Anne Hathaway Quotes

I love employment and it's never ever guaranteed. As much as I love doing animated voices I just love working.

Everybody has bad relationships and at the end of the day they are just a great way to set yourself up for a good relationship.

I think it is so much more fun to discover film in the movie theatre when there is so much anticipation about the movie.

Everything that I have ever hoped to accomplish she has done and done better than anyone I have ever seen.

I'd love to be an artist that's multifaceted.

I think that people had this idea that I sat at home and sucked on lollipops and ate cotton candy while I watched cartoons - wearing a tiara.

I have no aspirations of world domination through the pop charts. None at all.

Ladies: Anne Hathaway is a feminist and she has amazing teeth. Let's save our bad attitudes for the ones who aren't advancing the cause.

My acting wasn't the best. But damn my ass looked tight.

I'm convinced that a few guys I've dated are gay and they won't admit it. I think we've all done that.

There's something very addictive about people pleasing. It's a thought pattern and a habit that feels really really good until it becomes desperate.

I'm always curious about how actors cry on film.

I believe I've always been a big believer in equality. No one has ever been able to tell me I couldn't do something because I was a girl.

I've always believed in people's capacity for goodness. I still believe that people are good. What I'm not so trusting about anymore is their relationship to their own goodness.

Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I'm most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me.

I can think of few things more painful than naming four good things about yourself in front of a room of journalists!

When people refer to me as a 'regular''s code word for 'fat' in body has chosen its shape. I'd rather be strong than skinny.

Thank you for this lovely blunt object that I will forevermore use as a weapon against self-doubt.

When do I feel my best? When I haven't looked in a mirror for days and I'm doing things that make me happy

The best part about working is that you never know what you're going to learn when you start out.

And I think that if something doesn't make sense forcing yourself to understand it from [Chris Nolan's] perspective makes you better.

Obsessing about weight is a big old waste of time

I've honestly been really lucky. My only jobs have been babysitting and acting.

I don't normally do big movies. I'm new to this world. And I've always been afraid that jumping onto a big budget film you would lose the relationships in favour of special effects.

Iâ??ve been enjoying a couple of post-Oscar burgers. So I didnâ??t fit into a lot of the vintage stuff. I wanted to wear something that was a little bit more forgiving.

I'm a pretty boring person. I have a dog that I love and friends that I love and a family that I love. I'm just trying to spend as much time with them as I can.

Irony is the bringing together of two contradictory truths and to make out of the contradiction a new truth with a laugh or a smile.

There's an obsessive quality to it that I thought I would've grown out of by now. It's an ongoing source of shame for me.

I had a dream. And it came true.

A man told me that for a woman I was very opinionated. I said 'for a man you're kind of ignorant'.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton's 'Batman' was one of the most inspiring - I saw that and I was like 'I want to be her I want to do that.'

I used to believe that love was finding someone who would lead you through the deep water.

A bad love experience is no reason to fear a new love experience.

My passion is interior decorating. My goal for the next years is to get into carpentry because I really want to learn how to make my own furniture.

I'd always thought I was pretty healthy and I always thought I had worked hard in the gym and it turns out that what I thought was hard in Catwoman's world is actually light to moderate.

Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.

Your face needs to have character if you're an actor - otherwise you're just a face.

Kindness is really important to me in finding my own prince - so are patience and a sense of humor. Without those qualities he's no Prince Charming!

If young kids choose to have me as a role model...what I put out there is that it's not a perfect life and it's okay to make mistakes.

When Chris Nolan is your director you are like "I trust that I'm wrong.

I would have played street cop number three if it meant getting to work with Chris Nolan.

I think I was raised in a solidly upper-middle class family who had really strong values and excess was not one of the things that my family put up with.

I grew up in a pretty large family. We were really close-knit so I definitely want to have lots and lots of children.

I love when clothes make cultural statements and I think personal style is really cool.

There's something wildy decadent about the young-star lifestyle and I just don't really see the point. I got my partying out of my system in college.

The way I go about choosing roles is basically by just trying to pick the complete opposite of the last thing I did or if it has someone else who I really have wanted to work with.

There's nothing wrong with the fashion industry. What's wrong is changing yourself for something you don't really care about just to get somewhere faster.

I see myself as improving. I think I'm a very curious person and I like that about myself .

I really don't drink I don't do drugs. I feel like right now I've been given so many opportunities I don't want to mess it up with those things ...

I look my best after an entire hair and makeup team has spent hours perfecting me. When do I feel my best? When I haven't looked in a mirror for days and I'm doing things that make me happy.

Mia: I can't do this I'm a girl. Gym Teacher Harbula: What am I? A duck?

I'm not one of those stars that goes out and literally dresses to be photographed.

Quite frankly I didn't become an actor to become a movie star. I have never dreamed about being the most famous person on the planet. I just want to do really good work.

Singing has always been something that I've loved to do but I never thought about doing professionally. I always felt more drawn to acting.

I love the Dr.Hauschka range and use the cleanser toner and moisturiser every day

My entire film career's been dependent on my ability to look unattractive.

I was thrust into a really lofty enviable but isolated position with 'Princess Diaries' in that I could carry a film before I really knew if I could act.

Taking a year off and going to school was the best thing I could have done after The Princess Diaries. It taught me that I don't need Hollywood or a job to make me happy.

I've been extraordinarily successful for my age. I think for probably anyone's age I'm very fortunate.

Love is a human experience not a political statement.

I like to watch MTV for escapist pleasure but when I saw Snooki I saw my twin. I couldn't lose myself in the show anymore because there I was.

I will help the good fight continue until that long awaited moment arrives when our rights are equal and when the political limits on love have been smashed.

If you're with someone who enjoys having people play hard to get maybe that's the way you're supposed to do it then.

I love it when people are able to interpret thoughts and feelings on fabric or some kind of material.

I love fashion; I love being able to have fun with it but I think I need to get a little bit more organised before I ever become a true fashionista.

My first job was baby-sitting. I had a great time because I love kids. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I'm like: "Oh you know what? I'm going to chuck it in and become a kindergarten teacher!

I'm much happier talking with people than I am flirting with them.

Im much happier talking with people than I am flirting with them.

In my opinion what makes a great book is something that is universally specific.

There's nothing wrong with making little kids happy but there's nothing wrong with wanting to be an adult actress. I mean a grown-up actress.

I think relationships are work but love is a gift.

Mellow doesn't always make for a good story but it makes for a good life.

Scents as well as clothes and hairstyles can go a long way in revealing a part of yourself

You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours.

Life for me these days is a lot about letting the unknown be wonderful.

I love the short-haired lifestyle.

But you have to remember in life that there's a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive.

I know it's not the right thing to say but I'm really happy with my body.

[ Working Meryl Streep] I just felt like I was shaving years off my discovery as an actress to realize "Okay that's what this feels like.

Here's how you get Hollywood in Positano: You need a nail salon and a yogurt place...

Oftentimes what you wind up learning is very different than what you expect.

What I've observed and what I've imagined - and definitely what I'm hoping - happens as you get older is that there's a mellowing an acceptance that comes with time. I guess that I'll find out.

I'm not attempting to be a role model but I accept that roles I've played put me in that position. I don't feel a huge responsibility as an actress to put my young fan base first.

I think nudity is related to everything.

I'd like to be a working actor.It sounds really trite but there really are no small parts only small actors. And so as long as I'm a working actor I can improve.

I'm not one of those stars that goes out and literally dresses to be photographed. I'm kind of a 'what you see is what you get' type of girl when I dress. I go for comfort above everything else.

Whatever you are made of be the best of that.