Camille Paglia Quotes

I am waiting impatiently for the day when beleaguered like-minded academics can order James Wolcott's collected essays for their classes.

Every month it is woman's fate to face the abyss of time and being the abyss which is herself.

In sex man is driven into the very abyss which he flees. He makes a voyage to non-being and back.

Academic Marxism is a fantasy world and unctuous compassion-sweepstakes into which real workers or peasants never penetrate.

Academic Marxists with their elitist sense of superiority to popular taste are the biggest snobs in America.

Women's studies is a comfy chummy morass of unchallenged groupthink . It is with rare exception totally unscholarly. Academic feminists have silenced men and dissenting women.

I despise the phony fancy-pants rhetoric of professors aping jargon-filled European locutions - which have blighted academic film criticism for over 30 years.

Men who shrink from penetration of the female body are paralyzed by justifiable apprehension since they are returning to our uncanny site of origin.

I'm for a high libido president! I applaud him if he gets up and picks up women.

I cannot be convinced that great artists are moralists. Art is first appearances then meaning.

I regard affirmative action as pernicious - a system that had wonderful ideals when it started but was almost immediately abused for the benefit of white middle-class women.

If you live in rock and roll as I do you see the reality of sex of male lust and women being aroused by male lust. It attracts women. It doesn't repel them.

We must accept our pain Change what we can and laugh at the rest

Because of my own family's service (in the U.S. Army Navy and Massachusetts and New York National Guard) I am a strong supporter of the military and do believe that there are just wars.

Nefertiti is like Athena born from the brow of Zeus a head-heavy armored goddess. She is beautiful but desexed.

Hollywood America's greatest modern contribution to world culture is a business a religion an art form and a state of mind.

In an era ruled by materialism and unstable geopolitics art must be restored to the center of public education.

Teaching is a performance art.

Capitalism is an art form.

Rule of art: Cant kills creativity!

Western science is a product of the Apollonian mind: its hope is that by naming and classification by the cold light of intellect archaic night can be pushed back and defeated.

Nature I have constantly argued in my work is the real superpower of this godless universe. It is the ultimate disposer of human fate randomly recarving geography over 10 000-year epochs.

We live in a period of declining stars. Few celebrities these days (aside from the smoldering Angelina Jolie) seem to have complex psychic lives.

Bravo's 'Real Housewives' series isn't just entertainment for devoted fans like me - it's an entire all-absorbing universe of pride and passion.

The reason I was angry all the time was that Gloria Steinem and all those people without reading my work were saying all these horrible things against me.

Men know they are sexual exiles. They wander the earth seeking satisfaction craving and despising never content. There is nothing in that anguished motion for women to envy.

I have a long view of history - my orientation is archaeological because I'm always thinking in terms of ancient Greece and Rome ancient Persia and Egypt.

Every reading is partial but that does not absolve us from the quest for meaning which defines us as a species.

Television is actually closer to reality than anything in books. The madness of TV is the madness of human life.

The only antidote to the magic of images is the magic of words.

Feminism has become a catch-all vegetable drawer where bunches of clingy sob sisters can store their moldy neuroses.

My anti-liberal position should not be mistaken for conservatism ...

When anything goes it's women who lose.

Whiffle [whine and wheeze and snuff and sniffle]: The annoying scratchy sound made by weepy feminists as they lament the sufferings of women and houndlike sniff out evidence of male oppression.

What feminism calls patriarchy is simply civilization an abstract system designed by men but augmented and now co-owned by women.

Is there intellectual life in America? At present the answer is no.

The saints many of them women warred with themselves as well as God. The body has its own animal urges just as there are attractions and repulsions in sex that modern liberalism cannot face.

Mad Men' doesn't capture one single thing about the decor costumes or sexual interaction. It is a total projection of contemporary snarky attitudes into the past.

Male urination really is a kind of accomplishment an arc of transcendance. A woman merely waters the ground she stands on.

