Stage Performance Quotes

I didn't develop or build synths. I had my technicians modify them for my live stage performances.

It is something we have always excelled at and prided ourselves at - the excellences of our stage performance.

A video taped stage performance is just - you know it's never gonna be the same as it is if you're sitting there live in the theatre.

I love surprising people with a present or a gift or a stage performance or anything.

[On Katharine Hepburn's stage performance:] She ran the whole gamut of emotions from A to B.

At the end of every stage performance the audience all applaud me for doing my job but I have friends who work in offices who don't get that.

So what this is is us our personalities refined down on to a stage performance. In other words the way we play is the end product of the way we live - we live in the cities you see.

Did you know I staged the first performance in America of At the Hawk's Well?

The performances you have in your head are always much better than the performances on stage.

Nothing feels worse than having to break the stage down before the performance and I mean nothing.

I don't really unwind after a performance. I'm still pumped up and just want to get back on stage.

The thing that's characteristic of my performance is that I literally do drag the whole studio onto the stage.

I love watching live shows from different artists from different stages of their lives. I'm always interested in the mastery of the live performance.

I don't enjoy public performances and being up on a stage. I don't enjoy the glamour. Like tonight I am up on stage and my feet hurt.

For me the world is a stage and we are all playing the character we have chosen to play on that stage. It is the job of the photographer to capture the drama of the performance.

Evaluate every performance on: stage presence concentration delivery material and lessons learned.

On the stage of life what are words but decorations... unlike dance that showcases the performance?

Stage performance is obviously a much grander sort of depiction. The audience isn't right in your face as close as a camera lens gets.

I'm actually sometimes nervous right before a performance but as soon as I'm on the stage I'm like 'okay we're gonna rock this baby.'

I love the stage it's my first love - but it's gone. You do your performance then it's a memory. It only lives in the moment.

I've tried every kind of bottled water but Poland Spring is my go-to. I always have room-temperature bottles of it on side of stage for post-performance.

As a coach your high standards of performance attention to detail and - above all - how hard you work set the stage for how your players perform.

The performance on the stage has its reasons in the performance induced in thousands of separate minds and this second performance is no less prodigious than the first.

I definitely loved going on stage I loved the nervous feeling and the performance and the doing-ness of it. It always felt kind of natural and inevitable and logical.