Arthur Jones Quotes

I learned to never quit and academics always come first. I had to make sure to get my degree because I learned that athletic ability and sports don't last forever.

Before I came along my field was dominated by myth superstition deceit and outright fraud. I overcame it by the simple application of logical thinking.

The internet has a way of mainstreaming everything. Any artist any musician any sexual kink any political view point it's all there.

Fast movement during exercise does not produce fast muscles or strong muscles or large muscles it produces only one thing a thing to be avoided it produces injuries.

We all have different athletic strengths but I bring a mentality a physical toughness an attitude that they do not have that helps me with the athleticism.

Don't listen to what people tell you there are always doubters. Work hard believe in yourself and believe in your ability and just work hard.

Anyone with an ailment or who wears glasses or anyone slightly different suddenly wears a bull's eye. I think that dodgeball derailed an entire generation of Americans. It's the true red menace.