Clive Owen Quotes

America's been very very good to me. I've been very lucky and worked a lot there and appreciate and love the work that I've done.

I want to go anywhere and everywhere and explore as much as I can.

Rudeness can make me angry.

I'm sort of one of those weird actors who whenever I do a play I think 'Oh we should film this ' as opposed to have to belt it out of ourselves in a theater auditorium.

Audiences can be very judgmental.

I think I am more attracted to characters with a subtext whatever that is and they don't necessarily have to be virtuous but they have to at least be human.

Obviously I'm attracted to heavier movies.

Sometimes you find your destiny on the road you took to avoid it.

I'm not a great one for classic horror or cheap thrills.

I never aspired to be anything. What I've done is beyond my wildest.

I would never give anybody any advice about anything.

Acting is all about likability.

I've got an age that I do think of myself.

After drama school I did a seven-month tour of Europe performing in 'Romeo and Juliet.' I played Romeo.

I've got actor friends who didn't get breaks who struggle and worry about things that I'm fortunate not to have to worry about.

For me really good acting is about subtext.

I think that Phil Kaufman is one of the best directors that I have come across.

Action scenes are not that different from other scenes.

I certainly don't think of myself as an action hero.

I treat any scene the same - dialogue action - you're still creating something in character. It's all acting fighting.

You see these actresses who have had Botox or something else done and it takes you out of the film.

I've had some great times with actresses but that's in a movie.

A room full of great sportsmen is so much better than a room full of actors.

You're always dealing with emotions as an actor.

I do wear suits all the time.

I don't like being consumed by work all the time. I consume myself so much when I do a part that I like to step away from it.

I was at the birth of my two girls.

There are a lot of people who go through a lot of tough things and it doesn't stop them from wanting to be a better parent.

As I get older I've been having a better and better time.

I think anybody who bets on horses and says they win is probably a liar.

The idea of goodies and baddies has always fascinated me and what people consider to be a goodie or a baddie because I've never seen any of my characters as baddies.

There's not a big gun culture in England at all still.

I am a big soccer fan and a very big Liverpool fan.

I'm a big fan of comedies and dramas and I watch tons of movies.

I go home to London in between jobs and in London my life has nothing to do with the business. It's a family life hanging with friends.

The financial implode is bound to be reflected in the movies that are being made there's no question.

As a teenager I was crazy about David Bowie. He was a huge inspiration for me. I dressed a little bit crazily in school and dyed my hair every colour under the sun.

I'm English and I'm used to coming from a world of period dramas where there's a very polite restraint to everything. Everybody's sort of sitting in drawing rooms.

I come from a very working-class background.

I couldn't bear a marriage in which one partner hinges on the other.

I was not a very fearful kid really.

I've done a number of things based on real people or true stories or based on books and I'm a great believer that you have to be true to the script.

I guess I'm not that metrosexual. My bathroom cabinet is hardly overflowing with products. I only really have my stuff for shaving. I can't honestly say I moisturise though I probably should.

Good dialogue is very important.

It's just lovely to be involved in a movie that does go back to the basics - characters and great writing.

Death frees the beast.

Belfast during the Troubles looked like a different world.

I can't remember ever being involved in a fight in a movie where I haven't done most of it.

Without faith without belief in something what are we?

I certainly am not a great believer in over-rehearsing between actors and certainly not doing the dialogue too much.

I really believe you can carry yourself in such a way that people don't notice you.

I can honestly say I've never chosen a film because where it's shot is convenient.

The worst piece of advice I've gotten in my whole career is from somebody who said 'Remember it's all about likeability.'

I think it's dangerous to get into ideas of planning careers.

The further you run from your sins the more exhausted you are when they catch up to you.

Ultimately to have a career in movies to a certain extent certainly in England you can't sustain a career in just English movies.

There's certainly a huge element of luck in me ending up where I've ended up.

I just like to keep challenging myself keep it varied. It's a craft and I'm constantly trying to learn and get better at it.

I go off and make movies; I come home and I'm a dad and I hang with my girls.

I always used to say to myself I'm going to die of lung cancer. That's the choice I'm making.

I'm competitive with myself not at the expense of everything around me. I never wanted to be a movie star. I just wanted to act.