The capitalist distribution network a complex chain of factory transport warehouse and retail outlet is one of the greatest male accomplishments in the history of culture.

Science cannot avert a single thunderbolt.

No genuinely avant-garde artist should ever be on the government dole.

Nothing is more hackneyed than the liberal dogma that shock value confers automatic importance on an artwork.

It is not true that I oppose government funding of the arts.

A society that forgets about art risks loslng its soul.

Visionary idealism is a male art form. The lesbian aesthete does not exist. But if there were one she would have learned from the perverse male mind.

[W]omen will never be taken seriously until they accept full responsibility for their sexuality.

Out with stereotypes feminism proclaims. But stereotypes are the west's stunning sexual personae the vehicles of art's assault against nature. The moment there is imagination there is myth.

Modern bodybuilding is ritual religion sport art and science awash in Western chemistry and mathematics. Defying nature it surpasses it.

The Gothic tradition was begun by Ann Radcliffe a rare example of a woman creating an artistic style.

Society is an artificial construction a defense against nature's power.

The post-war "publish or perish" tyranny must end. The profession has become obsessed with quantity rather than quality. [...] One brilliant article should outweigh one mediocre book.

You have to accept the fact that part of the sizzle of sex comes from the danger of sex. You can be overpowered.

Jesus was a brilliant Jewish stand-up comedian a phenomenal improviser. His parables are great one-liners.

Although I'm an atheist who believes only in great nature I recognize the spiritual richness and grandeur of the Roman Catholicism in which I was raised.

The male orientation of classical Athens was inseparable from its genius. Athens became great not despite but because of its misogyny.

The artist makes art not to save mankind but to save himself. Every benevolent comment by an artist is a fog to cover his tracks the bloody trail of his assault against reality and others.

Science is a method of logical analysis of nature's operations. It has lessened human anxiety about the cosmos by demonstrating the materiality of nature's forces and their frequent predictability.

For me the Profumo affair symbolizes the evanescence of male government compared to women's cosmic power.

Our presence in Afghanistan is not worth the price of any more American lives or treasure.

Daytime soap operas which I used to adore have been declining in quality and importance for over a decade and I gradually stopped monitoring them.

Gloria Steinem's marriage is proof positive of the emotional desperation of ageing feminists who for over 30 years worshiped the steely career woman and callously trashed stay-at-home moms.

Male aggression and lust are the energizing factors in culture. They are men's tools of survival in the pagan vastness of female nature.

It's aggravating that Hollywood has never gotten credit for the role it played in promoting modern design.

Popular culture - above all rock 'n' roll with its African-American R & B roots - did far more to radicalize us than did any feminist leader.

When feminism and gay activism set themselves against organized religion they have the obligation to put something better in its place.

I hate dogma in any form. I hated it in the Catholic Church and Girl Scout troops of the 1950s and I hate in in gay activism and established feminism today.

In insisting for political purposes on a sharp division between gay and straight gay activism like much of feminism has become as rigid and repressive as the old order it sought to replace.

[On Hollywood:] America's greatest achievement.

Even a woman of abnormal will cannot escape her hormonal identity.

Greek pederasty honored the erotic magnetism of male adolescence in a way that today brings police to the door. Children are more conscious and perverse than parents like to think.

Anti-religious sneers are a hallmark of perpetual adolescents.

Teenage boys goaded by their surging hormones run in packs like the primal horde. They have only a brief season of exhilarating liberty between control by their mothers and control by their wives.

I've been a longtime admirer of Condoleezza Rice because I like her articulateness and style - her toughness and rigor.

I don't like reality shows and have never watched them but I'm addicted to 'Real Housewives' because it's authentic old-time soap opera reborn!

Repression is an evolutionary adaptation permitting us to function under the burden of our expanded consciousness. For what we are conscious of could drive us mad.

