Billy Graham Quotes

Only God Himself fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother in the molding of character in her children.

If God doesn't punish America He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Don't apologize for who you are and what you've done in the past. Be who you are and do what you do.

The New Testament says nothing of Apostles who retired and took it easy.

The Bible is full of warnings about false prophets and false messiahs. These satanically inspired people have appeared in almost every generation of history.

Traveling around the world and preaching for over 70 years did not give much time for reflection.

I have never known anyone to accept Christ's redemption and later regret it.

The Bay Area is so beautiful I hesitate to preach about heaven while I'm here.

If a person gets his attitude toward money straight it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.

I don't think I get angry.

The great comfort in knowing that angels minister to believers in Christ is that God Himself sends them to us.

Suffering is part of the human condition and it comes to us all. The key is how we react to it either turning away from God in anger and bitterness or growing closer to Him in trust and confidence.

Angels belong to a uniquely different dimension of creation which we limited to the natural order can scarcely comprehend.

There are nine orders of angels to wit angels archangels virtues powers principalities dominations thrones cherubim and seraphim

Millions of angels are at God's command.

God's angels often protect his servants from potential enemies.

The angels minister to God's servants in time of hardship and danger.

The influence of a mother upon the lives of her children cannot be measured. They know and absorb her example and attitudes when it comes to questions of honesty temperance kindness and industry.

Few people realize the profound part angelic forces play in human events.

Some believe strongly that each Christian may have his own guardian angel assigned to watch over him or her.

I've been praying that we might have a spiritual awakening. But I think that becomes possible as individuals surrender their lives fresh and anew to Christ.

Believers look up - take courage. The angels are nearer than you think.

I'm not an analyzer. I've got a son that analyzes everything and everybody. But I don't analyze people.

When we come to Christ weâ??re no longer the most important person in the world to us; Christ is. Instead of living only for ourselves we have a higher goal: to live for Jesus.

Anxiety is the natural result when our hopes are centered in anything short of God and His will.

I look forward to death with great anticipation to meeting God face to face.

Either communism must die or Christianity must die because it's actually a battle between Christ and Anti-Christ.

Racial prejudice anti-Semitism or hatred of anyone with different beliefs has no place in the human mind or heart.

I will never do anything in my entire life except preach the Gospel.

I never pray on a golf course. Actually the Lord answers my prayers everywhere except on the course.

Heaven is full of answers for which nobody ever bothered to ask.

The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.

Avail yourself of the greatest privilege this side of heaven. Jesus Christ died to make this communion and communication with the Father possible.

Auschwitz stands as a tragic reminder of the terrible potential man has for violence and inhumanity.

The Bible is actually a library of books-some long some short- written over hundreds of years by many authors. Behind each one however was [the] Author: the Spirit of God.

I have never changed my message. I preach the Bible and I preach it with authority.

I am convinced that people are open to the Christian message if it is seasoned with authority and proclaimed as God's own Word.

Remember: the Bible is our only authoritative source of information about Heaven.

A spirit of thankfulness is one of the most distinctive marks of a Christian whose heart is attuned to the Lord. Thank God in the midst of trials and every persecution.

Prayer should not be merely an act but an attitude of life.

It may be difficult to understand why a test comes our way but we must never forget that the test is accomplishing refining and purification.

Truly a legend in our time John Templeton understands that the real measure of a person's success in life is not financial accomplishment but moral integrity and inner character.

The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life but rather a legacy of character and faith.

... some day you will have to give an account for every penny you spent.

Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone - except God.

A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.

The way we live often speaks far louder than our words.

Because God is love He could not completely cast man aside.

Ask God to show you His plans not bless your dreams

We should ask ourselves three questions before we speak: Is it true? Is it kind? Does it glorify Christ?

Everywhere I go I find that people... both leaders and individuals... are asking one basic question 'Is there any hope for the future?' My answer is the same 'Yes through Jesus Christ.'

What does the divine sufferer (Jesus) demand from us? Only our faith our love our grateful praise our consecrated hearts and lives. Is that too much to ask?

Politics has always been ugly to me and yet I accept that as a fact of life.

Remember that you can pray any time anywhere. Washing dishes digging ditches working in the office in the shop on the athletic field even in prison - you can pray and know God hears!

Martin Luther King (Jr.) during the civil rights movement used to exclaim that he looked forward to heaven where he would be "Free at last." That is the inscription on his tomb in Atlanta.

The Bible says today is the accepted time today is the day of salvation... But there will come a time when it will be too late for you.

A good father is one of the most unsung unpraised unnoticed and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.

At great cost to Himself God has made it possible for each of us to live with Him eternally. Those who reject God's offer of a heavenly home will be assigned to hell.

God knows what we are going through when we grieve and He wants to assure us of His love and concern. He also wants us to turn to Him and bring our heartaches and burdens to Him.