I believe that we live in a time of fractured families where maybe fathers aren't getting enough time to see their kids because life's complications and hardships get in the way of those things.

I did it for the money. But its not worth much if you cant face yourself in the mirror. Respect is the ultimate currency.

I live in London and I love living in a gun free environment and long may it continue.

I like to play characters that are convincing that aren't just straightforward and nice.

Parenthood and family come first for me and when I'm not working I'm cool with the Teletubbies.

I do a lot better if I sit around and think about a character for a couple of months.

I actually really love working with young actors because they're so responsive and instinctive and it's a much less honed craft that they're employing.

Outside of being home with my family I prefer a crowd.

I don't play video games.

I don't think I've ever had a real fashion disaster.

When there's an idiot driving crazily in front of you that can wind the best of you up.

I dread karaoke. I hate karaoke. I can't sing - that is why.

I love to mix it up. I love to keep doing different things.

If you explode onto the scene at a very young age there are so many people pulling you in different directions. It takes time to recalibrate and see what's important.

One of the things I love more than anything is jumping around and playing lots of different parts. I love the variety of playing different characters.

Movies are certainly a director's medium so getting the opportunity to work with really good directors is everything to me.

You go back to those films of the '40s and '50s and hear the dialogue the way the people played off each other the wordplay. I think we've really lost that in movies.

It's important to me that everyone is treated with respect.

I'm one of those actors where usually I'll read a script and then I'll have a flurry of notes. I'll ask a hundred questions about things and really get in there and examine it.

For some people an event happens and they are thrown into a tabloid feeding ground.

I'm a huge fan of 'The Exorcist.'

I'm not the kind of actor who goes into exhaustive research for each role.

I've been very fortunate with the scripts I've had and the people I worked with.

For me London is and always will be home.

Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.

I'm the git in the family.

My wife needs her freedom just like me.

As far as career goes make sure you're in it for the right reasons - and make sure that the work itself is the most important thing.

After writing a page Hemingway would let it float to the ground. He never crumpled pages - he believed that if you crumpled them you'd be insane in a year.

I'd like to do a film which is funny.

Any actor who starts taking `sex symbol' seriously or thinks of themselves as a sex symbol has got some serious problems. I don't mind looking like I need a good wash and a good meal.

I think there is a lot of overexplaining both in writing and acting. People don't need to be hit on the head.

I don't think you necessarily identify and believe in the motifs of the character but you have to want to play it and want to commit to the lines.

I watch a film and the most important thing to me is what I think of the movie.

I always want my options to be open.

I was very keen on playing a victim.

I feel for those 19-year-olds who get thrust into the limelight that young.

I never really look at life and worry about missed opportunities

I want to be in movies that stand the test of time.

I have a problem with a lot of men's fragrances because they are very strong. Somebody somewhere thinks that masculine means powerful smells and I find them overbearing and not very pleasant.

I find sometimes that if you do too many takes it starts to become meaningless to me. It is hard to sustain it for me. I don't want to do too many.

One of the things I'm most proud of about my career is the fact I've managed to keep options open.

I don't like it when people are trying too hard. That goes for clothes for acting for everything. It's just not good when it seems like you're making too much of an effort.

I do get clocked. But it's not invasive to the point where it's upsetting. It doesn't encroach.

I'm just constantly trying to renew and give myself new challenges and push myself to uncomfortable places trying to get better.

When you are shooting action there is a satisfying thing because your objectives are very clear.

When I was younger people used to say you only really prove yourself as an actor on stage. And I disagree with that. Some of the finest acting I've ever come across has been for film.

The sexiest part of the body is the eyes. That's what I believe.

Very often on films even without a producer credit I'll be involved very early on. I want to be there as the thing is taking shape.

A huge part of acting in movies is appetite. You do your best work when you've got a lot of appetite and you really want to embrace something. When you get tired you don't have that hunger.

When I look back if I'd played something differently it might not have gone the way it did. So I don't feel like going back to my twenties and changing anything.

Jewelery isn't really my thing but I've always got my eye on people's watches.

You won't find a better young actor than Jaeden Lieberher. I ended up having one of the best times with him really. Going to work with him every day was a treat.