In today's impoverished dialogue critiques of liberalism are often naively called "conservative " as if twenty-five hundred years of Western intellectual tradition presented no other alternatives.

Society is a system of inherited forms reducing our humiliating passivity to nature. We may alter these forms slowly or suddenly but no change in society will change nature.

Younger women have no problem in reconciling beauty with ambitions as a professional woman.

Throughout history ambassadors have always been symbolic incarnations of the sovereignty of their nations and the dignity of their leaders.

Uncritical American boosterism - automatic endorsement of every government action - is myopic and self-defeating.

I'm very pro-American - my entire family escaped poverty in Italy because they rightly believed in the American dream.

American high schools have physically imprisoned young people stripped them of civil liberties and fed them a diet of p.c. pap.

Heaven help the American-born boy with a talent for ballet

It is capitalist America that produced the modern independent woman. Never in history have women had more freedom of choice in regard to dress behavior career and sexual orientation.

I believe that every person male and female needs to be in a protective mode at all times of alertness to potential danger. The world is full of potential attacks potential disasters.

Everyone of my generation who preached free love is responsible for AIDS.

The airheads of Congress will keep their own plush healthcare plan - it's the rest of us guinea pigs who will be thrown to the wolves.

Last time I checked there were no Americans at all in Renaissance art.

I want young women when they're 14 to start thinking about what they want over the course of their lives.

Perhaps there is no greater issue facing contemporary women than the choices they must make about balancing home and work.

What is Mona Lisa thinking? Nothing of course. Her blankness is her menace and our fear. [...] Walter Pater is to call her a 'vampire ' coasting through history on her secret tasks.

[On U.S. universities:] The bland leading the bland.

I see far stronger and more charismatic personalities strolling around Philadelphia's neighborhoods than are being featured in most of today's bland daytime soaps.

Old school feminism coveting social power is blind to woman's cosmic sexual power.

Not since the Black Panthers sailed into their Upper East Side tea party has there been so daffy an exercise in radical chic.

Patriarchy routinely blamed for everything produced the birth control pill which did more to free contemporary women than feminism itself.

The so-called miracle of birth is nature getting her own way.

Despite crime's omnipresence things work in society because biology compels it. Order eventually restores itself by psychic equilibrium.

I admire hard-bitten wisecracking realism of Ida Lupino and the film noir heroines. I'm sick of simpering white girls with their princess fantasies.

Ballet is the body rising. Ballet is ceremonial and hieratic. Its disdain for the commonplace material world is the source of its authority and glamour.

Mind is a captive of the body.

When it defines man as the enemy feminism is alienating women from their own bodies.

[Sarah] Palin is solidifying her status as a bona fide American cultural heroine.

If people want to be better writers they can't just read the blogs! You've got to look at something that's outside this rushing world of evanescent words.

Education has become a prisoner of contemporaneity. It is the past not the dizzy present that is the best door to the future.

The stigma of the prostitute is the badge of her identity. That is why the client goes to her. If he wanted someone without a stigma he'd go and screw the lady next door.

The unhappy truth is that male homosexuality will never be fully accepted by the heterosexual majority who are obeying the dictates not of bigoted society or religion but of procreative nature.

Sex at the age of 90 is like playing billiards with a rope

Poetry is the connecting link between body and mind.

I believe that government should confine itself to the public realm and that it should be as stripped down as possible within reason. It should not be burdened by excess bureaucracy.

I've always felt that the obligation of teachers is to have a huge broad overview and to provide a foundation course to the students. The long view of history is absolutely crucial.

Lately I've been doing a lot of tuning in and impatiently tuning out. As a longtime fan of talk radio I don't think this bodes well for the long-term broad appeal of the medium.

Obama's folksy come-on is as bad as Madonna's faux British - and both are in need of fresh inspiration.

Judeo-Christians have got to respect the pagan truth shown in the popular culture of sex and violence. It's meaningful about the elemental forces of life the brutality of life and nature.

