Stags Quotes

Kerner decided to trade my rights to the Chicago Stags which sounded better to me than Tri-Cities but the Stags folded up almost immediately.

I've got a stag weekend coming up and I've said I'm not doing anything more than a few drinks. I won't have it. I'll go home and watch Antiques Roadshow.

The Stag at Bay with the mentality of a fox at large.

Tis the white stag Fame we're a-hunting bid the world's hounds come to horn!

Professional footballers - those virile young stags of our modern culture - are near perpetual fountains of sputum.

Be as eager to break your own will as the thirsty stag is to drink of the refreshing waters.

Youth is fair a graceful stag Leaping playing in a park. Age is gray a toothless hag Stumbling in the dark.

When the lion had eaten its fill and the jackals had taken their share the ants came along and finished up the meat from the bones of the haughty stag.