Stadium Quotes

I'm proud of the fact that I'm the only player to hit a ball completely out of Dodger Stadium.

My major league debut came at old Busch Stadium on Grand Avenue in St. Louis against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

My heroes my dreams and my future lay in Yankee Stadium. And they can't take that away from me.

I like Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. With the waterfall and things like that I think it's pretty cool.

When I was 15 years old I used to actually dream I was pitching in Yankee Stadium. Bill Dickey was my catcher.

Dodger Stadium is not an antique. It's not Frank Lloyd Wright. It's a nice place to play baseball but there are far better.

It never rains in Tiger Stadium

I like the hot dogs at Dodger Stadium.

College football is LSU's Tiger Stadium at night.

Emirates Stadium should be named after Arsene Wenger

Yankee Stadium is a mistake: Not mine - the Giants'.

I really like Kansas City Royals stadium - Kauffman Stadium.

There's just nothing like playing on Arthur Ashe Stadium. It's truly amazing.

Being inside Tiger Stadium is like being on the inside of a drum.

Y'all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants' asses.

You cant run a football game in Tiger Stadium without 1 500-1 600 people to help

The biggest thrill I ever had was in 1969 when they held day at Yankee Stadium.

I know a man who is a diamond cutter. He mows the lawn at Yankee Stadium.

All of the Mets' road wins against Los Angeles this year have been at Dodger Stadium.

If I could straighten it out (his golf swing) I'd be pitching at Dodger Stadium tonight.

I was at Yankee Stadium one time at 5 a.m. but that was to buy angel dust

The height of human desire is what wins whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium.

You look at all the great players that they've had and the potential of playing in Yankee Stadium.

You know it as soon as you walk in Yankee Stadium. The electricity is there every time every day.

Yankee Stadium and the Yankees are so famous for Mickey Mantle Joe DiMaggio Lou Gehrig all of those guys.

After they remodeled Yankee Stadium I didn't feel that the ghosts were there anymore. It just wasn't the same.

When I take the mound in Yankee Stadium I feel like my stuff is going to be better than ever.

Will be the 14th time I've coached in Neyland Stadium. ... I've coached there more than some of their head coaches.

Stadium rock and commercial rock are the opposite of what poetry needs. An audience of around 200 is ideal for poetry.

Babe Ruth made a baseball fan of me. I used to go to Yankee Stadium just to see him come to bat.

Yankee Stadium is my favorite stadium; I'm not going to lie to you. There's a certain feel you get in Yankee Stadium.

When I first came to Yankee Stadium I used to feel like the ghosts of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were walking around in there.

Many people are going to use [Beijing National Stadium] which makes it more meaningful. If we don't design it somebody else has to design it.

Yankee Stadium it's like everything else in this country. In Europe they save all their old buildings for history. Here we just tear them all down.

From Bourbon Street to Baton Rouge the freaks come out at night in Louisiana. And nowhere are they more raucous and unnerving than at Tiger Stadium.

Playing in Wembley Stadium in front of 83-some-thousand fans to win a gold medal was unreal. I think male or female that was a record number.

The most amazing thing I've ever seen was Jay Johnstone in uniform in line at a concession stand in Dodger Stadium after the game had already started.

Cardiff Stadium was a warm up for the 3 Hyde Park shows. James Brown opened. And I think it may be the only time we played Mini Epic live.

I'm not like some guys who if the Ravens lose are ready to jump off the top of M&M Stadium. There are other things in life besides pro football.

In the building I live in on Park Avenue there are ten people who could buy the Yankees but none of them could hit the ball out of Yankee Stadium.

If I were playing today I'd do what Joe DiMaggio said. I'd go knock on the door at Yankee Stadium and when George Steinbrenner answered I'd say 'Howdy pardner.'

Hopkins is talking about fighting at Yankee Stadium but that's rubbish. If he fought at Yankee Stadium even the ushers wouldn't want to watch him. Bernard Hopkins couldn't draw breath.