Butchery is not the point of vampirism. Sex - domination and submission - is.

Men chase by night those they will not greet by day.

We remain in the Romantic cycle initiated by Rousseau: liberal idealism canceled by violence barbarism disillusionment and cynicism.

The damage done to U.S. prestige by the feckless buffoonish George W. Bush will take years to repair.

When I was a child my father taught me to put up my fists like a boy and to be prepared to defend myself at all times.

Video games and are creatively booming even though Web design as demonstrated by the ugly clutter of most major news sites is in the pits.

Students are very gullible about the web. The only way you can really sort out information on the web is if you've had a prior training in book culture.

If people could see the inside of my brain I would be in prison.

I guess I'm just a natural warrior.

Every man must define his identity against his mother. If he does not he just falls back into her and is swallowed up.

The moment there is imagination there is myth

It is capitalist America that produced the modern independent woman.

Any woman who stays with her abuser beyond the first incident is complicitous with him.

Not until all babies are born from glass jars will the combat cease between mother and son.

Criticism at its best is re-creative not spirit-killing.

The moment is ripe for an experienced businessman to talk practical prudent economics to the electorate - which is why Mitt Romney's political fortunes are steadily being resurrected from the grave.

Effeminate men have suffered a bad press the world over.

A woman simply is but a man must become.

Men gay or straight can get beauty and lewdness into one image. Women are forever softening censoring politicizing. ?

Beauty is our weapon against nature; by it we make objects giving them limit symmetry proportion. Beauty halts and freezes the melting flux of nature.

government has no business intervening in any consensual private behavior.

Liberalism defines government as tyrant father but demands it behave as nurturant mother.

before feminism was Paglia was!

Sotomayor's vainglorious lecture bromide about herself as 'a wise Latina' trumping white men is a vulgar embarrassment - a vestige of the bad old days of male-bashing feminism.

Nature herself is a mass murderer making casual cruel experiments and condemning 10 000 to die so that one more fit will live and thrive.

Your life is a Fellini film lacking only Anita Ekberg with a cat on her head.

Cats are autocrats of naked self-interest.

Despite hundreds of studies cause-and-effect relationship between pornography and violence has never been satisfactorily proved. ?

Christianity began as a religion of the poor and dispossessed - farmers fishermen Bedouin shepherds. There's a great lure to that kind of simplicity and rigor - the discipline the call to action.

Anyone who gets his or her political news primarily from the New York Times (which made the ethically challenged carpetbagger Hillary a senator) is a fool.

The prostitute is not as feminists claim the victim of men but rather their conqueror an outlaw who controls the sexual channels between nature and culture

Every year feminists provide more and more evidence for the old charge that women can neither think nor write.

Promiscuity in men may cheapen love but sharpen thought. Promiscuity in women is illness a leakage of identity.

Imperialism and slavery are no white male monopoly but are everywhere from Egypt Assyria and Persia to India China and Japan.

Running to Mommy and Daddy on the campus grievance committee is unworthy of strong women.

[T]he most viciously intolerant campus I ever visited as a lecturer was Brown where the humanities program has been gutted by a jejune brand of feminist theory and cultural and media studies.

We should teach general ethics to both men and women but sexual relationships themselves must not be policed. Sex like the city streets would be risk-free only in totalitarian regimes.

If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.

Mental illness is no myth as some have claimed. It is a disturbance in our sense of possession of a stable inner self that survives its personae.

Except for naval and air exercises our military should be stationed on American soil where service men and women can lead normal lives in close proximity to family and friends.

Today the ideal male is the gay man and the ideal female is the worker female the woman who can work in a coal mine just like all the other men.

Minerva save us from the cloying syrup of coercive compassion!

Minerva save us from the cloying syrup of coercive compassion! What feminism does not need it seems to me is an endless recycling of Doris Day Fifties clichés about noble womanhood.

Love for all means coldness to something or someone. Even Jesus let us recall was unnecessarily rude to his mother at Cana.

