Carrie Mae Weems Quotes

Art is the one place we all turn to for solace.

I really like the structure of my body. It moves well it looks good it photographs well it understands gesture and nuance.

The camera gave me an incredible freedom. It gave me the ability to parade through the world and look at people and things very very closely.

I don't like directing a lot of people. So trying to keep things really simple and elegant is my preferred way of working.

How you get work done is by exploiting yourself and your feelings and sometimes people get in the way.

I emerged in that incredible moment in the 1980s when all kinds of social questions about subjectivity and objectivity about who was making who was looking.

Suddenly this camera this thing allowed me to move around the world in a certain kind of way with a certain kind of purpose. (On receiving a camera for her twenty-first birthday)

I didnt know photography would take me to the places that it has taken me

Sometimes my work needs to be photographic sometimes it needs words sometimes it needs to have a relationship with music sometimes it needs all three and become a video projection.