Ive always been a daydreamer. When the other kids were playing I was listening to the roar at Yankee Stadium - I was always attracted to the roar of the crowd.

I've always been a daydreamer. When the other kids were playing I was listening to the roar at Yankee Stadium - I was always attracted to the roar of the crowd.

I want to experience that massive adrenalin rush when you step into a new stadium all the more so when that Olympic Stadium is packed full of people waving British flags.

To pitch a perfect game wearing pinstripes at Yankee Stadium it's unbelievable. Growing up a Yankee fan to come out here and make history it really is a dream come true.

The highlight of my baseball career came in Philadelphia's Connie Mack Stadium when I saw a fan fall out of the upper deck. When he got up and walked away the crowd booed.

I've kicked at Notre Dame the past four years I've been in frigid cold weather snow. I've kicked at Yankee Stadium in December so whatever is thrown at me I'm able to do.

Enron Field in Houston the Trans World Dome in St. Louis and PSINet Stadium in Baltimore are just three of the modern-day coliseums named for companies that have found new homes in bankruptcy court.

The Millennium Stadium thing was for the Tsunami concert. It was a thing that I think every band in the country would have liked to be a part of at the time that it happened.

I went to Shea Stadium and used the men's room. Terrifying. There was this little kid looking at me through the crack [in the stall]. and I was like "If you tell anyone what you've seen...

I couldn't stop to be upset or depressed about anything when I was at Tiger Stadium with Billy Crystal shooting for three weeks. I was going to enjoy every second - even though apparently I didn't.

I don't play the kind of music that works in a football stadium.

I'm a huge stadium rock fan but I'm also a fan of everything from Massive Attack to Peter Gabriel U2 the Police Radiohead and Coldplay.

Having a stadium in France named after a footballer from the Ivory Coast even if I'm proud of my France-Ivory Coast background is a great proof of integration.

My very best memory of Montreal was the moment inside the Olympic arena when I was waiting under the stadium and those majestic gates opened up. It was a whole other world.

I miss driving to Goodison Park. I miss just the positive energy of the fans walking into the stadium and how much they care about that club and the team. And I miss the players a lot.

The food and drink that goes along with football is one of the best things: hamburgers hotdogs chips and dips. At the stadium I would probably get nachos but when I'm at home we order pizza a lot.

I'm so excited about the new [Yankee] stadium!

A university is a college with a stadium seating over 40 000.

They brought on someone who cost more than our stadium.

Tate University - a large football stadium with a college attached.

It's nerve wracking being in the stadium with so many people supporting.

If you want a Super Bowl put a retractable dome on your stadium

I would love this place to be my garden. (on Arsenal's old stadium)

It's a great feeling to have the stadium rocking and chanting my name.

When you go hard your nays become yays. Yankee stadium with Jays and Kanyes.

Making love in the green grass behind the stadium with you my brown eyed girl.

I think everyone in the stadium went home happy except all those people in Rumania

It's great to have atmosphere at the stadium but football is all about the players.

The stadium expansion is currently at the feasibility stage and has to go through that.

When I got to the stadium one of my biggest things was watching video of hitters.

I wanted to write a song that's known to the world as a classic stadium-rock anthem.

Since the national team doesn't have a stadium yet they'll come to play here at Sofia airport.

Even if I built a 50 000-seater stadium and bought Ronaldinho there'd still be complaints about crap hotdogs.

Maine Road was a great football stadium but as time moved on it stayed where it is...

You can't live on the hope of a television contract and play in a stadium with nobody there.

Referring to the bad sun conditions in left field at the stadium: It gets late out there early.

I think anyone would want to see their favorite band in a small club over a large stadium.

If I go to a match it doesn't mean I want to buy the stadium or the club.

There's an amazing intimate feeling in a small club but an insane rush playing a stadium or festival.