Be assured that there is no sin you have ever committed that the blood of Jesus Christ cannot cleanse.

Ringing assurance that we are not alone... That we are assisted and defended by a powerful and glorious order of invisible Beings.

My hope does not rest in the affairs of this world. It rests in Christ who is coming again.

Whatever affliction comes in our life our Lord goes into the valley with us leading us by the hand even carrying us when it is necessary.

Our afflictions would trouble us much less if we knew God's reason for sending them.

For the Christian all is not hopeless unless his affections are centered on the things of this world.

I haven't been faithful to my own advice in the past. I will in the future.

I'm thankful for the incredible advances in medicine that have taken place during my lifetime. I almost certainly wouldn't still be here if it weren't for them.

When I was young I could not imagine being old. My mother said and the doctor confirmed that I had an unusual amount of energy; and it followed me into young adulthood.

Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has.

The word 'romance ' according to the dictionary means excitement adventure and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.

Scripture is filled with examples of men and women whom God used late in life often with great impact - men and women who refused to use old age as an excuse to ignore what God wanted them to do.

I have the problems of I must confess old age.

Communism is a religion that is inspired directed and motivated by the Devil himself who has declared war against Almighty God.

Far too many young people today have no spiritual roots. The've been deprived of values by an agnostic contemporary culture.

Occasionally I've seen children become heavy-handed and insensitive when dealing with their aging parents and it only caused resentment and hard feelings.

Although we may trust God's promises for life after death and the certainty of a heavenly home we must still face the reality of death.

Faith that saves has one distinguishing quality: saving faith is a faith that produces obedience; it is a faith that brings about a way of life.

I am against abortion; I think that life is sacred and we should take a position of being against abortion. I think it is wrong to take human life. I think that human life starts at conception.

My family is very good about visiting me and other friends as well.

Man has no ability to repair this damaged planet. The flaw in human nature is too great. God is our only hope!

My heart aches for America and its deceived people.

In a very real sense the suffering of this world was created by man himself.

God measures people by the small dimensions of humility and not by the bigness of their achievements or the size of their capabilities.

Salvation is always good news." It is news of God's love and forgiveness-adoption into His family- fellowship with His people-freedom from the penalty of sin- liberation from the power of sin.

I am convinced the greatest act of love we can ever perform for people is to tell them about God's love for them in Christ.

I can barely walk but it's a privilege to be able to move at all.

There is nothing new about humanism. It is the yielding to Satan's first temptation of Adam and Eve: "Ye shall be as gods." (Gen. 3:5)

The Information Highway intrigues me because I have always been a newshound; I have always been curious about why people believe what they believe.

It is impossible to believe anything into existence. The gospel did not come into being because men believed it...The fact always precedes the faith.

I am not a televangelist.

The resurrection blasts apart the finality of death providing an alternative to the stifling settling dust of death and opens the way to new life.

I don't eat with beautiful women alone.

Christ alone can bring lasting peace - peace with God - peace among men and nations - and peace within our hearts.

Almost everybody will listen to you when you tell your own story.

Sex is front-page copy everywhere. [But] nothing can alter the fact that God calls perversion sin.

The greatest miracle of the Bible is that the prophets of Israel could keep a religion as clean as a hounds tooth amid all the corruption and idolatry of the nations surrounding them.

Heaven will be the perfection we've always longed for. All the things that made Earth unlovely and tragic will be absent in heaven.

... when we are hurt it is important to remember that God Himself has allowed it for a purpose.

Only when Christ comes again will the little white children of Alabama walk hand in hand with little black children.

Success is always dangerous and we need to be alert and avoid becoming the victims of our own success. Will we influence the world for Christ or will the world influence us?

Alexander the great was ask how he conquered the world he said "by not waivering".

There is more evidence that Jesus rose from the dead than there is that Julius Caesar ever lived or that Alexander the Great died at the age of thirty-three.

The Gospel never grows old. It applies to every generation alike. We have to make a choice.

I am convinced that these heavenly beings exist and that they provide unseen aid on our behalf.

As this New Year begins ask God to help you tune your life every day to His Word so you can bring harmony and joy to those around you.

A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Are you unstable about your relationship to Christ?

First of all you have to meet God with light! I do not believe that any man that any man can solve the problems of life without Jesus Christ.

I've read the last page of the Bible. It's all going to turn out all right.

The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him and delivers them. PSALM 34:7

You have to decide to servant the gods of materialism all around us or the true and the living God.

I believe that I have received Jesus Christ into my heart. I believe that he has covered all of my sins.

All mankind is crying out for guidance for comfort for peace.

I have never been quite sure who controls the weather. Although we always prayed for clear skies I have had to preach in all kinds of storms.

I trust Jesus with all my tomorrows knowing that He will solve the mystery of life beyond the grave.

God proved His love on the Cross. When Christ hung and bled and died it was God saying to the world 'I love you.'

