of grass and space and sunlight.

Life should be an unfinished business.

Although the vast majority of walkers never even think of using a walking staff I unhesitatingly include it among the foundations of the house that travels on my back.

Freed from the pressure of haste the tyranny of film and now the restraint of clothes I found myself looking more closely at what went on around me.

I do what I do instinctively and thatâ??s me. If you like me thatâ??s fine; if you donâ??t like me then donâ??t watch me.

The best dress for walking is nakedness.

Mostly two miles an hour is good going.

Every walk of life falls under the Testicular Imperative: Either you have the world by them or it has you.

I find that the three truly great times for thinking thoughts are when I am standing in the shower sitting on the john or walking. And the greatest of these by far is walking.