Art is something out of the ordinary commenting on the ordinary.

As a registered Democrat I am praying for a credible presidential candidate to emerge from the younger tier of politicians in their late 40s. A governor with executive experience would be ideal.

Social justice and compassion are compatible with an intelligent respect for private enterprise and law and order.

Music never dies. Do we really need another Madonna tour? Does she have to compete with women performers 25 years her junior?

Are we like late Rome infatuated with past glories ruled by a complacent greedy elite and hopelessly powerless to respond to changing conditions?

As a major contemporary composer Madonna should not let the eye dictate to the ear.

What is pretty in nature is confined to the thin skin of the globe upon which we huddle. Scratch that skin and nature's daemonic ugliness will erupt.

Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from woman and it is confirmed only by other men. Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.

Women are in league with each other a secret conspiracy of hearts and pheromones

They do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature.

Sex is the point of contact between man and nature where morality and good intentions fall to primitive urges.

Contemporary feminism cut itself off from history and bankrupted itself when it spun its puerile paranoid fantasy of male oppressors and female sex-object victims. Woman is the dominant sex.

Feminism has exceeded its proper mission of seeking political equality for women and has ended by rejecting contingency that is human limitation by nature or fate.

The real butches are straight ... dealing with and controlling men makes you stronger.

Men knew that if they devirginized a woman they could end up dead within twenty-four hours. These controls have been removed.

My stress on the truth in sexual stereotypes and on the biologic basis of sex differences is sure to cause controversy.

The reform of a college English department cuts no ice down at the corner garage.

Heterosexual love . is in sync with cosmic forces. Not everyone has the stomach for daily war with nature.

How many modern transsexuals are unacknowledged shamans? Perhaps it is to poets they should go for counsel rather than surgeons.

Male mastery in marriage is a social illusion nurtured by women exhorting their creations to play and walk. At the emotional heart of every marriage is a pietà of mother and son.

The last western society to worship female powers was Minoan Crete. And significantly that fell and did not rise again.

Sex IS power. Identity is power. In western culture there are no nonexploitative relationships. Everyone has killed in order to live.

Bisexuality is our best hope of escape from the animosities and false polarities of the current sex wars.

Back in the 1960s I got a superb education for very little money. The bill for my first year at Harpur College in New York was a few hundred dollars.

Woman is the dominant sex. Men have to do all sorts of stuff to prove that they are worthy of woman's attention.

One of the most startling discoveries of my career was when I realized that the strongest women in the world are not lesbians but heterosexual women who know how to handle men.

When feminist discourse is unable to discriminate the drunken fraternity brother from the homicidal maniac women are in trouble.

There is such a thing as seduction and it needs encouragement rather than discouragement in our puritanical Anglo-American world.

Feminism is dead. The movement is absolutely dead. The women's movement tried to suppress dissident voices for way too long. There's no room for dissent.

The search for freedom through sex is doomed to failure.?

When in doubt I read Oscar Wilde.

My problem is that I do not get along with lesbians at all. They don't like me and I don't like them.

I am a registered Democrat who is determined to return my party to the proletarian principles of the Franklin D. Roosevelt era.

Very gifted people may be sociopathic in varying degrees.

The western mind makes definitions; it draws lines.

I certainly derived my skills as a prose writer from my scrutiny of poetry and of the individual word. But schools don't do things like that anymore - tracking words down to their roots.

Pregnancy demonstrates the deterministic character of woman's sexuality.

The piddling ignoramuses who deny that there is a distinct discernible objective western tradition are just woozy literati.

Our feminist culture at the present moment is completely dependent on capitalism . My grandmother was sill scrubbing clothes on the back porch on a washboard !

History shows that male homosexuality which like prostitution flourishes with urbanization and soon becomes predictably ritualized always tends toward decadence.

If someone offends you by speech you must learn to defend yourself by speech.