There is no scriptural basis for segregation. The ground at the foot of the cross is level and it touches my heart when I see whites standing shoulder to shoulder with blacks at the cross.

The Lord blesses people who bless others and He gives grace to those who focus on the things that please Him.

The most eloquent prayer is the prayer through hands that heal and bless.

We are more united than ever before. I think this was exemplified in a very moving way when the members of our Congress stood shoulder to shoulder the other day and sang God Bless America.

The most devastating effect of sin is that by it we are blinded to it.

Hope and change' has become a cliche in our nation and it is daunting to think that any American could hope for change from what God has blessed.

God does not discipline us to subdue us but to condition us for a life of usefulness and blessedness.

God has not promised to bless my thoughts but He has promised to bless His Word.

Everybody has a little bit of Watergate in him.

My father had a dairy farm. He employed three black families and one white family and I used to play with black children.

'God is Love' means that He tries constantly to block your route to destruction.

Heavenly rest will be so refreshing that we will never feel that exhaustion of mind and body we so frequently experience now. I'm really looking forward to that.

The Bible is to your soul what bread is to your body. You need it daily. One good meal does not suffice for a lifetime.

Like a spring of pure water God's peace in our hearts brings cleansing and refreshment to our minds and bodies

I fell and broke my pelvic bone in three places. So I'm still sort of an invalid now.

The Oklahoma City bombing was simple technology horribly used. The problem is not technology. The problem is the person or persons using it.

While I have never learned to use a computer I am surrounded by family and friends who carry information to me from blogs Facebook Twitter and various websites.

God never takes away something from your life without replacing it with something better.

His (God) love is not a passing fancy or superficial emotion; it is a profound and unshakable commitment that seeks what is best for us.

God knows what is best for you and He wants to reveal it to you and show you what you ought to do.

The one badge of Christian discipleship is not orthodoxy but love.

The Bible is clear - God's definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.

I am never lonely when I am reading the Bible. Nothing dissolves loneliness like a session with God's Word.

The very practice of reading [the Bible] will have a purifying effect upon your mind and heart. Let nothing take the place of this daily exercise.

The Bible is the Constitution of Christianity.

The Bible says we must choose two ways of life.

Read the Bible. Work hard and honestly. And don't complain.

The Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit is God Himself.

It (the Bible) has never bowed its head before the discoveries of science.

Having knowledge of the Bible is essential to a rich and meaningful life.

Worship leader George Beverly Shea kidded Billy Graham that the latter would be unemployed in Heaven -- while Shea would still have a job leading worship.

Only the Lord Jesus can redeem the soul that is steeped in guilt and shame. This baggage weighs us down until we accept Jesus' gift-the gift that liberates souls from sin's power.

The word of God hidden in the heart is a stubborn voice to suppress.

Right is right and wrong is wrong in small things as well as in big things.

... our little things are all big to God's love; our big things are all small to His power.

To the Christian death is the exchanging of a tent for a building.

You cannot build a superstructure on a cracked foundation.

Some people spend their lives building ultimate dream homes so they can enjoy their twilight years... Others spend their last days in nursing homes.

Oral Roberts was a man of God and a great friend in ministry. I loved him as a brother.

Knowing we will be with Christ forever far outweighs our burdens today! Keep your eyes on eternity!

At the foot of the cross there are no racial barriers.

The same sun that melts the butter hardens the clay.

I think that I failed by not studying more and praying more and spending more time with my family.

God never tempts any man. That is Satan's business.

Homes that are built on anything other than love are bound to crumble.

Wherever the Gospel is preached no matter how crudely there are bound to be results.

Prayers have no boundaries. They can leap miles and continents and be translated instantly into any language.

I look forward to seeing Christ and bowing down before Him in praise and gratitude for all He has done for us and for using me on this earth by His grace-just as I am.

Only as we bow in contrition confession and repentance at the foot of the cross can we find forgiveness. There is the grace of God.

He (man) is both dust of earth and breath of God.

You're born. You suffer. You die. Fortunately there's a loophole.

God does not change - and neither does His love. He loved you before you were born... He loves you now... and He will love you forever.

The seed of sin is in us when we are born.

Throughout my ministry I have sought to build bridges between Jews and Christians.

The greatest surprise in life to me is the brevity of life.

Prayer shouldn't be casual or sporadic dictated only by the needs of the moment. Prayer should be as much a part of our lives as breathing.

Racism and injustice and violence sweep our world bringing a tragic harvest of heartache and death.

Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love.

Be careful before leaving someone in a sorrowing situation. Say a word of prayer with them and share even a brief word of encouragement from the Scriptures.

Someday a loving Hand will be laid upon our shoulder and this brief message will be given: "Come home.

Heaven is real and hell is real and eternity is but a breath away.

The moment we take our last breath on earth we take our first in heaven.

Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand the spines of others are often stiffened.

The Christian is an idol breaker.

If you find a perfect church don't join it: You'd spoil it.

When thanksgiving is filled with true meaning and is not just the formality of a polite 'thank you ' it is the recognition of dependence.

The motive of grace is the infinite compassionate love of a merciful God but the work of grace was the death of Christ on the cross.

Jesus had a humble heart. If He abides in us pride will never dominate our lives.

Today we come together to confess our need of God. Those perpetrators who took us on to tear us apart it has worked the other way. It has backfired; it has brought us together.

The end of the world begins the moment you die.

Confidentiality is the essence of being trusted.

Forgiveness does not come easily to us especially when someone we have trusted betrays our trust. And yet if we do not learn to forgive we will discover that we can never really rebuild trust.

Heaven gives us hope and makes our present burdens easier to bear.

May the Lord bless you real good.

New York is definitely ready for the word of God.

I am convinced that only when a man is prepared to die is he also prepared to live.

God does not call us to be successful but to be obedient.

Every successful work of God must have opposition.

God can take anything that happens to us-even bad things-and use it to shape us and make us into a better more Christlike person-if we let Him.

I only know that when Jesus is with a person that one can endure the deepest suffering and somehow emerge a better and stronger Christian because of it.

Much of the philosophy of religious education has been based upon a false premise and perhaps many have missed the essence of Christian experience having had religious training take its place.

We in America should be grateful to God for the blessing he has given us.

The born-again Christian sees life not as a blurred confused meaningless mass but as something planned and purposeful.

Our chaotic confused world has no greater need than to hear the message of good news - the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please join me in praying for America that we will turn our hearts back toward God.

Only those who want everything done for them are bored.

Being judgmental and condemning is not one of the gifts of the Spirit.

Each life is made up of mistakes and learning waiting and growing practicing patience and being persistent.

God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven and if it takes my dog being there I believe he'll be there.

I have many friends that don't claim to be followers of Christ. As far as day-to-day friendship and being together at various functions I don't think that there should be any difference at all.

Every human being is under construction from conception to death.

When asked his secret of love being married fifty-four years to the same person he said "Ruth and I are happily incompatible.

End of Construction. Thank you 'for your patience. " Inscription on Ruth Bell Graham's grave -- inspired hy a road sign she saw.

I don't think the Christian Right dominates America in the way some in the media believe they do.

Fear can paralyze us and keep us from believing God and stepping out in faith. The devil loves a fearful Christian!

Living for Christ is a day-to-day going on with Him. It is a continuous dependence upon the Spirit of God. It is believing in His faithfulness.

We can change the course of events if we go to our knees in believing prayer.

Over the years I've seen people lose a spouse and then withdraw and lose interest in life and I believe we need to resist that.

I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.

I can't prove it scientifically that there's a God but I believe.

I believe that the greatest form of prayer is praise to God.

My one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God which I believe comes through knowing Christ.

Love your children-and let them know you love them. Children who experience love find it far easier to believe God loves them.

We can receive Jesus Christ when we believe in His message and trust in Him alone to save us.

Death is robbed of much of its terror for the true believer.

Heaven is a wonderful place and the benefits for the believer are out of this world!

Scripture tells us that there will be signs pointing toward the return of the Lord. I believe all these signs are evident today.

Tim Keller's ministry in New York City is leading a generation of seekers and skeptics toward belief in God. I thank God for him.

I can tell you that God is alive because I talked to him this morning.

As I got older I guess I became more mellow and more forgiving and more loving.

Becoming a Christian is the work of a moment; being a Christian is the work of a lifetime.

Our World has becoime a neighbourhood without becoming a brotherhood.

Even our pets can become idols.

Certainly a woman should never disguise the fact that she is a woman. A woman's body is very beautiful.

The Beatles are a passing phase symptoms of the confusion about us.

Happy is the person who has learned the secret of being content with whatever life brings him and has learned to rejoice in the simple and beautiful things around him.

When you follow Christ it must be a total burning of all your bridges behind you.

If people are kicking you in the behind at least you're in front of them.

I never saw a U-Haul behind a hearse.

Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion - it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.

Before prayer changes others it first changes us.

Some of us want the crown before the cross.

The Bible teaches that all sin begins with sinful thinking.

In one bold stroke forgiveness obliterates the past and permits us to enter the land of new beginnings.

No matter who you are or what your life has been like so far the rest of your life's journey can be different. With God's help you can begin again.

The Bible teaches that history began in the Middle East and someday history will end in the Middle East.

Rose Adams is a wonderful Christian woman who cared for my mother Morrow Coffey Graham in her last years of life.

Jesus used the carefree attitude of the birds to underscore the fact that worrying is unnatural. I am learning in my own life day by day to keep my mind centered on Christ.

