Busta Rhymes Quotes

Funny how the love be fake...but I ain't stressin'. Thankful for the love that's genuine...appreciate the blessin'.

At the end of the day man you can't protect yourself from a haymaker that's coming in toward your face if you don't see it coming.

Busta Rhymes the mighty infamous Always misbehaving and mischeivous Causing aggravation I'll never pause Pushing out spit balls through plastic straws.

With every song I have a person in mind who in a perfect world would perform with me. Usually I end up not getting that person and I'm forced to settle for someone else

I feel like I introduce another level of my creative ability on every album.

I called the album 'The Chemo' because it seems like the industry and music overall is dying slowly.

I try to really understand every aspect of the most high; for me the most high is Allah... I live my life by Islam.

I have a song called 'Decisions' that features Jamie Foxx Mary J. Blige John Legend and Common. It's about people who have made a decision to really stand by you as friends.

Buy a nickel bag smoke a little lye get high tonight get high tonight.

Brooklyn is where I primarily developed. I had an opportunity to make records and perform in clubs here and there and I started networking with the right people in the right places.

Got demons on both shoulders.

Yes Yes Yall You know we talkin it all see how we bringing the street corner to Cargenie hall

It's kinda hard bein humble in the belly of the struggle Doin things that probably get you in trouble.

I want you to see that I'm looking. Look at me look at you. I'm cool with that.

I have no trouble being a good dude because that's what I am.

My making it is a combination of grinding grinding grinding and being lucky enough to finally get a shot.

You need to sweat yourself. Don't sweat nobody else.

I started growing my hair in December '89. I was seventeen. I signed my record deal and said I ain't combing my hair no more. I don't have too.

Whether it's working on five or 10 different things at the same time I've got to stay in people's faces.

My thinking is that if we're going to take from a culture let's take from a culture that has exemplified success for thousands of years.

I'm trying to set up opportunities for myself so that I don't only have one outlet to go through and rely upon as far as a support system financially emotionally and mentally.

I will endanger your species like an ostrich Hold you hostage and crazy feed you swine sausage!

It's almost not safe to be an artist the way everybody is randomly picking people to feud with.

I got you open like supermarkets!

Why you got your ass on your shoulders?

I love hip-hop because you can do this like that and still be super successful! You ain't gotta hold your tongue.

You think that you can hide; you think you can lay low? I'll roll up on your ass like Hawaii 5-0!

Miss can I get a second to speak and quietly mention That I am so into who you are can I get your attention?

You could put me on any track. I support that one million percent. Whatever the track is I'm going to smash it. Believe that

You're gonna notice me when I come in. I'm gonna make a statement without opening my mouth and when I leave you're gonna remember that.

New York is traditional New York you know what I'm saying? It's the stomping ground of the hustlers and go-getters.

The personal threat is something that's always been a part of our lives

Then i starter krompy kromp with Kroomp Krompp and the i kromped all over the Krommmmp!