Amity Shlaes Quotes

The 1920s are the decade that signaled the arrival of a gift that still means a lot to us: Saturday.

Anti-parent music seems to be all the pop-rock market wants.

What's wrong with the auto industry isn't that it failed to create jobs. What's wrong is that it emphasizes jobs over general growth itself.

Anyone who experienced World War I close-hand was grossed out by it forever. It just was so awful.

It takes only a few seconds to make history new again.

The donning of the ear buds marks the beginning of teen life when children set off on their own for the passage through adolescence.

McCain likes strong defense and he's viscerally suspicious of big companies. So he's more a Square Deal guy than a New Deal guy.

Coolidge believed that government officials who tell themselves that spending benefits the economy delude themselves and the citizens. Government budgets promote human freedom.

Disillusionment can come as fast as a gust but building faith that the government won't inflate again is like building a new sailboat a project of years.

When you see government leaders really bullying business you know that government's economic policy is failing. They get angry and they get desperate.

By playing on people's desire to belong to groups Facebook creates a new inclusive society. After all Facebook is not like Harvard College. Anyone with access to the Internet can sign up.

People value Halloween like Valentine's Day because they can tell themselves that it's not merely secularized but actually secular which is to say not Christian Jewish Hindu or Muslim.

The New Deal exists principally on an emotional plane for Obama. To him the New Deal is something you play like a song to make you or your constituents feel better.

FDR's job results were to put it politely disturbing.

Anything can be done if you find friends to do it with. The lucky biographers find themselves drawn into a sort of friendship with their subject.

Entitlements seem to grow with prosperity; not only because they are indexed to inflation or GDP but also because a prosperous country tells itself it can afford more benefits.

Although unions may be good for a worker singular they are not always good for workers plural. Especially when it comes to finding a job.

I'm always for lower taxes because lower taxes make people want to do things. Less burden more fun and economics is about people wanting to have fun. Growth is fun for people in the marketplace.

Everybody should pay some tax just as everybody should vote.

The difference between recession and depression is simple. Recession goes the saying is when you lose your job; depression is when I lose mine.