On a specific day marked on the earth's calendar and in a specific place on the earth's map the Son of God came to the planet. It was love.

I never imagined anybody would ever come out to hear me preach. I'm just a country dairy farmer from North Carolina.

True prayer is a way of life not just for use in cases of emergency.

No one can outrun death. It will catch up to all of us eventually.

Anyone who makes a decision at our meetings is seen later and referred to a local clergyman Protestant Catholic or Jewish.

Commitment to great causes makes great men.

Don't ever hesitate to take to [God] whatever is on your heart. He already knows it anyway but He doesn't want you to bear its pain or celebrate its joy alone.

I am just one of many thousands called to be an evangelist.

Self-centered indulgence pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle.

If America is to survive we must elect more God-centered men and women to public office; individuals who will seek Divine guidance in the affairs of state.

Success in God's eyes is faithfulness to His calling.

My calling is to preach the love of God and the forgiveness of God and the fact that he does forgive us.

Even if we may not always understand why God allows certain things to happen to us we can know He is able to bring good out of evil and triumph out of suffering.

Our world is obsessed with success. But how does God define success? Success in God's eyes is faithfulness to His calling.

Without dark clouds in our lives we would never know the joy of sunshine. We can become callous and unteachable if we do not learn from pain.

Give your life to Christ he'll challenge you.

Death wasn't part of God's original plan for humanity and the Bible calls death an enemy - the last enemy to be destroyed.

Only the supernatural love of God through changed lives can solve the problems that we face in our world.

The Gospel has never changed.

Faith implies four things: self-renunciation reliance with utter confidence on Christ obedience and a changed life.

We are not cisterns made for hoarding we are channels made for sharing.

God has given us two hands - one to receive with and the other to give with. We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing.

We are not cistern made for hoarding we are channels made for sharing.

When wealth is lost nothing is lost; when health is lost something is lost; when character is lost all is lost.

I know God is in charge. Not me I'm nothing. I wouldn't be anything except for the power of the spirit of God.

When God forgives us and purifies us of our sin He also forgets it. Forgiveness results in God dropping the charges against us.

The key word of the dedicated Christian should be 'give.' Charitable contributions speak eloquently of your unselfish Christian generosity.

If you want the perfect plan that God has for your life you will have to go by way of Calvary to get it.

We do not understand the intricate pattern of the stars in their courses but we know that He who created them does and that just as surely as He guides them He is charting a safe course for us.

Those outside the church expect followers of Christ to live differently yet today many in church are chasing after the world - not to win them but to be like them.

Grumbling and gratitude are for the child of God in conflict. Be grateful and you won't grumble. Grumble and you won't be grateful.

I think about my own sons and my own daughters and I'm sure that many parents are concerned about what their children are exposed to.

I wish I had been home more when the children were growing up. I missed a lot.

You cannot serve god and mammon. You have to make a choice.

You choose sin. You practice sin.

You not only choose between two ways of life but you choose between two masters.

For those of you who do not know Him choosing your eternal home is the most important decision you will ever make.

Chose you this day whom not tomorrow whom you'll serve?

Jesus Christ opened heaven's door for us by His death on the cross.

I [will] not go to heaven because I am a preacher. I am going to heaven entirely on the merit of the work of Christ.

Its either Christ or the other god.

Christ not only died for all: He died for each.

When Satan knocks I just send Christ to the door.

There is no way of salvation except through the cross of Christ.

When Christ's love fills our hearts it puts selfishness on the run.

... the thing that kept Christ on that cross was love not the nail.

When you come to Christ you have to give up all the other gods.

In some ways Christians are homeless. Our true home is waiting for us prepared by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Make sure of your commitment to Jesus Christ and seek to follow Him every day. Don't be swayed by the false values and goals of this world but put Christ and His will first in everything you do.

Don't be swayed by the false values and goals of this world but put Christ and his will first in everything you do.

Many people have come to Christ as a result of my participation in presenting the Gospel to them. It's all the work of the Holy Spirit.

God's holiness demands that sin be punished - but God's love has provided the way of redemption through Christ.

The Bible stresses that a marriage ideally should be a picture or a reflection of Christ's love for His people.

When our faith becomes nothing more than a series of rules and regulations joy flees and our love for Christ grows cold.

Any other foundation will fail but Christ is a sure and steady rock to build your life on.

The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes and say 'O God forgive me ' or 'Help me.'

A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian.

The Christian should stand out like a sparkling diamond.

A Christian is someone who has turned to God from idols.

The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service.

The world's favorite verb is 'get'. The verb of the Christian is 'give'

A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip.

Don't be a half-Christian. There are too many of such in the world. The world has a profound respect for people who are sincere in their faith.

God can use a sensitive Christian to be a rich blessing in the life of one who knows pain and sorrow.

All around you are people whose lives are filled with trouble and sorrow and they need your compassion and encouragement.

