Ada Lovelace Quotes

One essential object is to choose that arrangement which shall tend to reduce to a minimum the time necessary for completing the calculation.

The Analytical Engine is an embodying of the science of operations constructed with peculiar reference to abstract number as the subject of those operations.

Forget this world and all its troubles and if possible its multitudinous Charlatans-- everything in short but the Enchantress of Numbers.

I believe myself to possess a most singular combination of qualities exactly fitted to make me pre-eminently a discoverer of the hidden realities of nature.

Understand well as I may my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand.

Imagination is the Discovering Faculty pre-eminently. It is that which penetrates into the unseen worlds around us the worlds of Science.

The intellectual the moral the religious seem to me all naturally bound up and interlinked together in one great and harmonious whole.

If you can't give me poetry can't you give me poetical science?

The more I study the more insatiable do I feel my genius for it to be.

Thus not only the mental and the material but the theoretical and the practical in the mathematical world are brought into more intimate and effective connection with each other.

That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal; as time will show.