Successful colleges will start laying plans for a new stadium; unsuccessful ones will start hunting a new coach

Officials are the only guys who can rob you and then get a police escort out of the stadium.

The church is often like a football stadium where 22 people need a rest and thousands of people need exercise.

A comic you have to be looking down at him. My favorite rooms the audience is above the stage stadium-style.

As a nation we are dedicated to keeping physically fit - and parking as close to the stadium as possible.

When people say 'stadium songs ' it's really negative. All the festival headliners I've realised are usually the worst bands.

The stadium is a part of the Yankees and the Yankees are a part of the stadium. That will never change.

We don't want you at the rink we don't want you in the stadium we don't want you to watch hockey

I have not become the artist I believe I am. I want to become a stadium act. I'm not done at all.

If you really think about it the stadium can't last forever. There is going to have to come a time when it replaces.

As a quarterback I've been the guy that people were yelling for; I've been the guy that's been booed in my own stadium.

The other day I was so desperate for a beer I snuck into the football stadium and ate the dirt under the bleachers.

Inspiration thing is important to teach the kids that JFK is not an airport RFK's not a stadium Martin Luther King ain't a street

It's a fine line between writing something with genuine emotional impact and turning into little idiots feeling sorry for ourselves and playing stadium rock.

It's so nerve-wracking to go out into a stadium feeling a billion eyes upon you when you mess up your touches. That's an overwhelming environment.

I wanted to play for the New York Yankees. That was the bottom line. I wanted to be there and play in that new stadium.

There's something magical about a home run. It almost violates the space of the stadium. It's a game of the imagination in some ways. Baseball.

Because I missed being with Prince on that [stadium ] and it's a lesson that sometimes you have to push yourself a little harder for your friends.

I don't play big stadium-style dance but I have discovered to my delight that the appetite for real low slung deep house is very much alive.

When you're walking into the stadium you just say to yourself 'the 100m is the same anywhere the shot put is the same weight anywhere.'

Vodafone is building a digital stadium in Istanbul. It is really worth going to see that. The whole experience will change with the possibilities viewers will have.

I've never experienced- besides the birth of my two daughters-the feeling of winning a world championship in New York in the new stadium. It's something I'll never forget.

I remember with the third [Twilight] movie when we went to Munich and the entire Olympic stadium was filled with fans. We walked in there and did nothing.

I'm in pro football to win to have the Raiders dominate to have the Raiders global and we're not going to be able to do that with a half-filled stadium.

If you start out trying to achieve a specific thing - like doing stadium shows or going into the studio and doing an album - the end result is what counts.

The most important thing however is the money. What use would it be to us to have a a mighty stadium but a useless team because we couldn't afford anything better?

The Queen of England jumped out of a helicopter and parachuted into the stadium. What was even more amazing was when Prince Charles flew in using his ears as a hang glider.

Only 7 percent of NFL fans have ever been inside an NFL stadium. Seven... have ever been inside. So the NFL is certainly about the Colosseum of Rome. It can't be a studio game.

The stadium here in Munich is the best of the lot for me. It is absolutely fantastic especially the way it lights up a different colour according to who is playing. It's superb.

We heard the army before we saw it. The noise was like a cannon barrage combined with a football stadium crowd- like every Patriots fan in New England was charging us with bazookas.

When we build a public library we don't have to pay to get in but when we build a stadium we have to pay the owner every time we go to a game.

It was something I really wanted to do. I can't imagine what it will be like to carry the flag and walk through the doors of the stadium. I'm thrilled to lead the team.

I create a different playlist for each and every [NFL] game. Before the game to gametime to warmups going to the stadium I have a different playlist that puts me in a different mode.

There's just something about Highbury that is difficult to describe. When you first arrive you hardly see the stadium and wonder where it is but then you find it between two blocks of flats

I don't like lifts and will walk up 20 flights of stairs if I have to. Crowded rooms make me uncomfortable too although I can sing to a stadium full of thousands of people no bother.