A true Christian living an obedient life is a constant rebuke to those who accept the moral standards of this world.

The Bible does not teach that sin is completely eradicated from the Christian in this life but it does teach that sin shall no longer reign over you.

Learn to commit every situation to God and trust Him for the outcome. God's love for you never changes no matter what problems you face or how unsettled life becomes.

The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless.

The highest form or worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless.

Christianity is not a spectator sport. It's something in which we become totally involved.

The word of God teaches that Christians suffer in order that they might glorify God in their lives.

Be to the world a sign that while we as Christians do not have all the answers we do know and care about the questions.

Christmas is not a myth not a tradition not a dream. It is a glorious reality.

I was reared in the church in the Presbyterian Church.

When anyone has the power to destroy the whole human race in a matter of hours it becomes a moral issue. The church must speak out.

One of the greatest priorities of the church today is to mobilize the laity to do the work of evangelism.

In some Churches today and on some religious television programs we see the attempt to make Christianity popular and pleasant. We have taken the cross away and substituted cushions.

It's no secret that in New York during the last 30 years there has been a tragic exodus from the churches into materialism secularism and humanism.

Many churches today have special programs for people who are grieving and these can be very helpful.

Men change fashions change conditions and circumstances change but God never changes.

Only God who made us can touch us and change us and save us from ourselves.

There have been times that I've wept as I've gone from city to city and I've seen how far people have wandered from God.

Don't be misled by those who claim God doesn't exist because He does.

The only place we can find a clear unmistakable message is in the Word of God which we call the Bible.

Churchgoers are like coals in a fire. When they cling together they keep the flame aglow; when they separate they die out.

Learn to keep close to Jesus to listen to His voice and follow Him.

Evangelicals can't be closely identified with any particular party or person. We have to stand in the middle to preach to all the people right and left.

...hymns have been a powerful instrument of God to draw people closer to His Word and the saving riches therein.

Don't let failure or disappointment cut you off from God or make you think that the future is hopeless. When God closes one door He often opens another door - if we seek it.

... the same hand that made trees and fields and flowers the seas and hills the clouds and sky has been making a home for us called heaven.

You can't change your past but you can change you destiny but deciding for Christ.

Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything.

No matter how prepared you think you are for the death of a loved one it still comes as a shock and it still hurts very deeply.

... Not only are we comforted in our trials but our trials can equip us to comfort others.

It's sometimes comical to hear the younger generation ask their peers to repeat themselves.

Communism has decided against God against Christ against the Bible and against all religion.

Every year during their High Holy Days the Jewish community reminds us all of our need for repentance and forgiveness.

Even when we allow our imaginations to run wild on the joys of heaven we find that our minds are incapable of conceiving what it will be like.

God is concerned about everything that concerns us - without exception.

Psychaiatrist realize that there are curative powers in confession.

We need to be reminded that there is nothing morbid about honestly confronting the fact of life's end and preparing for it so that we may go gracefully and peacefully.

Sin was conquered on the cross. Christ's death is the foundation of our hope the promise of our triumph.

Some people say they will follow their conscience..many of us have dead consciences. Your conscience is no longer a safe guide. You've harden it you've deaden it.

The framers of our Constitution meant we were to have freedom of religion not freedom from religion.

All the masterpieces of art contain both light and shadow. A happy life is not one filled with only sunshine but one which uses both light and shadow to produce beauty.

The farther we get from God the more the world spirals out of control.

You can't control the length of your life. You can control the depth

What we think of Christ influences our thinking and controls our actions.

There's a great deal to say in the Bible about the signs we're to watch for and when these signs all converge at one place we can be sure that we're close to the end of the age.

Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God.

I have never talked publicly or privately about the Jewish people including conversations with President Nixon except in the most positive terms.

There is a vast difference between intellectual belief and the total conversion that saves the soul.

It is the Holy Spirit's job to convict God's job to judge and my job to love.

Integrity means that if our private life were suddenly exposed we'd have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. Integrity means that our outward life is consistent with our inner convictions.

Freedom of speech means nothing to a people who are too weak in their convictions to speak out against the evil that is eating at the heart of the nation like a cancer.

Any preacher who preaches beyond that which he has experienced is incapable of preaching with conviction.

The reason we have this inner conviction that death is not the end - and that Heaven exists - is because we were created in the image of God.

I am convinced that when a man sincerely searches for God with all his heart God will reveal Himself in some way.

Salvation is free but discipleship costs everything we have

If ever there was a time this country needed the intervention of God it is now.

It was a privilege to pray with Governor Romney - for his family and our country.

It is not the body's posture but the heart's attitude that counts when we pray.

It is not the temptations you have but the decision you make about them that counts.

The crowds themselves are meaningless. The thing that counts is what happens to the hearts of the people.

For a married couple to expect perfection for each other is unrealistic.

