Stamina Quotes

I find that fencing and training give me more stamina and help me deal with the craziness of being on the road so much.

Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.

The first requirement of politics is not intellect or stamina but patience. Politics is a very long run game and the tortoise will usually beat the hare.

More than a half maybe as much as two-thirds of my life as a writer is rewriting. I wouldn't say I have a talent that's special. It strikes me that I have an unusual kind of stamina.

I got the stamina. I can close.

If hot food is they key to maintaining an expedition's stamina then low grade gut-rot alcohol is the key to sustaining its sense of pleasure.

Ya know America's a great country. It's great because it allows you to fight. And you can win if you have the stamina and tenacity.

To survive there you need the ambition of a Latin-American revolutionary the ego of a grand opera tenor and the physical stamina of a cow pony.

But grace can be the experience of a second wind when even though what you want is clarity and resolution what you get is stamina and poignancy and the strength to hang on.

You cannot drive with your eyes in the rear-view mirror"¦ But dignity is difficult to maintain. Stamina requires constant upkeep. Repetition is boring. And you pay for grace.

Building businesses takes tremendous stamina and success isn't achieved without it.

Believe me my children have more stamina than a power station.

I don't have stamina in exercise... but I have it in life.

I have a lot of stamina and I have a lot of resilience.

I was into sports and dancing. I ran track. I have a lot of stamina.

Novelists are stamina merchants grinders nine-to-fivers and their career curves follow the usual arc of human endeavour.

I've got a lot of stamina and I enjoy people so having lots of people around doesn't freak me out.

George Lucas doesn't have the most physical stamina. He was so unhappy making Star Wars that he just vowed he'd never do it again.

When you have a certain fitness projection it's going to give you an advantage. Having strength stamina and speed is important because I'm working with dogs who can kill me.

There is no problem that doesn't have some underlying need for more optimism stamina resilience and collaboration. And games are I believe the best platform we have for providing that.

Thinking writing are ultimately questions of stamina.

You can ask my wife about my stamina

Peter Jackson's instincts are extraordinary as is his stamina.

I have incredible stamina- the what-do-I-got-that-they-ain't-got kind of stamina.

To be president of America you need tremendous stamina.

I don't believe that Hillary Clinton has the stamina.

Whatever I lack in talent I have in stamina.

Commercialism isn't challenging creatively; it's only challenging in a stamina way.

There's no connection between consumption of art and moral stamina at all.

It was actually drumming that gave me the stamina to get into sports later.

I don't think I have the stamina anymore and I certainly don't have the health...

When doing your aerobic exercise go at a comfortable pace until you've developed more stamina.

Hillary Clinton doesn't have the strength or the stamina to make America great again. Believe me.

I said [Hillary Clinton] doesn't have the stamina. And I don't believe she does have the stamina.

The triple-double is just a stat. It's a test of your strength and stamina and playing ability really.

to maintain success stamina is more important than talent. You have to learn to be a marathon runner.

There's nothing an artist needs more - even more than excellent tools and stamina - than a deadline.

We survive until by sheer stamina we escape into the dim innocence of our own adulthood and its forgetfulness.

Your mind is the most incredible gift! A powerful mind is the reserve for all that is physical in stamina.

To make personal movies that you are the author of is quite a difficult thing. It takes a lot of stamina.

It isnt enough to believe in something; you have to have the stamina to meet obstacles and overcome them to struggle.

Work is my norm. I have mad energy insane energy a kind of stamina in terms of work that's a little crazy.

Learning that you have stamina is an excellent thing to know. If a project fails I know I can pick myself up.

If we didn't struggle through some things we would never develop the strength and stamina we need to survive in this world.

The practice of being at ease also gives you the strength and stamina to pursue all that you find when you connect inward.

How long an actress lives professionally depends on her stamina the extent of her masochism her imagination and her yearning for recognition or approval.

It's incredible how much stamina you can find when you're fighting and enemy in battle even if that enemy is just in your imagination.

Anybody who believes in something without reservation believes that this thing is right and should be has the stamina to meet obstacles and overcome them.

I spent four and a half hours debating Donald Trump in three debates which I think should put to rest any questions about my stamina.

Trade increases the wealth and glory of a country; but its real strength and stamina are to be looked for among the cultivators of the land.

Art should take what is complex and render it simply. It takes a lot of skill human understanding stamina courage energy and heart to do that.

It's always about trying to do something that's different and not repeating yourself because then you lose your creative stamina. You need to have new challenges.

Foppery is never cured; it is the bad stamina of the mind which like those of the body are never rectified; once a coxcomb always a coxcomb.

Youth and what the Italians so prettily call stamina. The vigor the fire that enables you to love and create. When you've lost that you've lost everything.

I have a road bike and a mountain bike and I tend to use them both a lot. They help you keep your balance and your stamina.

More like Cross blew your circuits during one of his sexathons. Still can't get over that man's stamina. Wish he'd swing my way and wear me out.

I know Haye's a good fighter as well and he beat Mormeck but Mormeck is not Enzo Maccarinelli and does not have the speed stamina or punching power.

Breaks are good because you need breaks to be more creative. It's hard to come up with that creativity and the stamina for that creativity all the time.

In theater you've got to be aware of your whole body because it involves stamina. It involves two-and-a-half hours and a sustained release of energy maybe for six months.

One of the best strengtheners of character and developers of stamina ... is to assume the part you wish to play; to assert stoutly the possession of whatever you lack.

You mature as far as your understanding of what it's going to take and you increase your stamina. You don't let frustration overtake you when you're looking for change.

It made a big difference to my match stamina. I couldn't imagine I would have been so energetic during the match - it really gave me a welcomed extra boost!

Defending a free and open global Internet requires a broad-based global movement with the stamina to engage in endless - and often highly technical - national and international policy battles.

You can have all the intelligence in the world and don't have enough stamina. I have seen some very bright bright women who do not have the stamina for husbands.

The very fact that we make such a to-do over golden weddings indicates our amazement at human endurance. The celebration is more in the nature of a reward for stamina.

Running for office is similar to being a trial lawyer in a very long trial. It requires adrenaline and stamina; it requires being in shape mentally and emotionally. It's a marathon.

If you're going to play a champion athlete people expect you to look a certain way and you also have to have the stamina to be able to continue to perform.

If you really want your films to say something that you hope is unique then patience and stamina thick skin and a kind of stupidity a mule-like stupidity is what you really need.

[Donald Trump] tried to switch from looks to stamina. But this is a man who has called women pigs slobs and dogs and someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers.

Before I started doing the film and when I found out I was going to be doing it I just decided to pump up on the whole cardio stuff. Just in terms of stamina.

I know I'm not going to write as well as I used to. I no longer have the stamina to endure the frustration. Writing is frustration - it's daily frustration not to mention humiliation.

That morning each of us found a breaking point. Not only a physical barrier but a point where determination stamina and duty clashed and were overcome not so much by pain but by absurdity.

The man without a chin no stamina dead man broken man whatever. On your way to the top you always get some criticism. Criticism is a great motivation. Failure is not an option to me.