Simply follow nature Rousseau declares. Sade laughing grimly agrees.

Far from poisoning the mind pornography shows the deepest truth about sexuality stripped of romantic veneer.

Homeric mind is ingenuity practical intelligence. There is no Rodin-like deep thinking no mathematical or philosophical speculation. Odysseus thinks with his hands.

Though men may be deep mentally they are slow.

Children are monsters of unbridled egotism and will for they spring directly from nature hostile intimations of immorality.

My generation of the Sixties with all our great ideals destroyed liberalism because of our excesses.

The Devil is a woman.

Pursuit and seduction are the essence of sexuality. It's part of the sizzle.

Every revolution eventually needs a new revolution.

Education has become a prisoner of contemporaneity.

Sappho and Emily Dickinson are the only woman geniuses in poetic history.

Gay men may seek sex without emotion; lesbians often end up in emotion without sex.

Madonna's great instinctive intelligence was evident to me from her earliest videos.

There you have it: an expensive higher education based on sloganeering on pat trite phrases that substitute moral posturing for political reasoning. It's elitism masquerading as egalitarianism.

If feminism has receded in visibility and prestige it is precisely because its vision of life's goals and rewards has become too narrow and elitist.

Human life began in flight and fear. Religion rose from rituals of propitiation spells to lull the punishing elements.

Every man harbors an inner female territory ruled by his mother from whom he can never entirely break free.

All men even I have written Jesus Christ began as flecks of tissue inside a woman's womb. Every boy must stagger out of the shadow of a mother goddess whom he never fully escapes.

It's so tiring to make love to women it takes forever. I'm too lazy to be a lesbian.

Pornography is human imagination in tense theatrical action; its violations are a protest against the violations of our freedom by nature.

It's patriarchal society that has freed me as a woman.

Straight men who visit prostitutes are valiantly striving to keep sex free from emotion duty family--in other words from society religion and procreative Mother Nature.

It is not male hatred of women but male fear of women that is the great universal.

Lesbian feminists for all their ideals of sisterhood and solidarity can treat each other with a fickleness a parasitic exploitativeness and vicious spite that have to be seen to be believed.

Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist.

The thrill of terror is passive masochistic and implicitly feminine. It is imaginative submission to overwhelming superior force.

The female body is a chthonian machine indifferent to the spirit who inhabits it.

There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper.

There are no female geniuses because there are no female Jack-the-Rippers.

The plastic surgery issue is really looming because girls in the U.S. are getting it in their teens.

As a scholar who regularly surveys archival material I think that a century from now cultural historians will find David Horowitz's spiritual and political odyssey paradigmatic for our time.

All objects all phases of culture are alive. They have voices. They speak of their history and interrelatedness. And they are all talking at once!

I believe that everybody has the right to view his or her own body as a palette. However I think intellectuals should at least try to be role models.

The idea that emotion can be separated from sex is a Christian illusion one of the most ingenious but finally unworkable strategies in Christianity's ancient campaign against pagan nature.?

When I meet gay men anywhere in the world there is a spontaneity and a spirit of fun and mischief that lesbians seem incapable of.

Only utopian liberals could be surprised that the Nazis were art connoisseurs.

A war still rages over the legacy of the 1960s.

Tranvestism is far more common among men I noted because it originates in the primary relation of mother and son.

The mystique of the femme fatale cannot be perfectly translated into male terms.

Modernization means Westernization.

Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.

The only thing that will be remembered about my enemies after they're dead is the nasty things I've said about them.

Foucault is the Cagliostro of our time.

Personality maintains its discreetness by an act of will. Otherwise one person will flow helplessly into another.

Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope.

I am a very reclusive private person.

The Dionysian is no picnic.

I don't go to New York. I don't go to parties. I just do my business and study nature. My career is 28 years in an obscure art school with limited staff and no perks. All I am is a teacher.

Poetry is the way into a spiritual vision of society and the universe.