We are the Bibles the world is reading; We are the creeds the world is needing; We are the sermons the world is heeding.

If we fail to solve this moral and spiritual crisis we may be doomed like the great nations of the past.

I want to tell people about the meaning of the cross.

I am not going to Heaven because I have preached to great crowds or read the Bible many times. I'm going to Heaven just like the thief on the cross who said in that last moment: 'Lord remember me.'

Without the resurrection the cross is meaningless.

The cross shows us the seriousness of our sin-but it also shows us the immeasurable love of God.

The cross is offensive because it directly confronts the evils which dominate so much of this world.

Sin is the second most powerful force in the universe for it sent Jesus to the cross. Only one force is greater-the love of God.

It was not the people or the Roman soldiers who put Jesus on the cross - it was your sins and my sins that made it necessary for Him to volunteer His death.

The Bible's emphasis is on the good treatment of animals and not just the forbidding of cruel treatment.

The foundations of civilization are no stronger and no more enduring than the corporate integrity of the homes on which they rest. If the home deteriorates civilization will crumble and fall.

A checkbook is a theological document it will tell you who and what you worship.

If I had to do it all over again I would speak less and study more.

The Holy Spirit gives liberty to the Christian direction to the worker discernment to the teacher power to the Word and fruit to faithful service. He reveals the things of Christ.

Don't let circumstances distress you. Rather look for the will of God for your life to be revealed in and through those circumstances.

I think that if I would talk on a political subject if I talk about it it would divide the audience on that issue. That's not my issue.

We're a diverse society and I think the TV is doing a great job in showing that we're all human beings that we can all get along that we can all be together and I think that's a marvelous thing.

The basic unit of any society is the home. When the home begins to break the society is on the way to disintegration.

Christ was God in human flesh and He proved it by rising from the dead.

I am conscious of the fact that the subject of hell is not a very pleasant one. It is very unpopular controversial and misunderstood.... As a minister I must deal with it. I cannot ignore it.

I don't have many sad days.

I'm in a win-win playoff. Response of a Christian dying of cancer at thirty on the prospect of miraculous healing.

Talk about God can become dreary and lackluster if God isn't in you.

Christ demands first place. There's no room on the throne of your heart for two gods.

... the way we view death determines to a surprising degree the way we live our lives.

Only when we understand the holiness of God will we understand the depth of our sin.

Not to decide is to decide not to nowhere in the bible does it promise tomorrow.

Don't wavier. Make a decision. Do it now.

There's a way of life there's a way of death. Which way are you on?

Each generation faces different issues and challenges but our standard must always be measured by God's word.

Serve God and live; serve these other gods and died.

Envy and greed starve on a steady diet of thanksgiving.

Prayer is more than a wish; it is the voice of faith directed to God.

While we do not place our faith directly in angels we should place it in the God who rules the angels; then we can have peace.

Even when life may be difficult we should thank God for all He does for us-which we do not deserve.

The growing possibility of our destroying ourselves and the world with our own neglect and excess is tragic and very real.

When the family is destroyed society eventually disintegrates.

I kept a very full diary of my relationship with Nixon for some strange reason until he became president.

Evil is real - but so is God's power and love.

I can't explain 9/11 except the evil of man.

Life is just a schoolroom with a glorious opportunity to prepare us for eternity.

Men have discovered other philosophical and ethical systems but they have not found another Jesus Christ. No one in history can match Him.

If you'd have said Evangelical in 1957 most people wouldn't know what you were talking about. And then they'd be against it.

I'm grateful for the evangelical resurgence we've seen across the world in the last half-century or so. It truly has been God's doing.

Evangelism is when the Gospel which is good news is preached or presented to all people.

I just want to lobby for God.

Spend more time in study and prayer. That's the secret of successful evangelism.

It could be that one of the greatest hindrances to evangelism is the poverty of our own experience.

Kindness is an essential part of Gods work and ours here on earth.

The older I get the more important the eternal becomes to me personally.

God can use the fear that grips the hearts of men today to point them to eternal truths- the truth of God's eternal judgment and the truth of His eternal love.

Every day is a gift from God no matter how old we are.

God's hand never slips. He never makes a mistake. His every move is for our own good and for our ultimate good.

No matter what trials we face Christ never leaves us. He is with us every step of the way!

Once you've lost your privacy you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing.

To drive to extinction something He has created is wrong. He has a purpose for everything... We Christians have a responsibility to take the lead in caring for the earth.

Our faith becomes stronger as we express it; a growing faith is a sharing faith

If we have no mercy toward others that is one proof that we have never experienced God's mercy.

Embracing conflict can be a joy when we know that irritation and frustration can lead to growth and the re-engergizing of ourselves and others. Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything.

The most thrilling thing about heaven is that Jesus Christ will be there. I will see Him face to face. Jesus Christ will meet us at the end of life's journey.

Everything we have comes from (God's) hands; even if we worked for it or earned it He still gave us the ability and the opportunity to do it.

Can you see God? You haven't seen him? I've never seen the wind. I see the effects of the wind but I've never seen the wind. There's a mystery to it.

The entire plan for the future has its key in the resurrection.

Every day without exception - is a gift from God entrusted to us to use for His glory.

Live each day as if it were your last for some day it will be.

I haven't written my own epitaph and I'm not sure I should. Whatever it is I hope it will be simple and that it will point people not to me but to the One I served.

Take your eyes and your ears and your hands and your feet and your thoughts and your heart: Give them completely to Christ

Many people have just enough natural religion to make them immune to the real thing.

Man has two great spiritual needs. One is for forgiveness. The other is for goodness.

The only thing He forgets is our sins.

Think of working forever at something you love to do for one you love with all your heart and never getting tired! We will never know weariness in heaven.

I believe the home and marriage is the foundation of our society and must be protected.

your faith and hope are in god.

My prayer today is that we will feel the loving arms of God wrapped around us and will know in our hearts that He will never forsake us as we trust in Him.

Faith is loved and honored by God more than any other single thing.

Faith grows when it is planted in the fertile soil of God's Word.

People have a negative impression of New York that I don't think is quite fair.

I'm not focused on the gay and lesbian movement.

On our knees we are the most powerful force on earth

If God can be fully proved by the human mind then He is no greater than the mind that proves Him.

The secret of a happy home is that members of the family learn to give and receive love.

To paraphrase the Bible what shall it profit a man (or a woman) who gains the whole world but loses his or her own family?

God is more interested in your future and your relationships than you are.

Guy Lafleur said "Each of us has only one past but there are many futures".

The thought of the future life with its prerogatives and joys helps to make the trials of the present seem light and transient.

Those who have a true love of freedom will do everything in their power to keep the freedom that they have.

God will never send anybody to hell. If man goes to hell he goes by his own free choice.

Salvation is free! God puts no price tag on the Gift of gifts.

Mountaintops are for views and inspiration but fruit is grown in the valleys.

Old age may have its limitations and challenges but in spite of them our latter years can be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling of our lives.

A lot of Jews are great friends of mine.

God is unchanging in His love. He loves you. He has a plan for your life. Don't let the newspaper headlines frighten you. God is still sovereign; He's still on the throne.

The greatest fear comes when God is a stranger ...

We cannot truly face life until we face the fact that it will be taken away from us.

To get nations back on their feet we must first get down on our knees.

I used to read five psalms every day - that teaches me how to get along with God. Then I read a chapter of Proverbs every day and that teaches me how to get along with my fellow man.

I think Pat Robertson is a terrific fellow.

Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year. It brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul.

Grief's darkness fades in the sunlight of thanksgiving.

There come times when we have to fight for peace.

We have perfected our weapons but failed to perfect the men who use them.

I'm grateful for the opportunities God gave me to minister to people in high places; people in power have spiritual and personal needs like everyone else and often they have no one to talk to.

The most prominent place in hell is reserved for those who are neutral on the great issues of life.

I don't think the government should be in the trailer-park business. I don't think they know how to run a trailer park.

It is a great privilege as well as our responsibility to pray for our government leaders.

I'm glad to know that we do have political leaders that believe in God and that has been true from the days of George Washington.

We have been proud and thought we were better than any other race any other people. Ladies and gentlemen we are going to stumble into hell because of our pride.

Growing old has been the greatest surprise of my life.

The great question of our time is 'Will we be motivated by materialistic philosophy or by spiritual power?'

The problems of peace are greater than the problems of war.

I never hold a grudge.

All my life I've been taught how to die but no one ever taught me how to grow old.

The Bible says that as Christians we don't grieve the same way people do who have no hope of eternity and of Heaven - but we still grieve.

When we grieve over someone who has died in Christ we are sorrowing not for them but for ourselves. Our grief isn't a sign of weak faith but of great love.

I don't need a successor only willing hands to accept the torch for a new generation.

Out of pain and problems have come the sweetest songs the most poignant poems the most gripping stories.

There are a lot of groups that feel a little bit strange around me because I am inclusive.

Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world and lost your soul. Was it worth it?

The Spirit goes ahead of us when we witness--- preparing the way giving us the words and granting us courage.

God's mercy and grace give me hope - for myself and for our world.

Why should we give God thanks? Because everything we have comes from God.

To be peacemaker you must know the peace giver.

I've spent too much time giving speeches traveling the world.

We go on in our pleasures thinking they're going to last forever.

Regardless of what society says we can't go on much longer in the sea of immorality without judgment coming.

One of the primary goals in life ... should be to prepare for death. Everything else should be secondary.

God's hand never slips.

One with God is a majority.

Be sure that your motive in praying is to glorify God.

Life is a glorious opportunity.